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  1. Hey Everyone, Been following this forum since the early days, and it really helped me in ''finding my feet'' with everything weather. Now I'm in my final year of studying Meteorology at University. The stratosphere thread really introduced me into that fascinating research area, and now I have chosen to base my dissertation on just that. I will be looking into the troposphere-stratosphere part of Cohen's research on the October snow advance in Eurasia. I will be using a GCM to (hopefully) simulate the results of this tropospheric precursor. I've come to you guys to ask for your help with calculating the eddy heat flux for perturbed snow extents, and really anything related to increasing my understanding of eddy heat fluxes! I've tried to play around with the ECMWF ERA Interim, but failed... Many thanks, Tom. P.s. While researching up-to-date journals, this might be of interest to some: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/joc.3968/full (Relationships of the wintertime AO with the October circulation anomaly over the Taymyr Peninsula) ''The main new finding of the study is an involvement of the processes spanning the whole depth of the troposphere in October in exciting of the wintertime AO. These processes are the cause of the October anomalies of snow extent and snow extent increase rate rather than their consequences''
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