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Found 13 results

  1. “Depletion of groundwater, left unabated, threatens to undermine food security, basic water supplies and resilience to the climate crisis on a global scale”. UN WATER #WorldWaterDay2022 focusing attention on the importance of water. This year's theme Groundwater, draws attention to the hidden water resource. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/11357-world-water-day-2022---unseen-groundwater
  2. An exceptionally wet night from the 20th to the 21st of September 1973 brought a lot of rainfall within such a short amount of time to the normally dry parts of E Kent. No rain fell at Herne Bay for 38 days at 09z from the 9th of August to the 15th. Grand total of 15.2 mm during August so such a substantial amount of rainfall was quite shocking. 11.1 mm at Manston, compared to 253 mm in September. Herne Bay supposedly recorded 2.25" within 15 minutes on the 15th according to COL but can only seem to find 36 mm on the official station? This storm looks to be the same '5-hour storm' reported by an observer at Gillingham. 44.1 mm at Manston during the 'four-hour storm'. Majority of the rainfall came from storms that were reported between 0400 and 0600 bundled in with the already very heavy rainfall. 23 mm in 15 minutes at its peak. It was even wetter still later on in the month with a further inch of rain in Thanet on the 23rd. West Stourmouth had the highest daily rainfall total seen anywhere in the SE since before 1865. 32 weather stations recorded over 100 mm. The Thanet Times lists 7 inches of rainfall falling at Manston over a period of 10 hours with Force 10 winds. Faversham 99 mm Whitstable 106 mm Herne Bay 120 mm Anvil Green 107 mm West Stourmouth 191 mm (September daily rainfall record which still stands) Margate 172 mm Manston 161 mm Minster 151 mm Ashford 167 mm Dover 77 mm Wye 128 mm Just to list a few. Canterbury Road in Westgate-on-Sea was severely flooded and was where a woman tragically drowned as she lived in a ground floor flat that quickly filled with water. 2,000 turkeys drowned on a farm in Monkton. Landslide at Minster caused railway lines to be shut between there and Ramsgate. Shops didn't open in Ramsgate due to the flooding. Parts of Margate, Broadstairs, Birchington, Westgate and Ramsgate were all severely flooded. All in all, a tremendous event which likely won't be repeated in the SE for many years and a final stop to a drought. Newspaper clippings from the Thanet Times below. And a few more pictures from Facebook (Margate Local & Family History) Further snipping from Birmingham Daily Post.
  3. With another excessive amount of rainfall forecast and many areas already flooded and expecting worse, I think it is worth keeping up with the areas most likely to see flooding and monitor river levels in these areas. Please post rainfall totals and forecast amounts in here so that we can keep an eye on the latest situation. Here are the links to the UK's EA flood watch areas. So far England has 11 flood watches and 115 flood alerts Scotland has 5 flood alerts Wales has 10 flood alerts And NI site is difficult to navigate! Flood warnings for England - GOV.UK FLOOD-WARNING-INFORMATION.SERVICE.GOV.UK Check your risk of flooding: get current flood warnings, river and sea levels, check the 5-day forecast or use flood risk maps Flood Updates – SEPA Floodline FLOODLINE.SEPA.ORG.UK Flood warnings and alerts FLOOD-WARNING.NATURALRESOURCES.WALES Check the risk of flooding in your area | nidirect WWW.NIDIRECT.GOV.UK To check flooding risks in your area or anywhere in Northern Ireland, use the flood maps.
  4. Named by UK Met Office, Storm Christoph - Even more rain, January flooding, gales and snow WWW.NETWEATHER.TV This week will see a lot of rain falling over the UK and the flood risk increases. The ground is sodden and with strengthening winds and then snow, Storm Christoph has got a lot going on. Heavy rain and flooding, gales and snow
  5. Just named by Met Eireann for Saturday's low. #StormAiden the first name from the western group (UK, Ireland and Netherlands) , a low pressure affecting Ireland and the UK on Saturday bringing heavy rain and gales (particularly to western areas) with an increased risk of Flooding.
  6. Tropical cyclone IDAI has hit southern Africa bringing flooding and devastation to Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9473-tropical-cyclone-idai-devastates-parts-of-mozambique-malawi-and-zimbabwe
