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Found 7 results

  1. OAA has had a chance to look back on all the weather and climate disasters of 2020. And like many other aspects of 2020, the numbers we're seeing aren't positive. 2020 officially broke the record for most $1 billion disasters. The 22 costliest events shattered numbers previously set by 16 separate billion-dollar disasters in 2011 and 2017. Note: the record here is for the number of events. In terms of cost, 2020's $95 billion price tag ranks as the fourth costliest. Hurricane Laura's damages came in at the highest price for 2020. In fact, seven of the 12
  2. In recent years there's been a lot of discussion about weather patterns getting stuck more frequently. Is the weather actually changing, or is it media hype? And, if it really is changing, do we have any clues as to why? Read the full article
  3. Good evening everyone. Trump wants the US to harvest the moon and ignore International agreements that the moon is not to be messed with. How does everyone feel about our moon and other planets being mined for resources and precious minerals? I really don't think it's a good idea to be taking lumps out of something that is so sensitively linked to our planet? Trump order encourages US to mine the moon | Donald Trump | The Guardian AMP.THEGUARDIAN.COM Executive order says US will oppose any international effort to bar it from removing chunks of
  4. Here is a link to the statement by Imperial College on Jo's retirement https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/191071/climate-champion-jo-haigh-retires-after/
  5. Hello again! I started this thread to hear your personal opinions on each month of the year in terms of the weather and other environmental factors. Below are my opinions on each month: January - January is often a month of two halves for me. I think the first half is generally very miserable. The Christmas and New Year celebrations have ended and the daily routine of work and school restarts and generally the weather is quite dismal as the Atlantic train is still in full force. I also think daylight is a bit too short, but that get's better in the second half. The second half is much bet
  6. Just some general questions to gauge the opinions of CO2 in this forum. Voting is set to private.
  7. Some will already be aware of this, but I think it merits a separate thread. The University of Chicago is running an 8 week MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) for non-scientists about climate change. The direct link to the course is here: https://www.coursera.org/course/globalwarming This is a fabulous opportunity for absolutely anyone who has an interest in the subject, or doubts about the science, to learn the basics and understand how it all works. It is FREE. You don't have to buy anything. You can drop out if you want. You don't need any qualifications (though they suggest
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