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  1. tynevalleysnow

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Run over due to region 2721 which by my reckoning is the 28th sunspot region this year.
  2. tynevalleysnow

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    It’s never been over 200 during cycle 24! http://www.solarham.net/firsts.htm
  3. tynevalleysnow

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Don’t quote me but I think it’s 240. Definitely over 200 though.
  4. tynevalleysnow

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I believe 65 is the lowest it can get
  5. Extremely slow thaw here lost about 2% at most so far plus snow forecast overnight. If it wasn’t for the roads been bad the ski slopes here would of had a great weekend. A couple of photos of the conditions around here. Not my pics cause I couldn’t get out.
  6. Was snowing moderately 6/10 for last hour or so but stopped now. Clear path now back to an inch covering. Still not been away from home since Monday!
  7. The Meto app has been as useful as a bmw round here going for constant heavy snow and at best it’s been 2/10
  8. Comparing 2010 to this spell so far. Max snow depths 2010 97cms 2018 52 cms min temps 2010 -21.6 2018 -9.2. Length of spell 2010 5 weeks this spell 4 days so far! Not much competition here.
  9. Meto forecast an upgrade from earlier now with heavy snow 9am-9pm here. Just can’t see it on radar
  10. Meto forecast have it down for heavy snow 9-12 and again 5-11pm today here but can’t see where heavy snow will come from
  11. Most likely and radar having trouble pinning it down
  12. The blob is back! Been light snow all day here but cleared path to woodshed around 5 and it’s got a fresh 1 inch covering already
  13. Yes gone must of been a flock of seagulls
  14. Not a paint shop job cause it’s shown on meteox but must be anomaly