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  1. A little bit of T4 magic!

    Really good work. The funnel at 4:50 looks anticyclonic which is quite rare.
  2. Chase Day 44 - Slight Risk Kansas

    It's been an effort this season for sure Paul. I was thinking Weds (today) would be a decent opportunity but I see the 09Z HRRR has dropped pretty much all initiation in far E NE later (where the sig tor is greatest). Hope you get something to round off the trip.
  3. Stormchase Day 36 Wyoming/Colorado/Nebraska

    Yep some fairly high sig tors in the lively surface ESE flow. Torrington, WY for me.
  4. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 32 - Slight Risk (tx)

    Heading North may be the only option for the next five days. It's an early shift in the pattern but it's been a strange season.
  5. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 32 - Slight Risk (tx)

    Great work in an otherwise quiet period. I assume you're not heading to N Dakota today?
  6. Stormchase Day 28 Down day Colorado

    I actually think you'll see stuff today Tom. Shuffle up the I70 to Deer Trail and in a few hours you'll catch the line of upslope activity currently forming along the front range.
  7. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 22 - Marginal Risk (KS)

    Straw clutching, but we are under what I believe to be a weak CVZ running through EC KS at Lyndon, KS. Cu field developing. Surface flow SW, T 81F, Td 55C. Will watch this for a bit as HRRR still have a few storms firing here next hour.
  8. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 22 - Marginal Risk (KS)

    We are also in KS next two days before heading south for flight home. I'm hoping the boundary will fire elevated structure in 55-60dps (scoured a bit by last night's showers). We will start in Strong City/Emporia KS.
  9. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 19 - Mod Risk

    Mad day in a really soupy atmosphere. Highballed from Hays, KS and tried to keep up with the Missouri stuff until Springfield, then noticed MDS for NE OK just as explosive development started. Stayed with a few cells dropping decent wall clouds and now in Tulsa with a lightning show. We are in Arkansas tomorrow as we'll chase anything!
  10. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 18 - Slight Risk CO/KS

    HRRR played a blinder today and bullseyed the cell of the day. Everything but a tornado and an attack of the killer tumbleweed in the outflow near Joes. Also several 'dust ups' as Zoe called them. Great day. Legged it east to Hays to be in range for far SE Kansas by 2pm tomorrow.
  11. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 18 - Slight Risk CO/KS

    Going W towards Limon on the I70. AgCu field to the west in Denver area. Already deep enough to show on radar. Pretty much spot on with the 15Z HRRR. Northern target likely not a bad choice today. Subtle boundary also evident draped to our north going east shown by sirrus line. Game on.
  12. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 18 - Slight Risk CO/KS

    The last few runs have developed cells in SE CO - HRRR quite bullish with this - but I'm not tempted. Sig tor/SRH better along the I70 as the LLJ cranks up later. Also I prefer boundaries to surface low stuff, and dps just north of a draped occluded/dryline boundary hit low 50s by 21Z. We're camped in Goodland and will be shifting west to Limon for lunch, gas and check on surface conditions. Whatever happens today we're committed to an evening drive SE for tomorrow's likely MDT risk. Is your GPS not working this year Paul?
  13. Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 17 - Slight CO/KS

    Lindon, CO. Just behind a nice storm producing 1.5" hail. Not expecting anything too dramatic today but good to be chasing again.
  14. Starting this today as the first of a multi-day severe risk with Saturday looking high end at the moment. Will aim to be in mid-E CO where both RAP and HRRR initiate cells off the high terrain from 19Z. A pocket of higher dps (50F) await these cells as they roll into far W KS. Structure and lightning the main play today. My target (not the NW team maybe - not sure where they are at the moment) is Limon, CO (a little north now based on latest runs)