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  1. Hi Neil,

       Just a quick text to say hope you are OK?

    Anyway, Did you manage to contact Andy the guy that was sitting with me at the last TORRO meeting?

    Prob can't make this year due to lack of finance though but might be good to stay in touch for next year?

    PS. Hope you have found some personal calm within your personal situation. Was there just 14 yrs ago but you can survive it. Time lessons the hurtTrust me.



    1. nsrobins


      Hi Tony - very kind words thank you. Well I've just received her petition for divorce so I guess we're in the end game now.

      I am chasing this year - going out with my daughter who is very excited about it. She's currently in navigation and chart reading training!

      If you do get a chance to do a week give me a shout - our dates are 21st May to 3rd June.

      And definitely again next year.

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