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Found 12 results

  1. These dangerous jellyfish have been reported on numerous beaches since storms Ophelia and Brian but found these small ones washed up on todays high tide at Morfa Bychan. (I believe they are Portuguese Man 'O War from seeing local photos.) There were also plenty of the usual jellyfish regularly washed up as well. Had to keep the dog away once spotted. Sadly there was another casualty of the storm washed up as well. Apparently seal pup casualties have been very high during the storms. Warning for viewing image: may upset some people.
  2. Xathaos

    Durdle Door

    A photograph of Durdle Door, using longer exposure to create a serene look on the waves. The sun was pointing right into the bay, making for a beautiful shot. Canon EOS 1300D, 27mm, f/16, 15 sec, ISO-100 Compressed to optimise upload speed.

    © Jake Earley, 2017.

  3. Jack Billy

    Discover the Sea!

    Check out the 27 most beautiful beaches in the world according to Forbes.
  4. Xathaos

    Fog over Cliffs

    Fog hovers over some cliffs in Cornwall, England. The sea is beginning to get rough. Taken near the end of Summer.
  5. Convective

    Beach Retreat

    From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    © 2014 Joshua Risker

  6. An abstract shot I took on a sunny September on Hove prom. The layers of prom, pebbles, sea and cloud formations were almost in line, It is a shot I have never been able to repeat since.

    © Alixzandra

  7. Convective


    From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    The 'Winkie' at the Point of Ayre on a crisp winter day.
  8. From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    Moments after sunset at Castletown Beach on a chilly autumn evening.
  9. Convective

    Peel Sunset

    From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    Sunset behind the breakwater at Peel.

    © Joshua Risker

  10. From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    Moonrise over the small lagoon, Groudle. This photo was taken the night before an early morning thunderstorm!
  11. Convective

    Fenella Beach

    From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    Fenella Beach, Peel.

    © Joshua Risker

  12. Convective

    Bradda Head

    From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    Bradda Head, Port Erin on a breezy day.

    © Joshua Risker

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