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  1. Now snowing heavily in Sale, settling on cars and minor roads. It looks like the type of snow you see in American films!
  2. I've no idea but would guess around 2, away from any houses!! When I popped to get something out of the car earlier, the car thermometer was saying 2c. Mine is on a north facing wall in the yard where it doesn't get any sunlight on close enough for the bluetooth to connect to the main station. Its accurate enough for me
  3. Yep 1.2c, but the sensor is about 1.7 metres off the ground away from the house. I'm near the town centre towards AOM.
  4. In Sale, we got a good covering from the showers early this morning. Looking at the grass, there seems to be 4-6cm. Still cloudy and 1.2c. Was a shame I was sleeping when the snow fell!
  5. More snow in Sale this morning, about 2cms worth, similar to the pictures in Audenshaw. Started at about 7am and now stopped. The radar was showing rain but it was definitely heavy snow for a short time!
  6. Been reading this thread with interest. Wasn't expecting anything this morning, but woke up to a light dusting on cars, roofs and grass. Not much sticking to the roads though. Its currently 2.1c here in Sale and still cloudy.
  7. Snow in Sale, was quite intense, now eased off. Looking at the radar could be having a good afternoon of snow. Any snow in the sun has melted though
  8. I'm next to Worthington Park! Yes, hopefully, get some more overnight! We don't get much snow in Sale!
  9. Just started snowing in Sale. Its been dry so far this evening! Heavier than expected to what the Net Weather radar is showing. Was -2.5c increased to -1.9c in the last few minutes. Looking at the radar, might continue for a little while.
  10. Local variation! Hopefully there be some more this morning!
  11. Dusting in Sale, no more than 1cm, but all the roads and pavements covered, still snowing lightly.
  12. It's been moderately snowing in Sale for the last 15 minutes and starting to cover cars and grass. For 5 minutes its was big flakes, now more smaller flakes and a little sleety.
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