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Found 2 results

  1. Afternoon all, Thought it would be nice to start a thread with a look back at some of your favourite synoptics, from the past. Would imagine the majority will feature Winter charts but it can be anytime of the year. I'll kick off with something predictable then and another, perhaps not so predictable. DEC.30th/31st 1978. This event has long been etched in the memory, I was 23 at the time and had been a lover of snow, for many years. I can remember seeing the daily forecasts, as if it were yesterday. A succession of low pressure systems following an ever more southerly track, across the Atlantic, as pressure built over Greenland, between Xmas and the New Year. I vaguely remember the forecast for Sat.30th, mentioning a possible rain to snow event but think we had some early morning rain, followed by a drier spell. Went to work but was struck by an increasingly bitter wind picking up during the late afternoon. Went for a drink with some colleagues after work, in Dulwich, S.E.London. On leaving the pub, on route to another, at around 9 p.m, the wind had picked up further and the first few flurries of granular type snow, had already started to drift across the roads. On leaving our next drinking hole, the snow had already accumulated above the kerb level, very unusual for an Inner London Borough. A colleague managed to give me a lift back to Bromley (London/Kent border), the journey, which would normally take just over half an hour, took an hour extra. Conditions were far worse out there too, with pretty considerable drifting and I could not differentiate the path, from our garden, getting on for 6" in places but difficult to measure due to the amount of drifting, drifts were far deeper in places. Without doubt the worst conditions I've ever encountered, in the Bromley area, for the combination of high winds and heavy drifting snow. Would love to hear about your examples. Regards, Tom.
  2. I've been a Member of Netweather since January 2005. I think I'm right in saying that I visited this topic, a few Years ago. As a few Years have now elapsed since that time, I would like to revisit that subject again. There well maybe a few new entries into Member's "charts", in recent Years. I was inspired to create this new Topic by my Post last Night, re. the "Cold Wave", in early December 1981. This in itself was inspired by a GFS Forecast Chart in a Post made by TIGHT ISOBAR , in the Model Thread, some 17 Hours ago. When I viewed the 12z GFS Forecast Chart for Friday 6th December, I had a "Where have I seen that Synoptic Chart before, moment". It very much reminded me of the beginning of that bitterly cold spell, in December 1981. I'll "kick-off" then but my 1-2-3, are unchanged. 1. - It has to be the "Daddy" of all "Beasts From The East" and specifically - Monday, 12th January 1987. 2. - The fiercest combination of wind/snow I've witnessed. The catalyst, the finest example of a "snow-making" Channel Low I've experienced - Sunday, 31st December 1978. 3. - The "Cold Wave", that brought about the bitterly cold December of 1981 - Tuesday, 8th December 1981. I will now "flesh-out" these events with a few personal anecdotes and some images. I don't have any Photos, that I've taken myself. But where I can, will Post up some images from South East Meteorologist and acquaintance of mine, Ian Currie. Mr.Currie has given his kind permission for me to reproduce these images, which appear in his excellent and very informative. Kent and Surrey Weather Books. 1. - I'll begin with my all time favourite Chart (which has been my Computer Wallpaper for many Years). - Mon. 12th January 1987. I was 31 at the time and working in an Accounts Office in Bromley (Kent/S.E.London border). The bitterly cold air started to arrive on Sat.10th Jan. The following Day, my location (Anerley, S.E.London), started to experience a few "lightish" Snow Showers. On Monday 12th Jan., the Snow really set in. The Public Transport System throughout the London Borough began to shut down. With Road conditions worsening, our Office Manager decided to send all the Staff, home early. I decided to go and spend a few Hours with my Parents, who lived around the corner between Bromley North and Grove Park. I decided to make my way home to Anerley, a few miles to the West. No Buses were running, so I decided to walk to Bromley South Railway Station. By this time, the Snow was getting on for 4+ inches deep. The Railway Staff informed me that no Trains were running, East of Bromley. The Medway Towns had become inaccessible, as the Snow was drifting badly. Southern Region had sent out de-icing Trains towards the Medway Towns but they had broken down East of Bromley, in the extreme conditions and very low Temperatures. Eventually, a stopping Train to London Victoria arrived and I managed to get back close to my Home, very cold and very tired. To end this Example 1 of my favourite Synoptic chart, I'[d like to Post up a few images of how extreme the conditions were in prts of S.E.England. These images appear in South East Meteorologist Ian Currie's, Kent and Surrey Weather Books, and are reproduced with Mr.Currie's kind permission. 1. The image below is of a "Snow Blower", that British Rail had sent down, from the Scottish Highlands. British Rail were attempting to keep this line open, so that Oil supplies could get through from Refineries, on the Isle of Grain in Kent. Jan.1987. 2. - Queues form in the heavy Snow, outside a Bakery in Burham (a little West of Blue Bell Hill, in Kent). Jan.1987. 1. 2. 3. 4. 3. - A Policeman on Point Duty, at East Clandon, near Guildford, Surrey. Jan.1987. 4. - The scene is of a snowbound Rickman Hill, Coulsdon, Surrey. Jan.1987. (The location of Ian Currie's old property). In the next couple of Day's, I will Post up the second of my favourite Synoptic Charts ( 31st Dec.1978), plus a few personal anecdotes, of that Event. I would love to read and view other Member's choices for their favourite Synoptic Charts, whatever Weather "floats their boat". Regards, Tom.
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