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  1. Minus 3 overnight, now just above freezing. Lovely frost with light cloud floating over.
  2. GFS encouraging coldies something may be along by end of next week. Reality is that it's pie in the sky.
  3. Zonal all the way. May be cold/cool in the latter stages, but no real sign of anything sustained. Unlikely to see anything white in the SW this winter.
  4. Yes Argyle 1980. Just set off for York for today's game and temperature in Green army land is 11 c and a tad wet. COYG
  5. Temp a balmy 9 c in Plymouth. Rain ceased but very damp and dreary.
  6. In response to his job in Exeter, he is not a forecaster, but an analyst. Expect the medium range forecasts to change today.
  7. Morning everyone. Quite possibly the start of something special. My brother who works at the Met office has just rang me to wish me a Merry Xmas and said that the Easterly flow will strengthen during January with very low temperatures expected. He also said not much snow unless low pressure bumps into its Southern edge.
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