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  1. There was a very short-lived but intense cold snap at during the first 6 days of Feb. 1912 Most of the winter had been mild, including the first-half of January, but there were signs of a change by the 15th with a big area of high pressure to our east. By the 18th, cold air across the north gave a foot of snow thanks to a SE wind A week of cold & frosty weather followed, but a very cold NE flow was beggining to establish by the 25th. Temperatures fell rapidly, with -3C daily C.E.T. values by months end. Notice the intense blocking across Iceland & Greenland. Into the first week of February an exceptionally cold pool of air spilled down from the Artic via blocking over Iceland, giving a severe spell of cold weather. On the 4th, -21C was recorded at West Linton in E. Scotland. The first 6 days of February averaged -2.5C. From the 2nd to the 5th, temperatures across the country were widely into minus double digits, even close to -10 as far south as Folkestone & Bexhill. Daytime temperatures struggled well below zero. A foot of snow fell at Durham. I believe the snowfall was more showery in nature, but records show a widespread coving of 4-6 inches across the country. In many places it's said to have been the most severe spell of ice since 1895.. but it wasn't to last. By the 7th the low pressure had blown up, forcing much milder southerly winds, bringing an end to the cold snap. The rest of the month turned exceptionally mild with winds often from the southwest. It also was very low pressure dominated, so a wet month too. The first 6 days averaged -2.5, the 7th to the 28th averaged 7.5C(!). The overall C.E.T. for the month was 5.4. The coldest days 3rd & 4th, at -4.3 & -5, the warmest the 27th & 28th at 11.1 & 10.5. Reminds me a lot of Feb. 2021. Actually a warmer month than 2021 though & 2021 recorded a colder temperature. The rest of the year wouldn't prove to be so great, so will 2021 follow the same path? Time will tell!
  2. Ian Docwra

    Blackthorn In White

    Our garden on 24 January 2021. Fresh snow and still falling.
  3. Ian Docwra

    Piled High

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    Our garden when we lived in Epsom, Surrey, just after the exceptional snow of February 2009 had stopped falling.

    © Ian Docwra

  4. From the album: Ian Docwra

    Our then garden in Epsom, Surrey after an exceptional snowfall in February 2009.

    © Ian Docwra

  5. Ian Docwra

    No Trains.

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    Epsom, Wells summit - February 2009. The down line has disappeared under the snow and the up is not far behind.

    © Ian Docwra

  6. Ian Docwra

    Fun Run!

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    3 February 2009. Epsom Common, Surrey. Around 30cm of snow on the ground and still falling.
  7. From the album: Ian Docwra

    Male fox cub from our garden family (born 2020) enjoying some free food on 26.01.2021.

    © Ian Docwra

  8. Ian Docwra

    The Doorman

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    A closed pub still needs security!

    © Ian Docwra

  9. From the album: Ian Docwra

    The rarity of a cloudless day with good snow cover in Surrey!

    © Ian Docwra

  10. From the album: Ian Docwra

    After around an hour of snow falling. 75m ASL.

    © Ian Docwra

  11. From the album: Ian Docwra

    © Ian Docwra

  12. We have a family of foxes, of which this vixen is the tamest, coming to hand for treats. Here she sits in the snow on 25 January 2021 waiting to be fed. Our sledging tracks are behind!

    © ian Docwra

  13. 24 January 2021 - Brockham, near Dorking, Surrey. Snow falling at an unusually high rate onto frosty ground gave 12cm in 90 minutes.

    © Ian Docwra

  14. Named by UK Met Office, Storm Christoph - Even more rain, January flooding, gales and snow WWW.NETWEATHER.TV This week will see a lot of rain falling over the UK and the flood risk increases. The ground is sodden and with strengthening winds and then snow, Storm Christoph has got a lot going on. Heavy rain and flooding, gales and snow
  15. Welcome to the Netweather Christmas quiz 2020. It's just for fun, find your pen and paper, the answers will appear at New Year. Thankyou to the many contributors. There are five sections- A. General knowledge and 2020 B. Picture round - Christmas movies C. Christmas Traditions D. Weather E. Winter and Snow
  16. So as alot of us already no, lapland hasnt had much snow at all yet. Alot of people going there on hoilday in the next few week/ months. I myself am going away in the next week or two. Does anyone no if there will be any worth while snowfall there in the next week or two? Thanks
  17. Needed a new one for this year. Here's the first post that @Summer Sun put at the end of last year's thread.
  18. The heaviest amount of snow from one shower that I've had in a good while with 3cm in under 20 minutes. Quite a surreal experience especially being in a place like Herne Bay.

    © HerneBayWX

  19. Post two photos to show the difference of this February and last year (late Feb. into early March) #BeastfromtheEast versus record breaking UK warmth (21.2c today in London 70F) Mine from East Lothian
  20. Good morning all! Still cant get into my old account but here are some photos of the past 3 or 4 days here in Latvia. Some from Riga and the rest from rural Latvia in Berzpils (25-30km from Russian border). Will be here until 1st and flying back in the evening. Currently snowing lightly although not on radar but a good 6 to 10 inches... perhaps more in places. Expecting a little more snow over the next couple of days and temperature may get above 0c so may see a little snow melting but currently -3.5c. May add some more photos in the coming days. Have a very merry Christmas one and all! ? Blake
  21. Hi, I've just read on BBC that snow falls when it's between 0 - 2 degrees. Why does rain fall between those temperatures then? I live on the coast, so that is probably something to do with it, but it rained yesterday and Tuesday and the temperature hovered between one and three degrees. Thanks.
  22. Looking towards the Howgills, Whinash Ridge and the Yorkshire Dales from Cunswick Scar in the Lake District. Today's snow showers from the NE didn't get any further west than the Howgills. What is interesting is how the altitude has made such a difference to where the snow is lying. The River Kent valley is green whilst the surrounding hills are white. The snow event earlier this week was marginal which is so often the case here, the influence of Morecambe Bay is strong.

    © Kate Willshaw

  23. New Thread for us souls who live in the East that get a little forgotten in the regional threads, So Its that time again to lamp post watch, whats your thoughs?
  24. Moving into November and it is time to open another thread to discuss the upcoming Winter Sports Season in the Northern Hemisphere. The Net Weather Ski Centre is here -> https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/ski This contains a massive range of Skiing related content. Blogs - This will contain forecast blogs for this coming season, the Alps blogs will start early December to co-incide with the majority of resorts opening (hopefully). Paul will also be adding a number of blogs over the course of the season, which will also cover conditions over the the USA and Canada. Resort Weather Forecasts - Resort Weather forecasts based on GFS, updated 4 times a day, together with current conditions. Wengen Forecast and Conditions Destination Guides - We have a number of destination guides, and we are aiming to extend this over the coming season, so if you would like to contribute or would like your resort featured, please let us know. Scotland Section - There is also a section dedicated to the conditions over Scotland. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/travel/scotland-ski This thread will now run throughout the 2017/18 season, so please give your thoughts for the season ahead, and new features you would like to see. A few thoughts :- Will the winter season start on time this year or will we have to wait until post Christmas for proper low level snow. Will the USA/Canada continue to have the best of the conditions. Will the East West Alps split be an issue again this year. How important are snow cannons to the ongoing viability of ski season. Any winter topic of your choosing. Over the course of the season keep bringing those Alpine related stories, whether from local papers or your skiing trips, which made this thread such a joy last year.
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