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Found 15 results

  1. We've already seen three named storms of the so-called "2015-16 UK and Ireland windstorm season", that was trialled this year by the Met Office and the Met Eireann. With some more to come over the next few weeks and months, we can look forward top some more named storms. So what are your thoughts on it so far? Has it been a nice addition, or have you generally considered it to be rather pointless? Should we keep using it from here-on in? I personally think we should keep it. It kind of makes them seem a bit more exciting when we give them a name, and adds a new talking point to the weather.
  2. Named by UK Met Office, Storm Christoph - Even more rain, January flooding, gales and snow WWW.NETWEATHER.TV This week will see a lot of rain falling over the UK and the flood risk increases. The ground is sodden and with strengthening winds and then snow, Storm Christoph has got a lot going on. Heavy rain and flooding, gales and snow
  3. Just named by Met Eireann for Saturday's low. #StormAiden the first name from the western group (UK, Ireland and Netherlands) , a low pressure affecting Ireland and the UK on Saturday bringing heavy rain and gales (particularly to western areas) with an increased risk of Flooding.
  4. The Met Office has a yellow warning for wind from 2pm Wednesday to 3am Thursday, Strong winds likely to bring some disruption during Wednesday afternoon and overnight. The South coast of Ireland is already seeing high gusts some over 50mph and Buoy 62023 has had gusts over 70mph. A look at the ECM gusts charts, 6pm gusts between 60 and 70mph around Irelands coasts along the South and East. The South West of England, West of Wales and South West of Scotland seeing gusts around 50 to 60mph. 9pm the low pressure begins to move North the strongest gusts will be along the West coast of Ireland where 65 to 75mph is likely and possibly reaching 80mph in exposed parts. The South West of England and the West of Wales still staying windy gusts over 50mph. Along the South and East coasts of Ireland and the South West of Scotland seeing gusts around 60mph. 12am The winds will start to ease off for the South and East of Ireland along with the South West of England and the West of Wales. The Northern Parts of Ireland will have gusts around 60 to 70mph with 80mph still being possible in the exposed locations. Across the South West and West of Scotland see's an increase in wind speeds reaching between 50 and 60mph. Between 12am and 6am the wind will ease off over Northern Ireland and Southern parts of Scotland. The Western Isles of Scotland will be the windiest with gusts between 60 and 70mph however over 70mph is possible there.
  5. I expect Storm Callum will become the third named Storm of the Season today or tomorrow. Latest Runs show quiet a nasty System for Ireland and Western Scotland. Gusts of 70-80mph widely over land, up to 90mph and possibly up to 100mph on coasts. Stay tuned. UKMO T72 GFS T72 T78 ICON T71 81 84 87 12Z ECM Gusts(I will mist this mornings run) Gust as it approaches SW Ireland
  6. All the attention on Helena at the moment but this feature seems to be sneaking under the radar and looks like to bring strong winds to much more of the country and much more widespread heavy rain. If it turns up could bring some widespread issues with trees generally still in full leaf.
  7. Just named jointly by Met Office and Met Eireann Yellow warnings at the mo, for Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, north Wales, northern England WEDNESDAY https://www.met.ie/warnings https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-09-19
  8. Jo Farrow


    From the album: weather pics

    9th march water vapour image

    © EuMetSat

  9. Hello everyone and welcome! As we go head first into the depths of the start of this winter there seems to be a storm on the semi-reliable (or whatever you want to call it) time-frame. At the moment the strongest winds looks like to hit Scotland and some of the western coasts of England. (According to the gfs 12z run) This is 8 days out through so however because its not in the reliable time frame just yet major changes are expected at the moment becuase i think we know what models like to do. For extreme fans this might be a good storm to check out (if it happens)
  10. A new thread to bring us up to date and take us through Autumn moving ever closer to Winter! The first batch of wet & windy weather has already made it's presence felt over the last 24 hours, the beginning of next week is also looking very wet and very windy especially for the N&W of the UK. Discuss the potential for any stormy weather which may affect the UK. Post charts & analysis, keep us up to date with reports of whats happening in your local area and how the bad weather is affecting you. Lets keep it civil, stay on topic and enjoy! I wonder what the rest of Autumn has in store for us....
  11. Please continue with the discussion here folks Apologies Coast! Tried to move your last few posts over here but I've lost them in the process! In my defence I have more or less just woken up....
  12. Convective

    Time To Run!

    From the album: Storms of Winter 2013/14

    Daring spectators get caught out by an unusually big wave. Bit late to run though..

    © 2014 Joshua Risker

  13. From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    Waves pound the piers of Castletown, Isle of Man, during one of the many deep depressions that rattled through the United Kingdom during the latter stages of 2013.

    © Joshua Risker 2013

  14. So, it has been worth mentioning now that it is astonishingly quiet in terms of hurricanes and storms in the Atlantic this year. It would be great to see peoples views on this, explanations, ideas on why it has been so dead and what impacts it may well have throughout the rest of Autumn.
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