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    Earl Shilton (leicestershire)
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    I love walking with my dog, especially if there is snow on the ground. I will read any book that I can find and felt like a child in a sweety shop when I was given and e-reader with 100 classics on it.

    I love photography and a camera is never far from reach.

    I'm happiest when its cold, I love snow.

    The only saving grace about hot weather is that we get thunder storms which I love as much as the snow.

    One of my most thrilling memories is of being in a plane when I was a child in Queensland, flying over the top of an electric storm. A stunning light show.
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    Snow & thunder storms.

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  1. Hi folks, a rather grey day here in Earl Shilton (Leics). No rain yet and there are breaks in the cloud cover. The window cleaner has just been so expecting rain with in the hour, I'm sure the rain follows him about. Anyway, I'm off to the model thread for a catch up on what's in store.
  2. Beautiful sunny day. No wind to speak of, in fact its eerily still. The clouds are building but for all intent and purpose it feels likeca spring day.
  3. Lost a couple fence panels to the wind this afternoon. One was smashed to pieces,
  4. Wow! Flash of lightening and almost instant thunder and hail. The storm has really arrived with a vengence.
  5. Just heard our first rumble of thunder. Scrap that, 2nd rumble of thunder. Gone very dark and it's started to hail.
  6. Drizzle for most of the day. I was cheered a bit by reading the model output forum.
  7. More of the same here, as it is everywhere else. I've been trying for find a silver lining, all I can come up with is that gas and electricity bill will be lower than this time last year. Gonna try a snow dance. Snow snow quick quick snow. Sorry folks I think the lack of cold and snows unbalanced me a bit.
  8. Thanks Polar. I'll keep everything crossed. Weather has turned blustery and its raining hard. Got wind blowing under the slates and a draft in the airing cupboard. Can't see any slates of but somethings not right. Damn new year visted from roofer on the cards now.
  9. Happy New year. Very breezy with drizzle and 7.1c Any signs yet of cold and snow? Not gad a chance to look on model thread yet. Just off to walk the dogs.
  10. I ventured as as the garden to check the fences. It's gusty with rain, but the main thing is how dark it is this morning. Current temp 9.3
  11. I had a look on the model thread earlier, there seems to be no real cold in the offing. I was disappointed, but I still have my fingers crossed for around the 14th of jan for some snow.
  12. Bright and sunny this morning. Temp hovering around 2c. Recorded an overnight of 0.6c. Some frost andfoubd a patch of black ice on the path up the garden. Didn't end up on my sitting on the floor lol but it was a near thing.
  13. We had a few gusts last night and it was blowy earlier, but now it's just the odd bit of drizzle. It seems as if we have escaped the worst of it. I'm really do need a fix of cold and snow.
  14. Good morning all. Hope you had a good Christmas day. A bit misty here with tmp of 2.6
  15. HI, everyone. Have you all had a good summer? Well, with christmas edging ever closer and the promise of some frosts, even the tempting talk of snow for next week, I thought it time to log back in and see what you all make of it. Especial as I've just read this http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/443462/Winter-2013-expected-to-be-worst-since-1947-with-heavy-and-persistent-snow-forecast-for-UK
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