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  1. It seems to me that every run after about T+144 or thereabouts bears no relation to the previous run. What is the point? May as well not have anything post 8 or 9 days out as it is either HP oriented one run and the next there is a trough slap bang over us.
  2. It seems to me looking at the models over the past few weeks that we are indeed completely stuck now with this barrage and bombardment of wind, rain, wind, rain, storms ad nausium. Am i the only one who feels that this long passage of low pressure systems hurtling across the Atlantic for such a sustained period is very unusual - even for the UK? - taking into account it is (albeit late) winter. I can see no end to this for weeks (or even longer). Is this so unusual? As an interested model watcher do any of you see any correlation to the dreaded 'Climate Change' ?
  3. I have to say i peruse the models every day and have never (well once or twice) felt compelled to post but i have never felt so depressed by all the model outputs as recently. It seems to me that the whole of Europe both north and south will enjoy lovely Summer heat over the next two weeks ! Except the UK - which appears to have continuous low pressure over it. Murk and rain. Summer is my favourite season but ....please can someone give me some encouragement please... Love to read all the expert posts (especially Knockers)
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