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  1. Good to see the GFS keeping low pressure out west on this run. Nice and refreshing southerly winds being shown for my area on Friday, very welcome indeed. The last thing we need are those pesky cold northerlies ruining our summer yet again. Let's keep things nice and warm with some nice humid air so that I can actually go outside without freezing to death
  2. 17 days so far this year.
  3. Why is it poor? Because it was below average, 19C with some sun and lots of wind that made it feel chilly. I don't like cool weather, and seeing a week of below average weather forecast does not please me. I don't care if it's dry, it should be 21C and mostly sunny at this time of year, not 19C with strong northerly winds - I was annoyed more because of the forecast - we had 15C and 16C forecast yesterday for the weekend! Now that has changed thankfully. Thankfully the outlook has improved, 26C and a chance of a thunderstorm on Friday here
  4. LOL best climate in the world.. We get no thunder, no real heat, no real cold, nothing interesting apart from cloud and mild temperatures. How is that the best? I would certainly choose southern Spain which is far more interesting than here. Not even close
  5. Well we are averaging 20.9C/10.2C up until Saturday, so certainly cool nights. Also an annoying northerly wind has made it feel cooler. After today it looks downhill, with below average temperatures maxing out at 17C-19C for the forseeable future. Very poor for the time of year.
  6. Cooler and cloudier than average. Also the lowest absolute maximum high for May since the 1980s with just 21.6C. The year so far. April was once again quite nice.
  7. Summer? What summer. We are forecast a high of 16C next Tuesday, 5C below average, and I don't see this June ending up any good. We will have two decent days, this Friday and Saturday, but still Saturday was forecast to be 32C just 5 days ago, now only 25C Then back to below average rubbish 19C days, with a few horror days thrown in for good measure.
  8. Yes we have the heating on now. Even though the weather has been quite mild so far (no frosts yet) it is still cold outside and how anybody can go through even a mild winter without heating is just beyond me really!
  9. Ohh no 14C lows.. how sticky!! I hate our tropical climate.. have to move to Greenland ASAP!!

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    2. Eugene


      lol not sure what you do when we have a heatwave rob, this weather is pretty normal for July

    3. Dancerwithwings


      Hang on we'll be there in 100 million years!

    4. Derp Patrol

      Derp Patrol

      I was being sarcastic lol.. some people were actually complaining about it being too sticky!!

  10. I'd much rather have polluted hazy blue skies than this Atlantic dross. Absolutely awful weather. Bring back the warmth please!
  11. Maybe we should go back to the traditional NW/SE split, it seems northerners can't handle a little warmth lol :p

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    2. AderynCoch


      Nothing traditional about the NW/SE splits of recent years.

    3. Derp Patrol

      Derp Patrol

      It's actually very traditional. Fronts should pass to the north of Scotland, affecting western and northern parts of the UK, whilst the azores tries to ridge into SE UK. That's the default summe r pattern.

    4. AderynCoch


      Like I said, not in recent years. The divides have been worse than normal. This current spell of weather is no less unusual.

  12. Thank god things will finally warm up, temperatures should be about 15C this time of year, not 5C

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      The norm for this time of year ranges from 10-11C in most northern areas to 13C around London, if I remember rightly. Thus 15C would be above average- but nearer normal than 5C!

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      I'm sure we'll see some sunny periods from the up and coming westerly so given that it will feel like spring again don't get me wrong today is nice but the wind soon reminds you where its coming from!

    4. Milhouse


      It will be good to finally see the hedgerows full of colour and that grass finally start to grow.

  13. It's March, it should be warmer now, people wishing for snow should wait 9 months!

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    2. Bottesford


      My max of the year so far was in January still! (12.2c)

    3. Aaron


      Ditto here Bottesford! Hasn't gone above 10C here since 15 Feb.

    4. Alex95


      March is just as wintry as December on average, so we are well overdue a snowy one. 2008 was the last if I remember correctly, whereas before that it nearly always seemed to snow at some point in March?

  14. GFS 12z not too bad. It will stay warm in the south until Friday, with temperatures at the weekend only down to average. It only really looks awful on the east coast and further north. Following this it looks like high pressure wants to try and build by the start of next week. Maybe certain people shouldn't speak so soon lol!

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    2. A Winter's Tale

      A Winter's Tale

      The SE have no clue about Scottish weather, or northern weather. It really isn't as bad as some people think.

    3. Eugene


      Maybe certain people shouldn't speak so soon lol!

      LOL maybe you should take your own advice there, you seem overly excited over an outlier run

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Lol shame the ECM and UKMO barely show any northerly at all Eugene..

  15. Love these warm evenings. Still 23C here and will stay up to 20 till 12. Windows wide open, warm breeze coming in, birds singing... I love summer! I could never get this feeling in the dark winter days

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    2. Bottesford


      Yep that's pretty much the size of it... Sun's got to our heads maybe. Either way it's all gooooood.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I probably prefer summer now, far more light, warmth, lovely spring/summer growth, etc.. If winter was colder/snowier I'd like it more.. rather than looking at most other places getting it all when we are bland and mild most of some winters.

      I love snow/frost, just not worth making winter favorite season for that here.

    4. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      So very pleasant out there tonight. Exceptionally nice spell of weather this. :)