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Found 23 results

  1. The slightly odd 3 yellow warning areas , mostly over Scotland could have been a waiting game to allow the Northern Group of storm naming Met services to name a low pressure which will hit there later on Saturday and Saturday night. For eastern Scotland, with daytime gusts of 75mph, it looks wild this weekend. DMI, the Danish Meteorological Institute named (stormen) Storm Malik Storm force winds "risk of elevated water levels along Jutland's West Coast. Therefore, a warning has been issued for elevated water levels in the Wadden Sea"
  2. Often called the Burn's Day Storm (its actually Burn's Night), this was one of the worst gales to hit the UK in the last 50 years. The area that was affected by this storm was much greater than the October 1987 gale with many parts of England and Wales badly affected and unlike the October 1987 storm it was reasonably forecasted by the Met Office. The weather for January 1990 had been very mild and changeable but the weather was to take a turn for the worst during the last week of January 1990 and was to herald a very stormy spell of weather with spells of severe gales, flooding and loss of life. On the 24th of January, a rapidly deepening depression was approaching the UK and warnings was issued for the threat of severe gales. These gales duly arrived in the southwest during dawn and spread to the rest of England and Wales during the day, the severe gales reached the southeast during the afternoon. Wind gusts were reaching over 100mph in exposed parts and gusts of 80mph were recorded at inland weather stations, 108mph was recorded at Aberporth in Wales. The track of the low took it through southern Scotland, where its central pressure reached a low of 959mb. Scotland and Northern Ireland missed out on the worst of the gales. Conditions were very severe in the south and this was compounded by the fact the gales occurred during daylight hours, when many people are out and about and as a result there were scores of injuries due to flying and broken glass, roof tiles, fallen branches and other debris. Sadly, 47 people lost their lives making it the worst weather related disaster in the UK since the Great Storm surge of January 1953. One lucky survivor was the actor Gorden Kaye from the TV Series 'Allo 'Allo who survived an advertising board crashing onto his car, which resulted in him having serious head injuries and putting him into a coma. The damage done by the gales was enormous. Millions of trees were either damaged or uprooted blocking roads, scores of buildings suffered structural damage and the insurance costs were massive. The Great Storm of January 25th 1990 is probably in the top 10 list of the severest gales ever to hit the UK.
  3. Had a daft idea - let's run a wee competition to see what we think Christmas Day might look and feel like in our locations. Remember we have a member map to have a nosey where many of us live! CLOSING DATE 23:59 Sat 18 Dec - so one week before the big day. Measurements Min Temp Max Temp Morning (00:00 - 12:00) weather type Afternoon (12:00 - 00:00) weather type Scoring: Multiplier on taking a risk with an early submission: Weds or Thurs x 1.4, Fri x 1.2 Temp - difference between entry and actual within 1c 5 points, within 2C 4 points, within 3C 2 points within 5C 0.5 points. Weather types - right or wrong (3 points twice) So theoretically (5+5+3+3)*1.4 is possible with a max of 22.4. Completely self-scored/evaluated, so please no cheating and enter in the spirit of the most important aspect - having a bit of fun!
  4. Hello! Thank you for being our guinea pigs and welcome to what we hope will become a permanent new home for the Scottish weather community on Netweather. The idea of moving this, and eventually, if all goes well, the other regional forums into these groups, is to give them more space to spread out and grow. So, for instance, there is now a Scottish weather gallery that you can upload your best/favourite photos to, and also a member map which you're welcome to add your location to. There is also a full forum available, so there's the option for multiple threads to be setup to perhaps discuss historic Scottish weather events, upcoming severe weather or whatever else. Please shout if you have suggestions about what threads may be useful, what features you think would be nice, or if you just have some feedback on the new setup, how easy it is to find and use etc. It is a test period at the moment, so your views will be really important in shaping the direction of travel and ultimately the decision whether to stick with this plan or move back to the simpler forum version as previously.
  5. Ian Docwra

    The Madness Of Youth!

