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  1. Weds this week looks potentially high end for E OK so long as minimal modification occurred from early convection. Ingredients in place for an active day.
  2. Wasn’t Sunday the first official day of T1? Is there a stream and/or thread this year?
  3. With the popularity of storm chasing increasing year on year, we probably have several UK-based groups or individuals out on the plains over the next few months so who are you and when are you active? It’s actually quite rare to meet other Brits in person - you’d think it would happen more often - but with spotter ID and GPS, it’d be interesting to keep a tag on each other. I’ll leave the NW team to give their details but I’ll start the list off: Neil Robinson + both daughters (Zoe and Becca): May 23rd to June 4th. Spotter Network ‘Neil Robinson’, ID 47377 ?any more
  4. Yep the trees east of Tulsa look prime today but it’s dependent on the boundary retreat as if this gets a bit further North and east it could be the focus for a few strong tornadoes. Looks like a quieter spell coming up from Thursday for a few days until moisture starts returning early next week.
  5. On the subject of laundry - most motels have a washer and dryer, so I take less clothes and more gear these days and do a wash mid-tour. The machines take quarters so keep hold of any you get in change. The wash is generally $2 (8 quarters) and a dry tumble about the same. In a group it might be worth buying a ‘bag’ of washing powder at Walmart for a few dollars and share it. It’s much cheaper than buying a small box of the stuff from the motel counter or vending machine in the laundry room.
  6. They’re up in OH associated with the winter low and occlusion. The activity down south is due to initiate from around noon local time.
  7. Additional: A skeg at the latest RAP shows EHI >10 in central LA at 22Z. The Alexandria metro area looks to be at risk.
  8. From a meteorological point of view the data suggests a regional outbreak is likely with a few strong and lengthy tornadoes. From a chasing perspective it’s not good, as Paul has summarised. Too many trees and then long tracks of swampy bits into W LA with a dearth of decent roads.
  9. Decent seasonal risk of an event for E TX and LA Sat evening https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/day3otlk.html
  10. ‘‘tis the season and all that. I’m of course always targeting maximum tornado potential, but just as good is amazing structure (like Weds for example) and I’d swap that for a tornado bust anytime.
  11. I’m sure the lines of Paul and Nick will give you numbers with respect their tours, but climatology (30 years or so mean) dictates the numbers peak at the end of May. The incidence and distribution of course varies year to year, but I’ve gone every year end May/early June since 2009 and always managed to catch at least one tornado (along with loads of hail, lightning, structure etc). I wouldn’t worry too much about location - the teams will get you to where you need to be even if it means crossing three states!
  12. Having missed last weekend’s outbreak, we have another situation this evening if supercells develop in the warm sector above which is a high-end kinematic environment with some long stretched hodographs (up to 90kn W flow at 700mb above N AL at 22Z). Some strong tornadoes possible but conditional on the cells breaking the lid.
  13. That was Minneola - we were queued at the rail crossing heading North when they started up (with the two hundred other chasers lol). It really is an unearthly sound if you’re not used to it. Happened the next day in Solomon KS too. The ‘rules’ vary a bit but these days a siren will be activated if the town lies within the warning polygon, which can be triggered by both radar indicated or spotter report.
  14. Hi Richard. Thoroughly enjoyed that - really well done. I was late on that cell and approached from the N Platte side and didn’t get the sunset structure view. Looking forward to the next episode.
  15. Seasonably strong upper wind profile and corridor of impressive SRH up to 600 (HRRR 00Z) brings a risk of tornadoes to Dixie Alley this evening, some strong ones too with a 15% tor. These early Dixie events can be high-end so this will be on my list to monitor.
  16. It’s American Airlines and I’ve not had any complaints TBH
  17. For info - just got one stops LHR to DFW AA end May through Kayak for £425 Agent is Crystal Travel - used them before with no problems
  18. There are data flow issues and the GFS 18Z run and it’s suite are either incomplete or late this evening
  19. Velocity ‘couplet’ of a major hurricane. Off the scale on the NE eyewall.
  20. That is incorrect. The 2pm local fix had the centre 845miles off the NC coast. It’s not due to make landfall for another two days yet. And reference the people who stay behind - they’re not all hot headed weather freaks. I have friends who care for an elderly couple in Myrtle Beach who will get to the local shelter along with others in a similar position. There is such a thing as choice as well.
  21. NHC hold the ECM tropical product in high regard and it contributes a fair weight to the official NHC track guidance so yes it’s an interesting few days coming up. Of course we’re still very much in the guess range but you get a feeling this is in full ramp preparation mode and could be a big story by early next week.
  22. Historically, and supported by the statistical based models, hurricanes that deepen rapidly tend to bias to the right side of the track envelope which would account for some of the uncertainty. Given the blend of solutions with regards the upper ridge in 5 days forecast to develop near Bermuda, I’d say there’s a better than average chance of a high end hurricane impacting the coast between FL and NC next Weds/Thurs and I’m looking at options to intercept, but will leave it until Monday.
  23. Decent risk in N Dakota tomorrow but I worry about the predominance of HP cells skunking out the potential. On soundings alone I’d look at far N central Dakota - have you got your passports?
  24. Confirmed tornado numbers (CONUS) for May 2018 are 118, compared to the ten yr average of 306 (2001-2011). Not an all time low but not far off it. Five of the above were the brief twin landspouts near Cove, CO. Finding a tornado this season has been a struggle for sure.
  25. Not a bad call if you can hack the drive. I actually think SPC are underdoing the potential in C/E NM tomorrow with a 50kn at 500mb streak and enough moisture (less required in upslope regime) to play with. Expect a category upgrade in next or morning update. Will wait for later CAM runs before considering the trip myself but as we’ll be looking at W TX anyway for Monday it might be worth a shout. 500 miles - no problem!
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