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  1. Good to see the GFS keeping low pressure out west on this run. Nice and refreshing southerly winds being shown for my area on Friday, very welcome indeed. The last thing we need are those pesky cold northerlies ruining our summer yet again. Let's keep things nice and warm with some nice humid air so that I can actually go outside without freezing to death
  2. Why is it poor? Because it was below average, 19C with some sun and lots of wind that made it feel chilly. I don't like cool weather, and seeing a week of below average weather forecast does not please me. I don't care if it's dry, it should be 21C and mostly sunny at this time of year, not 19C with strong northerly winds - I was annoyed more because of the forecast - we had 15C and 16C forecast yesterday for the weekend! Now that has changed thankfully. Thankfully the outlook has improved, 26C and a chance of a thunderstorm on Friday here
  3. LOL best climate in the world.. We get no thunder, no real heat, no real cold, nothing interesting apart from cloud and mild temperatures. How is that the best? I would certainly choose southern Spain which is far more interesting than here. Not even close
  4. Well we are averaging 20.9C/10.2C up until Saturday, so certainly cool nights. Also an annoying northerly wind has made it feel cooler. After today it looks downhill, with below average temperatures maxing out at 17C-19C for the forseeable future. Very poor for the time of year.
  5. Summer? What summer. We are forecast a high of 16C next Tuesday, 5C below average, and I don't see this June ending up any good. We will have two decent days, this Friday and Saturday, but still Saturday was forecast to be 32C just 5 days ago, now only 25C Then back to below average rubbish 19C days, with a few horror days thrown in for good measure.
  6. Seeing as every month this year bar May and August has been above average, it may be possible!
  7. I hope for a repeat of 2013-2014 without the rain. No snow again for an entire winter would be nice!
  8. Some really great runs tonight Looks like mild air will stay with us for the foreseeable future, this weekend will become mild with temperatures of 16C in the SE. Deep drawn southerlies are just what is needed at this time of the year. A quick summary - no cold in the reliable time frame, just mild weather which is great really!
  9. I'm liking the look of early December so far.. mild south westerlies are just what we need. Apart from keeping heating bills down, it is also much more pleasant to go out in
  10. Yes we have the heating on now. Even though the weather has been quite mild so far (no frosts yet) it is still cold outside and how anybody can go through even a mild winter without heating is just beyond me really!
  11. I don't think he is wishing floods again though, just mild weather. I just don't like how certain cold weather fans think they are above everyone else, when they post ridiculous charts that are 2 weeks away showing a freezing cold spell, yet if someone posted a mild chart 2 weeks away they get heckled and labelled as a troll
  12. A WUM for having a different opinion to someone else? Really? You don't have to like snow and cold to be a weather enthusiast. Many people such as myself would love a mild winter such as last year to reduce heating costs and bills, and for the fact that cold weather is just not pleasant. But that is our opinion, no need to bash it!
  13. Nope. Looks like it is going to be mild and warm for the foreseeable future. Bad luck for you, good luck for most of us here though who want to enjoy nice, pleasant conditions!
  14. This winter will be mild like last year. No snowfall yet again in London as well
  15. I want the dew points to rise again.. dropped to 15C and the air feels quite cool again with the air temperature at 23C right now.
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