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  1. Nice pics everyone! Gave up and went to bed too early didn't I. The tears are proper stinging today.
  2. You can tell its not Wickford because it actually has something to look at ? That was Hullbridge, just a bit past The Smugglers Den. Where was your windmill shot? I struggle to find anything North facing with a clear horizon around here.
  3. Same as @mushymanrob, I thought the early showing was a good sign but they did fade rapidly before 11PM. Checked again at 2/3am but nothing. These two shots were at about 10:30PM, looking North/North-East I think. Happy enough after a week of cloudy skies though.
  4. This image was taken just after 11pm and I didn't expect to see anything that good. I need to scout out another location during the daytime though ?
  5. Visible to my North West now, shame there is some low cloud in the way but these are pretty bright tonight.
  6. Nice work mate. I couldn't really get any reflections I was happy with. That was the quietest I've ever know that East-West road along the reservoir, well that is apart from the geese who did their best to scare the **** out of me every 30 seconds.
  7. My second shot of the night, this time from across Hanningfield Reservoir, somewhere between 2 and 3am. Didn't look as bright to me as the earlier showing but seemed much wider across the horizon - I was running on fumes by then though. Yes big thanks to @Arnie Pie for keeping us all updated.
  8. I pretty much crapped out every time I tried to capture these last year but tonight I finally managed it. This was looking NNE about 11PM. Shame about the foreground but that will do for now ? (scaled down image)
  9. Theta-e (850hPa) output from a six member 4km wrf ensemble sref.io : short range ensemble forecast SREF.IO A short range WRF physics ensemble with six concurrent members producing output for the UK & Ireland I'm not plotting convergence and divergence currently but could always add that to the list ?
  10. Have you had a look at WeeWX? I think that will run on a Raspberry Pi and it does list a Fine Offset 3080 for supported hardware (if that's your model). I've used it for a while through a virtual machine and it's been very reliable. http://www.weewx.com/
  11. Probably the cold front passing through. Surface obs show a wind shift to the North West. Note the temperature drop across the south west as well.
  12. Tooooooom, Roooooooooob, Toooooooom, Maaaaaaaat, Daaaaaaan, Roooooooooob Yea, tour 2. (tour 2 where rob likes to stop for a random poo) Jimbob, are we just going for a single room this year
  13. I didn't think the structure in South Dakota would be beaten anytime soon, certainly not in Nebraska either. But...wow :-)
  14. Oh ok, I only wanted to save the size of the map...don't look like that made the list though :-)
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