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Found 6 results

  1. Poll number 4 of the summer. The average guess from the last poll was 3.54 million, up from 3.03 million in May, but with a lot less votes. After a slow melt in June, most extent and area measures are mixed, with 2016 somewhere between lowest and 3rd lowest on record. With volume, 2012 now has a clear lead, while 2016 now sits in 3rd, quite close to 2010, 2011 and 2013. With the weather looking highly favourable for melt over the next 10 days, lowest on record is still very much a possibility. Here are the daily minima since 2000, and the 80s and 90s averages. 80s 6.963 90s 6.423 2000 5.943 2001 6.567 2002 5.625 2003 5.969 2004 5.770 2005 5.314 2006 5.746 2007 4.147 2008 4.548 2009 5.047 2010 4.590 2011 4.333 2012 3.340 2013 5.040 2014 4.988 2015 4.341 As always, voting is set to private.
  2. This is the 2nd sea ice minimum poll of the summer. The previous poll, posted on April 5th, had an average of 3.48 million km2 after 16 votes. At the moment, we appear to still be lowest on record going by most area and extent calculations, and lowest or 2nd lowest by volume. Unfortunately, there was an issue with on the sensors used for calculating the NSIDC extent values used here, so we may not have NSIDC extent data for a few months. Here are the daily minima since 2000, and the 80s and 90s averages. 80s 6.963 90s 6.423 2000 5.943 2001 6.567 2002 5.625 2003 5.969 2004 5.770 2005 5.314 2006 5.746 2007 4.147 2008 4.548 2009 5.047 2010 4.590 2011 4.333 2012 3.340 2013 5.040 2014 4.988 2015 4.341 As always, voting is set to private.
  3. We're at the end of June and things are looking mixed in the Arctic. After a large May melt phase, including about 3 weeks up to the first week of June as the lowest extent on record, declines began to slow just as previous years declines accelerated. This means we've gone from lowest on record to about 6th or 7th lowest over the last 3 weeks or so, and we're now about 600k above 2012. PIOMAS volume is still down around 6th lowest up to the end of May, while the DMI's new volume measures have us closer to the bottom 3 on record. At the moment it appears all to play for, but if we don't see a serious acceleration in the melt rate this month, the chances of a bottom 3 finish will be very slim. Below are the September daily lows up to 2014 As always, votes are set to private EDIT: The poll didn't seem to save? Can a mod add one in (it's exactly the same as last months poll) or do I need to start a new thread?
  4. Now that we're entering the full swing of the melt season, I thought it would be time for the first sea ice minimum poll of 2015. (Most ice info used here is based on the daily NSIDC daily sea ice extent data, unless otherwise stated). We've just come out of a very mild, though not exceptionally so, winter which saw the lowest sea ice maximum on record by most area and extent measures. 925hPa temps north of 70N ......... ............. .............. Maximum Sea Ice Extent The early part of the melt season has seen temperatures well above average across most of the Arctic, with sea ice extent generally in the bottom 3 on record, with the daily value of 12,531,000km2 being the 2nd lowest for May 16th (most recent). On the other hand, sea ice volume has continued to slowly grow from the minimum in 2012, with April 2015 the 7th smallest volume on record. There is a long way to go this melt season, but the forecast for the near term shows things warming up across much of the Arctic with temperatures climbing well above freezing, especially across the Pacific side, around the Beaufort/Chukchi regions, so a good chance of an accelerated melt period over the next 7 days. After that, who knows? (Votes are set to private, for anyone concerned about that)
  5. It seems that we've likely passed the maximum this year going by most sea ice spatial coverage measures (area/extent). So with the refreeze over, it's time to start looking toward the melt season. The two polls above are based on the NSIDC data, with the first being the daily minimum, and the second being the September mean. Voting is set to private. I might create a new poll every month or so to see how opinions change during the inevitable ups and downs of the melt season. Going by the NSIDC extent data the daily maximum extent this year looks like it was 14,960,300km2 on the 20th, making it the 5th lowest maximum on record (since 1979), with the monthly average likely to be the 4th or 5th lowest. The volume according to PIOMAS was the 3rd lowest on record at the end of February. While this winter looks as though it was around the 2nd mildest on record (though changing the latitude bands may give slightly different values) Here are the daily minima from the past 10 years, with the monthly average in brackets. 2004: 5,776,080km2(5,989,560) 2005: 5,318,320km2(5,510,020) 2006: 5,748,770km2(5,868,890) 2007: 4,166,740km2(4,280,470) 2008: 4,554,690km2(4,695,040) 2009: 5,054,880km2(5,269,370) 2010: 4,599,180km2(4,872,050) 2011: 4,330,280km2(4,568,180) 2012: 3,369,730km2(3,580,150) 2013: 5,079,390km2(5,235,700)
  6. So, we are reasonably confident that the melt season is beginning and there may be trouble ahead (there's a song in there somewhere). There is talk that we could see the northern polar ice reduce to virtually nothing. There is also talk of a slow melt season. There is also talk of satellites causing cold weather....... As always, I'll keep open the freeze season thread for a few days so any conclusions can be added. Keep it clean and wear a gum shield to avoid injury......