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  1. Good luck with the trip but I’ve not used advance route planning - as you know chasing is an ‘on spec’ job with route revisions often every 10 minutes. If I had to plan routes based on features rather than the weather it might not work too well!
  2. The impressive summer season continues with another 5% tor for SW KS (especially) this afternoon. This stood out for me with some very late May wind dynamics delivering some nice looking looped curves - I’d be lunching in Sublette, KS (dodgy gas station) or probably the big Love’s on the way out of Liberal (much nicer )
  3. Slim pickings at the moment if anyone is wondering why the info has been a tad sparse these last few days. I chased over 600 miles on Thursday searching for storms in SE NM and got a high ppn cell near Clovis. Yesterday was blank but today we got on a decent storm near Sublette KS that turned for a while - enough to get a decent piece of time lapse. With only subtle shortwaves turning around the base of a rather weak upper trough across the west it’s more of the same until midweek then the tours may have to look North - way North perhaps.
  4. Sitting close to Clay Center KS watching potential convection on an OFB just to our west. Challenging forecasting today! edit : position
  5. I believe it’s the first day for T3 so welcome to the Plains and buckle up. I’ll start today’s thread with a challenging target forecast. We’re in McCook, NE after insane chasing of a monster supercell around Imperial and Holyoke yesterday (along with the hordes). Today is tricky - boundary low on meso W KS will drift east today and interact with the WF and ?OFB in far E KS - CAMs suggest convection initiates around 20Z. I might go against SPC and target the area just north of the triple point for max kinematics - initial target Hebron, NE then monitor real time. Edit - MOD risk 15% hatched. SPC obviously reading this forum lol
  6. Sensational structure on a cell near Imperial, NE this evening:
  7. You didn’t miss much Paul. Crudvection didn’t clear in target area and nothing got going. All the action is further west in NM and CO but that was too far. Overnight Perryton TX and looking North tomorrow.
  8. I believe it’s change over day for the NWx tours so here’s a thread for today. We arrived last night and are about to depart DFW area for the OK Panhandle for today’s play as storms fire off the DL. Blending HRRR and RAP I’m thinking a discrete cell may get going around Liberal, KS from 22Z but it’s a 390mile hike so we’re going to get motoring.
  9. Tour 3 model update. The only ‘more relaxed’ days in the 27th May - 4th June period look like Thurs and Fri next week. Multi day risk with a few moderate risks likely especially Tues 27th and again next weekend.
  10. SPC now on radar for early next week. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/exper/day4-8/
  11. Reports of extensive damage in Jefferson City, MO. Strong couplet moved right over the city at around 12.20am local.
  12. I concur, but GFS has done well with upper vectors this season. Also note Weds risk E KS/Misery area
  13. Tues 28th could be high end as the trend continues for a 100kn+ 300mb jet streak overtopping 70+ moisture advection into N OK/ S KS. I’d like surface winds to be more SE but it’s mesoscale stuff.
  14. Nice summary Roger. In any science it’s the experience from mistakes that improves skill for future events. I too was watching the DL and once it delayed it’s eastward surge, and subsequent interaction with the W-E boundary, the risk was lowered. That and the relative failure of open warm sector convection where shear was maximised and a dangerous outbreak was averted. And for the record I am one reader of this forum who would never ‘wish’ for a severe event such as what was modelled yesterday. Give me a discrete photogenic supercell in the open prairie of N Kansas anytime over a soupy clogged-up Oklahoma day.
  15. The chaser convergence last night looked as bad as I’ve seen and OK moderate risk is well known for bringing the Yahoo brigade out in their hordes. I was on the Dodge City EF4 in 2016 and despite there only being one road N-S and hundreds of chase vehicles everyone behaved fairly sensibly (pull all the way off the road please!). Mind you that was a slight risk/OFB play and only the expert forecasters were on it in time
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