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Found 13 results

  1. After my first trip with Netweather, storm chasing in Canada and USA, a look back at what occurs on tour. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9774-storm-chasing-in-the-usa-and-canada---my-first-experience-as-a-storm-chaser?fbclid=IwAR0M4JVIbdEE00Rc2kyYBHy_N3hW-NK0Vcmh3sp0AbxX38sgSGa39nJJSTo
  2. Storm Chasing Kit List Its not long to go until the trip of a lifetime OR the return of the one thing that is fleecing your bank account once again for the returning chasers! The one thing that we are asked for the most is, “what shall I pack?” amongst other random questions! SO.. I thought it would be worthwhile to make a list of what I take (or should take!) and share it to make sure no one forgets anything! This list is based on packing a standard size suitcase (hard style one!) with everything INCLUDING a kitchen sink! Here goes based on 1 tour of 10 days! · Suitcase – the size and style depend what your bringing along. I pack 2 tripods in one side of mine and any smaller it wouldn’t fit! · Clothes – Remember, you’re on a 10-day storm chasing trip which usually means you are away from the UK (or whatever your origin is!) for around 12 days so make sure you have enough to go around! 10 T shirts can be excessive, but I always use the n + 1 formula, n being the number of days your going + 1! This way you have a spare. You can always wash/ rinse them in your motel rooms or do what I do sometimes and wear it in the shower! BOOM 2 birds, one stone! Worst case…Walmart! All of the motels that we stay in generally have a laundry room, so if you need to, you can wash your clothes once we get back to the hotels! A pair of jeans maybe a good choice in case we go somewhere nice for a beer? · Equipment – Without preparing like you are getting ready to land on the dark side of the moon, we all love our little gadgets and home comforts so its always good to see how you can minimize the amount of dung you drag though he airports with i.e if you have a phone, kindle, camera that share the same cable then bring one and not 12! This is also a good thing as the airport security guys don’t think your planning to gate-crashing someone BBQ! The main things I bring with me to charge/plug in etc include – charging cables for cameras, phone, laptop, Pauls sextoy. Obviously, the charging cables for cameras double up as data transfer cables too. NOW to plug them all in – a 4 way strip plug with ONE USA adaptor is the way forward, always good to bring a spare adaptor but this way you only need one! · Toiletries – Remember, you are on a 10 day chasing trip, sitting close to strangers (who will become your new BFF’s!) for nearly 2 weeks in close proximity – for the love of God, have a shower in the morning! There is nothing worse that sitting next to someone who has worn the same T shirt for 4 days and isn’t a morning shower person! Shower gel, toothpaste, deodorant, hair gel (Tom) are all available from Walmart (whether its Dallas or Denver, you are not too far from somewhere were you can stock up on personal items) This is advisable as it cuts down on your luggage allowance for the plane and it’s pretty much the same stuff. · Shoes – now, wearing trainers is really comfortable but there are places where there is uneven ground and could be tricky but in general, whever you feel comfortable in, just no flip flops as you may be asked to in the car quickly and tripping over some sort of sandal could hurt. Walking boots/shoes/trainers things are quite popular and are fairly cheap from Sports Direct (Karrimor) as long as its supportive, you should be ok! Now to write specific list of the kit that I’ll bring! · Suitcase – as described above! · Clothing – same as above! · Jacket – even though you may have put sun cream on at 10am, it can change quickly and you will need a jacket as it can get cold. · Electronic equipment – cables etc · 4 way strip plug · 2 USA adapters · Toiletries – some deodorant and tooth paste (I have lots at home!) · Sun cream – you maybe chasing lemon weather but good weather is needed to fuel those bad boys! Its easy to get burned especially in 100f heat (its possible!) · Bug spray – insect repellent, sometimes is buggy! You can buy in Walmart. · Camera gear – Tripod x 2, DLSR x 2, GoPro x 1 – Batteries, memory cards etc · First aid kit – we will have one for the team but its always good to have your own stash of plasters and creams etc. a bite/sting cream is with bringing just in case Paul sees a money spider the size of a pin head! · Memory card readers · Bin bag – for those dirty clothes · Dryer sheets – for putting in said bin bag and making your suitcase smell nice! · Tea bags – if you have a specific brand, bring some. Better than crap coffee from days inn! · Laptop and HDD – to upload the days pictures and videos. · Headphones – not only for the long flight but if you’re in the lead car, Pauls stories can get boring and he does like to waffle! · Currency card – cash is king and its good to have some to pay for tips etc but carrying a lot of it could mean its all cash that can be lost. I use a Multicurrencypassport card which allows you to top up your card via an app and it lets you switch your balance between different currencies – those going to Canada, this would be helpful as we are more than likely going to pop over the border back to the USA. - https://www.multicurrencycashpassport.com There may be some things that I have missed but in general this is what I look at packing. We area all different and some people might be happy bringing absolute minimal stuff and washing their clothes every night! Whatever suits you, we are happy but please do not bring 2 suitcases as we do not have the room in the cars! Feel free to add to this list via a reply and I am sure we can put together the ultimate list!
  3. Hi guys, My friends and I went out to the States last spring for three weeks of epic storm chasing, in search of the biggest, baddest weather Mother Nature could throw at us. Tomorrow, at 6PM (UK time), the first episode of our storm chasing experience will be released on YouTube, documenting our first chase in Nebraska on the 23rd May, when we witnessed an epic sculpted supercell at sunset: VOLATILITY Storm Chasing is a brand new YouTube series bringing a whole new way of experiencing storm chasing. With dual-360º cameras and animated radar-route maps, we immerse you in what it’s really like to storm chase. S01 E01: Omgosh Oshkosh. It wasn’t looking good. The early 2018 US storm season set new records for the lack of tornadoes - but we’d already committed to the trip. Roll on 23rd May 2018. Starting off in Hays, KS and choosing a spot in NE Colorado on the edge of a slight risk, we anticipated some weak discrete supercells before they merged into a larger system. What we actually got, was a whole lot more. Cue unexpected RFDs, storm sandwiches, hail-core punches, freight trains, stunning structure and cows. We hope to release further episodes in the coming weeks and months (we have nine planned in total). I hope you get a chance to have a look at what we've created. Hundreds of hours have been spent editing, producing and filming this, and it certainly won't be a waste of your time. Cheers, Richard
  4. Hi Guys, My name is Matthew, I am studying my Masters in the Royal College of Art currently in London but am from South Wales. I am pursuing a photographic project surrounding the community and people and action of 'Storm chasing'. I am fascinated by this process and the potential excitement of the discovering and finding storms and am looking to work with people nationwide as well as potentially internationally. If anyone is willing to invite me into this world and discuss things further please do get in touch. This is a self funded project and something I have been thinking seriously about for a while now. I am very keen to form a collaborative piece of work with you as individuals and as groups. My email is [email protected] and my Mobile number is 07534082955 Kind Regards, Matthew
  5. Details here https://www.weatherholidays.com/
  6. Hi everyone I was on Tour 3 2017 and recorded daily videos for my YouTube channel which is Travel Related. Take a look for an insight into an amazing 10 days. Day 8 Amarillo - speechless! This is a compilation of all the intros - The full playlist is here - Storm Chasing Playlist:
  7. From the album: Weather Studios

