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  1. Norwich - Snow and hail yesterday, rain today and both days supposed to be dry. Grrrrr!
  2. So what's the guess on snow depth from the yellow weather warning overnight? 2cm tops?
  3. In Norwich we awoke to snow on cars and rooftops but roads and paths appear at best slushy but mostly just wet but I fear it's going to be ice. Anyway first sticking snow of winter here.
  4. Wonder if Norwich will see much or any snow this week? We're north east of the ppn so I'm worried it's marginal for us. Any thoughts?
  5. Don't worry, the two snow shovels I ordered have arrived today so I won't need them for a few winters yet Seriously though it does look good over on the mod thread. I wonder when we'll see the first "will it snow in X" posts?
  6. Moved from a few flakes to hammering it down with snow for a few mins. Stopped now though.
  7. I've probably put a dampner on the snow now - just ordered two snow shovels. Never owned one, looks like the weather is getting snowy so took the plunge. Would love the need to use them in a week or so
  8. Wow, what a storm over south Norwich, good strong lightning and thunder.
  9. Nice thunderstorm just south of Norwich but not much rain, enough to wet the ground but still dry patches about. Moved away north now. Wonder if we'll get any more, if not we're stuffed on the drought and the dead grass will continue.
  10. I was thinking that earlier. Plenty of cloud south of Norwich but no rain and we'll probably miss the blood moon. Come on rain!
  11. I'm between Norwich and Beccles and it's about 31c indoor and about 39c on my outdoor thermometer that sits in the sun so that will be higher. Some clouds bubbling up in the distance.
  12. Still coming down thick and fast in Norwich. Madness. Still got a foot on the ground from the other night. At least the wind has eased.
  13. Chucking it down again in Norwich. Just STOP now please. For the first time in 3 days we could drive out of our village this afternoon and now this.
  14. Indeed, effectively second day we're cut off now with roads closed due to drifting, no shops open, no public transport, hospital appointments cancelled. Doesn't take much to grind to a halt.
  15. No snow today but most of the roads are closed due to drifting. Couple of foot of snow around my house, tried clearing to get car ready for when roads open but given up now. Having wanted the snow....Not so sure now!
  16. Just been out to dig my way to the garage so I can get food from the freezer. A good foot of standing snow but opened the gate onto our easterly facing drive and its 2-3ft deep in drift. No way is the car going anywhere (neighbour tried with his snow tyres on and still got stuck). Nice and bright now but bitter in the wind that's increasing. Don't think we've got any warmer than -2c today. Is that it for Norfolk....
  17. This is getting worrying now, we must have a foot of snow already and it still comes down. I'm south Norwich.
  18. Boring now, snowing/blizzard conditions south Norwich... I LOVE IT WOOOOOOOOOO! Must be getting on for 8/9 inches now, wonder if we'll make the foot!
  19. I'm eating humble pie. After being annoyed at the lack of snow Sunday/Monday I've now got over 20cm and it's started snowing again. It's mad here in Norwich, all the busses are cancelled, roads at a standstill. My kids went out and the snow is over the top of their wellies (all the schools are closed).
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