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  1. Really heavy snow shower here in Burbage, Leicestershire. Visibility almost nothing an settling on roads and pavements!!!
  2. We’ve got a light covering here in Burbage, Leicestershire but it’s still coming down.
  3. We have a covering here now and it continues to snow reasably heavily. I'd estimate about 1cm has fallen.
  4. Reasonable snow shower, looks great in the lamppost :-)
  5. Just started with a few fine flakes in Tamworth...
  6. I can see some big flakes mixed in outside
  7. Reasonably large flakes of snow in Shirley, Solihull.
  8. Just staring to turn to sleet here in Shirley. Lamp post watching begins...
  9. Looks like we'll miss out again!! It's gone quite dark but looking at the radar, all the action is to our west...
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