    Snow chasing from the 1980s. A cycle trip in the Scottish highlands in February 1984. This is Black Mount on the A82 to Fort William, on Rannoch Moor. The plough had been at work and I was very glad!
  6. Some pics of Nacreous clouds taken from Dundee this morning, I have already posted them in the Scottish regional thread, but thought I would share them here.
  7. From the album: Boarding pics

    Snowboarding trip to Glenshee back in 2011
  8. From the album: Boarding pics

    Boarding trip to Glenshee backin 2011.
  9. please continue your weather related discussions for Scotland here... link to the previous thread... http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79002-scotland-regional-weather-discussion-070114/page-44
  10. Please use this thread for your discussions about the current weather or what is being forecast for the next few days in Scotland...please remember these regional threads were set up to talk about local conditions and your thoughts on how things are panning out so can we keep things light and topical and avoid any personal remarks - Thanks link to the previous thread here.... http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/78858-scotland-regional-discussion-231213/page-49
  11. Time for a new thread as it is going to get quite busy in the next 24 hrs as our latest Atlantic storm deepens and high impact weather expected for much of Xmas Eve. Gales, Snow, Thunder, Lightning - the whole works. Let's please draw a line under the media bias debate and use the relevant thread for commentary on this, whilst I agree with points on both sides of the argument, it really detracts from the thread and creates an unnecessary atmosphere. Travel safely and keep an eye on the Met Office and Travel updates. Wishing you all a very merry festive period. Friendly banter, preferably about the weather but as always not essential for this thread.. Let's go...
  12. Could've been the 27th - rather similar to the charts for this Thursday: I've got a slight break between exams at the moment, with astrobiology Tuesday afternoon and maths on Thursday, so I'll not be posting much in the next week, and after that I'm off to Prague (which will depressingly will be as mild or even moreso than Scotland next weekend). Some quite impressive convection likely to build up out in the Atlantic - this is the Skew-t for Tiree - so with even warmer Atlantic SSTs than the surface temperature progged here there could be some hefty squalls moving inland from the west. Cloud bases are progged at around 900hpa and capped at 400hpa, so the profile is ripe for Cb development: Uppers aren't that impressive, mostly just -5Cs according to the latest GFS, but with such low air pressure it won't matter that much because 850hpa isn't particularly 'high' compared to normal. Wet Bulb Freezing levels are probably a better indicator, and at 300m maximum that's absolutely fine for snow: 925hpa temperatures are borderline but again pretty impressive given such low heights and the fact that we're talking about midday in a convective type setup: Surface temperatures are progged at 3-4C initially across Central Scotland although more like 0C with even fairly modest height further north, and freezing levels will lower rapidly in any showers. Looking at January 1993 as a rough guide to temperatures in this kind of regime shows surprisingly high maxima given fallen snow was recorded almost every day from the 7th to the 20th: http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/Glasgow_Airport/01-1993/31400.htm For the main event the maximum temperature for the 11th was 3C and 4.2C the next day. Further east, Edinburgh Airport was, as expected, slightly lower, with maxima of 2.2C and 3.2 respectively: http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/Edinburgh_Airport/01-1993/31600.htm For the December 1990 thunderstorm maxima were similar at 3C for Edinburgh this time: http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/Edinburgh_Airport/12-1990/31600.htm Anyway, my point is that decent one off low ground snowfalls can occur with temperature not all that much below average, and while Thursday doesn't look quite like a repeat of January 1993 I wouldn't be at all surprised to see accumulations pretty much anywhere in Scotland. This is one of those setups which favours central Scotland in particular and I think we could be in for a treat if we don't see too many downgrades on the strength of the cold pool in the next 96 hours.
  13. As the title, Lightning storm with no thunder in West Lothian on 14.12.13, watched this from Polbeth around midnight - 1am (sunday)... at first thought it was a powerline sparking in the distance (till my girlfriend said there are none over that way), but at one point the entire room lit up, so it was real close... it then moved off towards Livingston. All of this happend with not one sound of thunder at all, I was amazed by it, and eventually told to; 'get away from the window and sit down, its late'.Still don't understand it. Weird weekend, saw 4 shooting stars over Friday / Satruday too... same place, but once in Edinburgh. Anyways, anyone else see this, or understand why? (I saw an old post after a google search that took me here, but post was archieved).
  14. A new thread for weather discussion in Scotland. As ever, keep it civil and on topic please Edit - Adding Prefix
  15. Just noticed the other thread had been rumbling on for a wee while. Welcome everyone who has been around all year, and welcome back those of you out of summer slumber. Here's to a fun Autumn with plenty of active weather ahead as we descend into hopefully another great Winter delivering everything for everyone at one point or another. As always to our new folks or visitors, dive in, say hello, let us know where you are, and what you love/hate about the Scottish Weather. Don't be 'feart' to ask questions, someone will always be at hand to help answer them ! We like a good a good bit of Banter and debate on here Enjoy !
  16. This is the view that greeted me this morning, shortly before I started a red squirrel survey in the Lomond Hills above Falkland. Just the most beautiful golden fog as the sun came up.

    © Ben Dolphin

  17. Please use this thread for your regional weather chat and meteorological malarkey! Here's the old one: http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/76701-scotland-alba-regional-discussion-21st-may-2013-onwards/
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