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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone know of timings, even rough times of day for the Flying Scotsman comign from York to Edinburgh tomorrow (sat 14th) and back Tues 17th May. I live so close to the mainline east coast it would be a shame to miss it
  2. Hi all you loyal LS fans. Having already posted this on the model thread I felt I'll keep it safe on here as it isn't too bad a summary for next week.Tomorrow evening looks interesting for anywhere from Fort William to Wick to Comrie to my location, as a band stalls over northeast Scotland for a number of hours before heading southwest. [url="http://expert.weatheronline.co.uk/daten/proficharts/en/nae/2010/02/15/basis12/ukuk/prty/10021700_1512.gif"][color="#284b72"]http://expert.weathe...021700_1512.gif[/color][/url]The southern extent is somewhere around Dundee, so potentially very interesting for the residents of two of the largest Scottish cities. Temperatures look impressively cold for where precipitation is falling [url="http://expert.weatheronline.co.uk/daten/proficharts/en/nae/2010/02/15/basis12/ukuk/tmin/10021700_1512.gif"][color="#284b72"]http://expert.weathe...021700_1512.gif[/color][/url] [url="http://expert.weatheronline.co.uk/daten/proficharts/en/nae/2010/02/15/basis12/ukuk/tmax/10021700_1512.gif"][color="#284b72"]http://expert.weathe...021700_1512.gif[/color][/url] so snow and quickly accumulating on frosty or icy ground is likely for anywhere inland. After this and IMO the UKMO looks impressive for some snowfall in eastern Scotland, with the low fairly close and an easterly wind kicking in [url="http://www.meteociel.fr/ukmo/run/UW120-21.GIF?15-18"][color="#284b72"]http://www.meteociel...20-21.GIF?15-18[/color][/url]The ECM is a lovely run and a better one for most areas. [url="http://www.meteogroup.co.uk/meteo/ecmwf/NSea/2010021512/NSea_2010021512_thgt850_72.png"][color="#284b72"]http://www.meteogrou..._thgt850_72.png[/color][/url][url="http://www.meteogroup.co.uk/meteo/ecmwf/NSea/2010021512/NSea_2010021512_thgt850_96.png"][color="#284b72"]http://www.meteogrou..._thgt850_96.png[/color][/url]The latter is interesting in particular as this is pretty much the same setup that brought 5 inches to central Edinburgh and 10 inches around the M90 from Perth to Edinburgh. [url="http://www.meteogroup.co.uk/meteo/ecmwf/NSea/2010021512/NSea_2010021512_thgt850_120.png"][color="#284b72"]http://www.meteogrou...thgt850_120.png[/color][/url]At +144 a brief northerly bout brings in more geniunely cold uppers across northern Scotland [url="http://www.meteogroup.co.uk/meteo/ecmwf/NSea/2010021512/NSea_2010021512_thgt850_144.png"][color="#284b72"]http://www.meteogrou...thgt850_144.png[/color][/url] , and at +168 everywhere north of Birmingham is under -5 uppers. In fact up to +240 -5 uppers are present across southern Scotland and northwest England [url="http://www.meteogroup.co.uk/meteo/ecmwf/NSea/2010021512/NSea_2010021512_thgt850_240.png"][color="#284b72"]http://www.meteogrou...thgt850_240.png[/color][/url]And even for those further south what's not to love about this chart? [url="http://www.meteogroup.co.uk/meteo/ecmwf/NSea/2010021512/NSea_2010021512_thgt850_192.png"][color="#284b72"]http://www.meteogrou...thgt850_192.png[/color][/url]Not quite what '93 was here but it could be pretty good for northwest England and Ireland if it came off. So in summary, nothing in these charts suggest mild, not even average for many areas, and potentially very snowy further north.
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