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  1. The gfs snow accumulations chart show the Atlantic clashing with the cold over the UK and dumping on the Pennines and Scotland
  2. New solar activity forescast and it’s quite shocking. When or where is cycle 25?
  3. Exactly my thoughts. Although most of us like a cold snowy winter I think everyone will hope she is wrong!
  4. Still an interesting watch for anyone interested in the sun. Will not take long to prove her wrong or right
  5. Wether her prediction is right or wrong an interesting video. If right we should all move south! And by south i don’t mean Spain but maybe Ghana, Nigeria!
  6. I’m sure I heard somewhere that 100 is the important number. Above 100 earth warms below 100 earth cools
  7. Run over due to region 2721 which by my reckoning is the 28th sunspot region this year.
  8. It’s never been over 200 during cycle 24! http://www.solarham.net/firsts.htm
  9. Don’t quote me but I think it’s 240. Definitely over 200 though.
  10. Extremely slow thaw here lost about 2% at most so far plus snow forecast overnight. If it wasn’t for the roads been bad the ski slopes here would of had a great weekend. A couple of photos of the conditions around here. Not my pics cause I couldn’t get out.
  11. Was snowing moderately 6/10 for last hour or so but stopped now. Clear path now back to an inch covering. Still not been away from home since Monday!
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