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  1. Looking forward to Thursday.... can anyone help me out, is Thursday a daytime or evening time event?. its my son’s 8th birthday Thursday so wondering if I need to possible prepare myself for a non school day or if it will be ok until he’s home!. Haven’t broken it to him as yet that he may see snow on his birthday.
  2. Is this front due to stall? I supposed to be under this snowfall until 1am ish tonight but I can’t see it lasting that long!. Weve has fairly heavy tiny snow now for the last hour or so! Wouldn’t mind some slightly bigger flakes to see this spell off with a bang but I won’t complain
  3. Snow, albeit smallish flakes falling and blowing about in the wind.... kesgrave just outside Ipswich.
  4. Definatly! He was 2 when we last had some decent snowfall, I was the one building a snowman then and he watched me from the window lmao!. Think it will be the other way round tomorrow if we keep getting these beefy showers!.
  5. I’m super excited!. my son is as well, hopefully this is going to be a lovely little week of weather. He’s 7 so he will remember this :). Im secretly hoping for a snow day for him tomorrow!. I know I can hope. Im Kesgrave Just outside Ipswich BTW!.
  6. Hey another kesgravian!!!! Never did I think there would be someone else from Kesgrave here lmao!
  7. So I’ve finally got round to gathering my snow supplies.... last time it snowed enough to use a sledge properly it was March 2013 my son was two and used the little baby blue sledge. He spotted the red sledge this morning and his excact words were ‘Mummy there’s this large red circle thing in the shed what is it!... Hopefully next week he will get to enjoy it. The snow shovel has never been used and the cobwebs I have just removed were a testimony to that. The same with the grit, my mum gave them to me when she moved back is 2014!.
  8. Hellloooooo... Long time member very little poster... however here I am joining in in the run up to what could be a great week next week. i need to dig out the sledges from the shed, my son hasn’t really seen large snowfall, he’s just turned 7. Having missed the great winters of 2009/2010!. i have however purchased some proper snow boots! I don’t drive so I think (and hope!) they will be used next week!.
  9. A complete mix of wet snow, sleet and rain this am what happened to the forcasted 2cm?
  10. Didnt get much today after our small amount of snowfall early this morning. However it did give me a chance to do this, first time I've been able to do this for my little boy who turned 4 today
  11. We have very light,small flakes falling and settling here giving an 'icing sugar' style covering! I'm happy, it's snow and it's falling on my little boys 4th birthday
  12. The result of our little snow shower which lasted from approx 3.40pm-4.15pm
  13. Wasn't expecting this little development one minute it was just gloom and then bang we've got strong gusty winds, mega dark cloud, hail and I think thunder! Certainly woke me up!
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