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  1. Forecast for this morning as of last thing yesterday: dry and increasingly sunny Actual: Rain Unbelievably crap again.
  2. Think again. Getting perilously close even to here. Heaven forbid we could have a day when washing could actually dry outside. I don't know why BBC even bother making forecasts when they are so far out at such close range.
  3. Saturday morning forecast from yesterday evening: sunny. Made plans to go out. Actual: rain. Crap again.
  4. To really rub it in earlier today I saw that there were some snow showers moving from a south-easterly direction on the radar, but even these were only affecting the north and east of the UK.
  5. Shame this evaporation doesn't work on rain. Probably be flooded again before the month is out.
  6. I wonder if I have been suffering from a microscale version of that. I am about 400 metres to the east of the River Thames. Could the easterly wind crossing the water be responsible for daytime temperatures well above the forecasted sub-freezing levels?
  7. I am not surprised by the snow performance so far as this seems on a par with what easterlies delivered here in 2010 and 2018. The shower bands need to align themselves perpendicular to the isobars, which is what they do in almost every other type of precipitation situation. Unless some sort of organised front/trough/small low develops in the flow, we are highly unlikely to see any material accumulations. The biggest disappointment has been the daytime maxima, both yesterday and today getting above 2C, when sub-zero was modelled. I think the very least I would expect from this cold s
  8. The member 'Weather-History' might be able to help you with more accurate details than my anecdotal waffle. Maybe TWS will recall it, although I don't think he was in an area that experienced much of the impact?
  9. If I recall correctly that it was a decaying cold front from the north that somehow developed a low pressure system along its line as it moved slowly south and as it hit the south coast it started circulating moisture from the Channel back northwards into the flow so it kept it going from around 4pm throughout most of the night. We were in an almost unprecedented red warning zone 24-48 hours beforehand (I thought it had to be some sort of error) and was the heaviest fall/accumulation of snow we had here this century.
  10. It doesn't seem to be decaying much, given the increase in size and intensity throughout the day so far?
  11. Does anyone know why nominally the same NE airflow causes the shower pattern to appear so different over East Anglia and the South-East (larger smudges of light/medium-intensity precipitation) whereas The Wash northwards it is a more typical shower pattern with many small blobs of medium/high-intensity?
  12. Yes, the weather type is snow, but look at the %'s - below 20% for the most part and when it's at 41% the symbol is dry. Some people must be so confused and yet they are always hyping this service up on TV trailers.
  13. In a bizarre reversal of Abingdon fortunes when it comes to snow showers, I have ended up under practically the only moderate-heavy radar echo in the entire region. In spite of horizontal nature of the snow it seems to be providing a covering at -0.4C. 🙂
  14. Have any of the hi-res models captured the current extensive shower/streamer pattern over the central Midlands northwards?
  15. Under the moderate blue bit of the precipitation on the right where the streamer turns into a blob. Yes, it's light snow at 0.3C.
  16. Another source of annoyance is how the bands of showers further north are capable of crossing the Pennines and Peak District so that they reach north-western areas of the North and the Midlands. Yet the showers coming in over The Wash, despite being heavier than those further North, are fading almost instantly even though I am pretty certain on the current trajectory there are no ranges of hills (it would pass to the north of the Chilterns) in the way to prevent it from reaching Central Southern England.
  17. Some accumulations within a few miles to the east, north, south and west of here. Like every other recent Easterly.
  18. That explains the direction of travel, but it doesn't explain why several streams of showers quite close together change into only three bands across the entire country.
  19. Why does the shower pattern change so much from Monday into Tuesday? The former has a much fairer spread of showers.
  20. Where on earth are all the showers? What is the point in getting colder uppers if that is all they achieve?
  21. Now there's a thought for the NW Merchandise Dept: "Get your NW Flashlight here - for when a cool LED lampost just isn't enough."
  22. For some reason a further drop of 0.1C has made all the difference turned to wet snow on 1.7C and now = 1.5C. Temperature drop of 2.7C in an hour, but you can see how that 20-25m has cost us at least half an hour of potential snowfall.
  23. I thought you had twice the altitude up on Headington Hill. Dropped another degree in the last 20 minutes = 1.8C, still wet rather than white.
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