    A double strike of lightning just to the right of our vehicle as the most dominant storm in the area approached from ahead. This was taken just outside the town of Floydada in Texas where we pulled over in a lay-by and let the storm pass over us.

    © Weather Studios

  8. From the album: Weather Studios

    The last storm cell in a line of four during a memorable evening in Russell county, Kansas. Several chasers intercepted a long lived tornado underneath this storm but we couldn't turn down the opportunity to watch from further afar and capture some of the prolific lightning from this storm.

    © Weather Studios

  9. From the album: Weather Studios

    As this supercell storm neared the town of Piedmont, Oklahoma it joined up with another storm in the area and became a monster supercell. We were managed to keep in front of this storm and had just seconds to capture the amazing structure before the outflow winds hit from the leading edge of the storm.

    © Weather Studios

  10. From the album: Weather Studios

    This photo captures the tightening hail core of this monstrous supercell storm. This photo was taken just before the storm passed over the town of Piedmont in Oklahoma where several other chasers reported a tornado touching down near a gas station.

    © Weather Studios

  11. From the album: Weather Studios

    The supercell storm near Piedmont, Oklahoma, that we'd been tracking from initiation, took on the form of the foreboding 'mothership' structure. Tried as it might, the storm seemed just fractionally too high to produce a tornado, but the mobile tornado sirens were issued just in case.

    © Weather Studios

  12. From the album: Weather Studios

    The fantastic structure of this classic supercell storm was only visible when lit up by it's own lightning. The photo was taken just after dusk on the Front Range in Colorado.

    © Weather Studios

  13. Hey can anyone help me on this, planning on going on one in 2014! I'd be really appreciative. Thankyou
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