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  1. D-J-V

    Tour 2

    Hey Tour 2 guys and girls! I will be on BA0193 on Friday19th, can I recommend the pilots bar at the far end of the terminal for a few pre-flight drinks? This will be my 7th year out in a row and I will be one of your drivers, if you have any questions about anything let me know!
  2. HRRR shows our target cell blowing up nicely in a couple of hours, lunch n then chase!!!
  3. Afternoon all, GPS up stream to follow once things get rocking probably around 9pm UK time!
  4. Evening All, GPS is up and running, will fire the stream up when the storms start to fire on the dryline Could be a good one today!
  5. Morning All... Looking forward to the start of the tour, looks like things are going to kick off with a bang with some classic Tornado Alley chasing! We will be back in DFW on Sunday to pick you all up. Any questions just ask!
  6. 2014 is the year I get my nado crossing the road infront of us! FACT!
  7. Got to admit loving the series and has finally pushed me over the edge to get a couple of GoPros, how good is the external car mount, I know it fell off once and you managed to find it you lucky guys!
  8. its all about T3 & T4 in 2014!

    1. pat lightning timmer

      pat lightning timmer

      Agree..I reckon late season for the best action

  9. Tour 3 & 4..... Pat good to hear from you, so who else have we got on my tours, one day they will let me back on the party tour but I am still banned owing to bad behavior
  10. D-J-V

    Chase 2013 T5

    Images from Tour 5 2013
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