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  1. :w00t: or maybe have a few beers aswell as drivey to see mr. snowy? :smiliz23: oh don't worry i'd drive totally drive over your way to enjoy your cold rainfall.
  2. Hey guys! I live on South coast, haven't seen a flake of snow in years (literally), is it worth driving over 100 miles to the midlands (an back) to see the elusive snow?
  3. Does anyone know if Brighton is close to storm track? Also how are people planning to celebrate this event?
  4. Haloween Storm Party on brighton beach, Midnight Sunday night anyone? We will be down there in any case with the old barbie Might get a bit damp i guess so bring a jumper and possibly even a coat, wouldn't want anyone to catch a cold like.
  5. Can't remember the last time there was a good Autumn or winter storm. God damn. Someone give me a prediction or something even if its unreliable or statistical. Cool with people moaning but people moaning about other people moaning is really the pinnacle of Forums!
  6. So elusive, if the observed kp were anything to go by we'd all be seeing something and scotland would be right under it, they must have got it wrong?
  7. I was expecting more widespread sightings filling the sky given the so called Severe Storm of Kp7 or 8 depending on sources.
  8. hhm solarflux generally on a low these past 2 months, think your getting a ramp up.. then its like ramp up fails >.< :/
  9. yea i blame institutional fraud and the banks too.
  10. there is now a 10% chance of major storming in the next 48 hours, the highest in a longgg time, more so if 1046 produces a powerful M class or X possibly. it was rather short lived, a longer lasting M.8 could have bigger impact i recon. quiet sun was pretty boring last 3 years.
  11. Start looking at yellowstone? what about yellowstone?
  12. M6.4 :] hope we get an earth directed X class some day soon, after Years of Nothing, what would it take to get major Geomagnetic storming? January 2010 only had 2 blank days, so far none February, i think this year is seeing change at last.
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