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Found 79 results

  1. With a potential cold end to winter and start to spring on the horizon, here's a thread to discuss the ins and outs of that, how the latest forecasts are looking and so on. There's obviously a lot of chat in the model thread about this currently, and you can also find info about the SSW over in the strat thread. Nick has also blogged about the SSW here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming This Weekend, But What Is It & How Will It Affect Our Weather? And about the model mayhem currently being caused by it here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming Brings Weather Model Mayhem It's fair to say that confidence in the exact weather we're going to see from mid-next week onward is currently very low, but the Met Office are confident enough in the likelihood of cold weather that they've recently put out a press release: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/news/releases/2018/a-sudden-stratospheric-warming-and-potential-impacts-on-uk Winter could be set to go out with a bang it seems, but it's not nailed on, yet.....
  2. Small drifts forming behind ant hills...
  3. The snowfall from the 27/11/2017 survived well on the hill tops. Nothing survived on the plains below.
  4. New Thread for us souls who live in the East that get a little forgotten in the regional threads, So Its that time again to lamp post watch, whats your thoughs?
  5. I was surprised there was no thread, so here’s one. A thread for all discussion related to the upcoming cold spell. Try to keep things civil and nice please!... I bet most folk if not all, never expected for us to be staring down the barrel of a potentially prolonged cold quite wintry pattern. It was only last week when NWP painted a quite sterile picture, with some providing commentary of the fat lady in full voice following the less successful blocking outcome. ECM / GFS / UKMO @T72 & 96hrs Universal agreement on a ‘very’ cold sourced northerly airstream a stone’s throw away, it’s been a while, however this may be the appetiser to the main event into week 2 - I’ve seen been thrown about. In recent days we’ve seen the models lower the uppers, thus increasing the chance of wintry precipitation to low levels - mid next week. Our mid Atlantic ridge does not look to persist stationary, there is considerable uncertainty as we enter early December, nonetheless there is certainty that it will be cold & blocked. Indications are it will topple but not as we know it, ultimately cutting off the cold flow, however remaining cold to very cold on the surface. Thereafter, these +ve heights could retrogress to the north west with another Arctic blast or northeast with an easterly flow. Very interesting times
  6. As much as I would love to update it here I am updating live snow updates on the website here It could be that the south of the UK gets snow this evening I for one am really looking forward to it.
  7. Whilst trying to confirm which met observations were allowed for a White Christmas, quite a list of frozen precipitation resulted. And 'sleet' gets left out in the cold https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/8573-wintry-showers-and-what-counts-for-white-christmas-observations
  8. Would this be the pinnacle of the winter, a covering of white on the 25th, or do you live in an area where you'd be glad to see snow at any point this winter. It turns out it is quite a complicated business defining a White Christmas, from the observations. A look at various types of frozen precipitation, including those that look like snow but aren't and out in the cold 'sleet'. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/8573-wintry-showers-and-what-counts-for-white-christmas-observations
  9. Yellow Weather Warning For Snow

    Hi all, A yellow weather warning for snow has been issued for parts of Scotland for the 23rd of November. I wrote about it in more detail but thought I would share my excitement for winter and snow
  10. Hi all, A retired police constable turned climatologist claims snow will fall all over the UK this winter! I talk about this in more detail on my blog here but thought I would put it in general discussion as well The Met Office have already spoken up and said that he doesn't use a scientific way of forecasting and that winter will be cold, it's winter. Ha. Anyway he goes onto say that Christmas day will be snowy for the north but no luck for the south. Apparently though the south of UK will see large amounts of snow into the new year and temperatures will drop into 5-. He says he is hardly ever wrong so who knows, we might be in for some luck here in the UK. I personally can only remember one year that we had amazing snow here in the south of the UK. It was great. Either way fingers crossed.
  11. The model threads are great places to follow the ups and downs of the model output through the winter, but if you simply want to ramp up the prospects of snow, this is your spot.
  12. Have a favourite winter or snow related memory, perhaps the thing which started you along the path of being a snow fan, and ultimately joining SACRA, share it here.
  13. Welcome to SACRA

    SACRA has a new home, and is the first community club on Netweather For those who don't know, SACRA stands for Snow And Cold Rampers Association, and has been running on the community since 2005. @Snow Queen one has the original membership list (anyone can join), and up to now SACRA lived in a thread on the forums. (This is the thread from last year) Now, with a bit more space to spread it's wings, SACRA has galleries and a set of snow related topics for members to get involved in. So if you love snow, want to chat about it, post your snow photos, and ramp like crazy about upcoming snow prospects this is your place! To join the club, just click the join club button and you're in, you'll then be able to get involved right away.
  14. Moving into November and it is time to open another thread to discuss the upcoming Winter Sports Season in the Northern Hemisphere. The Net Weather Ski Centre is here -> https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/ski This contains a massive range of Skiing related content. Blogs - This will contain forecast blogs for this coming season, the Alps blogs will start early December to co-incide with the majority of resorts opening (hopefully). Paul will also be adding a number of blogs over the course of the season, which will also cover conditions over the the USA and Canada. Resort Weather Forecasts - Resort Weather forecasts based on GFS, updated 4 times a day, together with current conditions. Wengen Forecast and Conditions Destination Guides - We have a number of destination guides, and we are aiming to extend this over the coming season, so if you would like to contribute or would like your resort featured, please let us know. Scotland Section - There is also a section dedicated to the conditions over Scotland. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/scotland-ski This thread will now run throughout the 2017/18 season, so please give your thoughts for the season ahead, and new features you would like to see. A few thoughts :- Will the winter season start on time this year or will we have to wait until post Christmas for proper low level snow. Will the USA/Canada continue to have the best of the conditions. Will the East West Alps split be an issue again this year. How important are snow cannons to the ongoing viability of ski season. Any winter topic of your choosing. Over the course of the season keep bringing those Alpine related stories, whether from local papers or your skiing trips, which made this thread such a joy last year.
  15. Swiss Winter 01

    Great view to the alps, seen from the passwang (1200m)
  16. 20170113-075038.jpg

    Bridlington seafront this morning (13-01-2016) at around 7.45am
  17. Could anyone give beginners tips about taking photos of the Northern Lights. For Scotland or Scandinavia. Without investing huge amounts of money or carrying loads of kit, can decent images be taken by an amateur?
  18. IMG-20161119-155809712.jpg

    A decent covering of snow on the tops above Hebden Bridge following a couple of days of wintry showers. Sledging tomorrow it is then!