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  1. A dusting here ,where's all the real snow gone ?
  2. Just saw it. Will hold back from getting excited till the MO come on Board
  3. Looks like a dry 2 day cold spell ,Maybe one day we will have a Pest from the West
  4. We now have snow ! after being with out water for 4 days as the pump froze and a dusting at the most !!
  5. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcjnyry1j#?date=2018-03-01 I have the warning but only 50% chance of snow at 6 ? Please tell me the meto are wrong
  6. Doesn't an Easterly favour the south east ie Dry for us ?
  7. Morning quick question , The net weather forecast shows 95% chance for snow my area for most of next week but the met office only has rain. Do they use different models ?
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