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  1. I'm in south shore near the airport, been flurries most of the morning, we are just too far west for the showers to keep their intensity, we need a good disturbance in the flow to get anything like on tuesday morning
  2. I remember end of January last year a bitter surface flow, never been as cold working outdoors ever, yet the uppers were above freezing, I take it next week will be even colder in the wind?
  3. still another 4 or so runs yet to shift about, plus it may come in earlier/later than forecast so could have an impact on the position, it may not follow the models, it could make it's own mind up where it wants to be, also wasn't the temperatures down south too warm?
  4. Knowing the luck of this region even if a polar low was to form it would still be rain!
  5. where's Backtractrack? Crewe cold? SP? amongst some others already posting these people are a godsend
  6. still 4 days away, a hell of a lot can and probably will change for the better/worse for each area
  7. Now then? maybe some fireworks for the region? h850t850eu (1).webp ukcapeli.webp ukprec.webp
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