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  1. Not seen temperatures this warm for a while up here. 6 on Monday will feel tropical. Had snow on the ground here since before Christmas. Will it all melt before the next cold spell?
  2. Tad chilly here at -12.7 but balmy in Hexham at -9. No snow overnight and not expecting any today.
  3. Was a balmy -12.9 overnight here and only -11.2 when I left for work! Coldest night here since 2013. Snow depth of 62cms.
  4. What contiguous an orange warning from the MetO? Had heavy snow here about 75% of the time from 8am till now, some local communities have been cut off and the roads have been terrible. Or do we need to be either down south or in a city to warrant such a warning?
  5. Heavy snow shower here now and going off the amount on cars that were clear last night, had about 2 inches overnight in Hexham. Heading home today where I’m expecting around 18-20 inches.
  6. Sat24 showing showers forming out to sea which should hit Tyneside this afternoon!
  7. Just finished work in Hexham and it’s snowed on and off all day with some heavy bursts so now about 3 inches of lovely soft snow here. Go s knows how much at home though!
  8. Ties in with MetO forecast. Surely the GFS can’t be wrong at such a short timescale!
  9. I’ve made the decision to stay with my parents in Hexham because I have a vital week at work next week so can’t afford to get stranded. When I left home this morning there was about 8 inches on the ground and it was snowing lightly. As for the extended forecast the METO seem confident the North Sea snow machine will keep on going for a while longer!
  10. I will try. MetO app has us for constant heavy snow from Friday night to the ending of the forecast. If they are right on top of what’s here now it will be epic. On a side note it’s very ironic that while the snow conditions across the Pennines and Scotland are as good as ever the ski centres have to close for covid!
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