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  1. Hi, I'm experimenting with cloud photography, especially hyper lapse, in south Lincolnshire. Please take the time to view my You Tube channel - it's very basic and maybe a bit repetitive at the moment, but your feedback will be appreciated. https://youtu.be/5ZkWKk_6IT4 Kind regards Paul
  2. Please post any reports and observations and general comments here for this season.
  3. Mizzle

    Perfect summer clouds

    © AJK

  4. Hi, Hi, I am 15 years old and I love clouds, so much that I have written a book about them. My book contains over 70 cloud photos and it explains what weather different clouds indicate. It will enable you to forecast the weather yourself as well as explaining why these clouds happen. I hope you don't mind me telling you about it, but I really think that it would be of interest to this group. You can find out more about my book here: http://oliverperkins.com/product/the-message-of-the-clouds-ebook/ I have had the book fact checked by Christopher Collier - ex-president of the Royal Meteorological Society who said: “This book is well researched and the reader is offered practical information in an easy to assimilate form.” Many thanks Olly
  5. cloudscapes

    Streaming Cirrus

    © Copyright : Cloudscape

  6. Taken in Deal, Kent. Around 3:30PM Wednesday 17th May 2017.
  7. This video shows a thunderstorm roll through, along with a bunch of weird but interesting cloud formations. The storm was frontal.
  8. Milocation


  9. Xathaos

    Weymouth Harbour

    I took this photograph in the summer of 2016 when I visited Weymouth. It was a very warm day and I had just got back onto the promenade after a speed boat tour of the bay. I like the vibrantly coloured houses on the opposite side of water, with the boats towering in the foreground.

    © Jake Earley

  10. Afternoon all, I've just got around to taking these off my phone. They were taken around 1220 on 28th October 2014 and as with the last photo I took a few months back and put on here, they didn't seem to show exactly what I saw with my eye. I'm mainly wondering what type of clouds these were? They had a slight "bumpy" look to them (only *very slightly* similar to Mammatus(?)), then when I looked a bit harder, I noticed a slight wave-looking pattern in there too (it can be seen a bit better in picture 5).
  11. Cloud iridescence, for those who don't know, is an optical phenomenon in which sunlight is split into all of the colours on the visible spectrum inside a cloud. It usually occus in cirrus clouds. Use this forum to post photographs that you've taken of it. This is one that I taken just before sunset last night (on the left of the image).
  12. Mapantz


    From the album: General Weather Photos

    © Mapantz

  13. Mapantz


    From the album: General Weather Photos

    © Mapantz

  14. Mapantz


    From the album: General Weather Photos

    © Mapantz

  15. Mapantz


    From the album: General Weather Photos

    © Mapantz

  16. Mapantz


    From the album: General Weather Photos

    © Mapantz

  17. Mapantz


    From the album: General Weather Photos

    © Mapantz

  18. Mapantz


    From the album: General Weather Photos

    © Mapantz

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