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Found 7 results

  1. Weather Enthusiast91

    Frosted Rose

    Frost seems to go really well with the flower.

    © Alice Gilkes

  2. Weather Enthusiast91

    Frosted roses

    Taken in late November, so I was very surprised to see roses still in bloom.

    © Alice Gilkes

  3. Was taken on a fine but freezing late November morning.

    © Alice Gilkes

  4. There might already be a thread for this, but figured it'd be good to have one in the winter forum. What do you want from winter - (1st December to 28th February official, looking a little longer this year if things go to plan). Do you want a mild, wet winter or a cold and snowy winter, or something different. What snow depth do you want, if realistic pressures like having to get to work weren't a barrier, what temperatures do you want? I'll start: Snow depths: 120cm by Christmas, 240cm-360cm by February Temperatures: Record of -25C maximum by day and -35C minimum by night Icicle counts: Should occur regularly and be anything up to 3ft in length Snow drifts: Good 10ft or so Maximum Windspeed: Around 150mph Ice Days: At least 40 Frosts: Every day from Dec to Feb
  5. Here is a selection of wild weather photos that I have collected from the web. The thread gallery here contains almost 70 incredible photos. Apart from an amazing gallery of photos the question is are these severe weather events around the world becoming more extreme, not only this but are they becoming more frequent? (Have placed each image onto a same size background to enable easy viewing without size changing) Gallery: === === === === === ------
  6. Hi So what is statistically the coldest night of the year? Well the only data I have to work on to find that out here in the UK is the daily Central England Temperature series that started with listing daily maxima and minima in 1878. I did blog about something very similar last year in an article that I entitled “13/14 February frostiest night of the year“, but since then I’ve done a bit of extra work and tagged another graph onto the collection. I posted that originally on Blogger, and then imported it into WordPress and in the process the graphics got shrunk, so I can now remedy that as well! What prompted this blog or re-blog if you like, was a post to UK Science Weather this week about what the coldest day of the year was likely to be in London, so I revisited the code and hence this blog. The frost year starts as far as the CET series at the beginning of October and ends in mid-May. I’m afraid that I still find that the night of the 13/14th of February to be statistically the coldest night of the year if you calculate daily mean minimums from 1878, with a value of around 1.8°C. It also ends up being the frostiest night of the year with a 41% chance of an air frost. Not surprisingly the trend since 1878 is progressively less frost days, surprisingly at a quick glance 2010 had more frosts than 1947, 1963 and 1978, and looks like the frostiest since 1917. Of course I may have screwed up with the figures, and if I have post me a comment. Bruce. The following graphs are in my blog: (1) Frequency of frost and ice days in the Daily CET series (1 October - 31 May)(2) Daily CET mean minimum (1 October - 31 May)(3) Annual total frost & ice days in the Daily CET series (1878-2013) http://xmetman.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/coldest-night-of-the-year/
  7. From the album: Weather and Weather Effects.

    A frosty morning!

    © IBringTheHammer

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