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  1. I finally got around to creating my blog from this year. We have supercells, tornadoes, lightning, stars, Milky Ways and a couple of meteors. Image heavy and do use a large screen https://stuartathome.wordpress.com/2019/10/25/storm-chase-2019/
  2. I just realised I should have put 2019 in the thread title!! What a wally. It looks like it is on this year. Will have a word with myself and let you all know!
  3. Hey Netweather team I am seriously thinking about doing this again as it was such a blast last year. Doesn't look like anybody has booked yet so was wondering how likely you think it is off going ahead? Cheers Stuart
  4. I've finally "finished" my blog post for this amazing holiday. I can't thank Paul enough for his great casing but also Nick and Matt for helping make it a greta holiday. I'll let the pictures in here speak for themselves. It's not all lightning but there are a LOT of pictures! https://stuartathome.wordpress.com/2018/08/29/storm-chasing-2018/
  5. I've booked the same flight from Dublin to Phoenix and back as Nick. Have also booked flights from Stansted to Dublin. Only challenge now is getting to Stansted on Sunday - trains are apparently not running on Sundays. Either way it's a major saving from taking the Heathrow direct flight
  6. Good stuff guys. Currently around £850 return (direct) from Gatwick to Vegas I'm hoping it may come down a bit!
  7. I've signed up to go on this tour starting and finishing in Phoenix, Arizona. As the start date is a Tuesday I have taken all that week off work so may well look to fly out on the Saturday. It seems flights to Phoenix are quite expensive. Paul has suggested that he will fly to LA (Norwegian Airlines) and then get an internal flight. I have had a quick look at that option and it is still quite pricey. Will do some further checks but may loo at flying to Las Vegas and driving to at least get an opportunity to explore. Would be good to get some ideas in this thread
  8. Thankyou Tom I thoroughly enjoyed it
  9. Here are some of mine from this day. I used one of those daytime lightning triggers. I hadn't previously had much success with this device but this time due to their being a god number of CGs I'm pretty happy with the results
  10. I checked on Monday and it was there. I must admit I expected an e-mail confirmation but nothing. Have printed it out so all good
  11. I applied yesterday (Sunday). Not been accepted yet!
  12. I have signed up for Tour 3. Flying in on 27th May so I am going to have a few days visiting friends and solo exploring and chasing. This will be my 2nd time with Netweather and 4th organised tour though I have chased with a mate 5 times other than that.
  13. Hi team. Considering joining you again for next year. What's the availability at the moment for the tours (If any!)
  14. This years chasing has been very difficult and stressful for many reasons. This news is just horrifying
  15. For the storms you probably won't want anything longer than 100mm or thereabouts. But a longer zoom can be good to get tight crops of the Clouds. For down days the longer lens may be good for wildlife pictures. For storms also you should have a tripod and ideally a remote trigger for those lightning shots.
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