  7. Starting a new thread on the rainfall/precipitation from now and into the new year. This thread is to focus on the precipitation. The storm systems continue to sweep in from the Atlantic in the days ahead with disruption likely and with the continued and increased risk of more floods. Here is the Accumulated ppn charts from 3 models starting with GFS, these are up to Wednesday morning 1 January on New years day. GFS: EURO4: NAE: It is more likely than not that some areas would see the amounts indicated on these models, if I post the written data from the EURO4 model: EURO4 DATA SW England-Devon and Cornwall, Wales 30mm+ South coast of Ireland possibly 30mm N-Wales - 40mm+ Southern England 12-15mm possibly a bit more in places parts of Eastern Scotland-Grampian, Edinburgh and the Borders 30mm+ Northern England-Cumbria- 40mm - 50mm+ West Scotland -Glasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark, Dumfries&Galloway - 30mm - risk of 40-50mm+ Irl of Man - 30-40mm It's looking very wet for many through tomorrow. I have used the 3 models to create a map on where the heaviest rainfalls could occur, inside the yellow zoned area is where heavy rainfall is most likely on Tuesday (tomorrow) within the orange zoned area the highest risk of the heaviest accumulated rainfall up to Wednesday morning with the deeper orange blobs where the largest totals are indicated. Warning map is for Tuesday 31 December: ESS
  8. Cobham,Surrey The storm that affected many areas on the 23rd and 24th of December 2013 is something one cannot forget for it's strength and just how prolonged it was, and it came at a time of festive celebrations, or for some what was meant to be.. I really do feel for those that have experienced the disruption it has caused so closely and so harshly and really hope things get back to normal for you soon. I was at Stanwell on that night and the roof above me was making deep noises and creaking, the trees where roaring, quite concerning at times to say the least and even scary, but not quite as frightening as what some have experienced. On the evening of the 24th I headed off to Cobham from Stanwell only to get stranded on the A3 motorway, on foot! so how did I end up there? the bus got to the Esher area and headed into Cobham only to get to the shut off portsmouth rd at Clarmont gardens (see pics of damage) as trees were down, after a while turned around from the line of stationary traffic, we were now heading for the A3 towards Guildford. The bus stop I was dropped off at was just on the outskirts of the town of cobham, there was Police there blocking access to the town because the river Mole had burst it's banks over Painshill roundabout, and also the other end of town it was also blocked due to the river across the road, so I was stranded for quite a while. It was either a boat or a helicopter I think! Eventually I got to my location that night via a back road but a long way round by car. The photos below are of some of the damage I discovered in Cobham during daylight hours, and also up towards Esher-(where daylight images show trees after removal from road) was really amazed at the damage done, this particular area got hit hard by the storm. Looks as though it's the worst wind damage possibly since the great storm in 1990. and the worst flooding since the big floods of Oct 2000 although it looks as though it might have beaten this record but need to wait for official records. There was a lot of tree damage along the portsmouth rd from Esher must have been something extreme to bring down severals trees over a distance of an estimate 100-200m on one side of road, one tree appears to have been twisted and snapped. Question: in the pic below of snapped tree (1081) what gust strength would do this?? I would estimate 90-100mph as a thick trunk and healthy inside. Also so in pic (1062) I see a Beech tree, but what is the red barked tree?? thanks. Please let us know your storm experiences and some photos if you have some! (If to many photos here I can upload to the gallery please let me know thanks!) ESS
  9. Please use this thread to discuss the precipitation associated with the weather systems. Looking as though quite a few spells of very wet weather with heavy rain and heavy showers affecting many areas over the next week (won't go to far ahead!) these systems affecting England and Wales in particular over the next several days. The first rolling in across the south by morning tomorrow and turning milder too, gales are possible. Likely there be an increasing flood risk with local surface water and river flooding.
  10. From the album: Weather and Weather Effects.

    After 24HRs of non-stop rain, the fields turned to swamps.

    © IBringTheHammer

  11. From the album: Random Pics

    Rainfall totals for June taken from the rainfall radar.

    © Netweather.tv

  12. From the album: Random Pics

    Rainfall totals (taken from the radar) from yesterday. Some significant falls of 60-80mm widely in northwest England, with some locations seeing 90mm plus. SW Scotland and Northern Ireland also saw some large falls. This has caused some real problems with flooding.

    © Netweather.tv

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