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  1. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    6z Arpege a touch further north showing a very tight gradient to Doris with gusts on this run around 80-90mph cutting across N England through some heavily populated areas, potential for significant disruption from this one!
  2. Well where did summer go?! All in all not that bad up here, we've certainly had worse
  3. Lovely afternoon after the cloud cleared and warm again, 23.2°C atm and quite breezy.
  4. Managed to just beat yesterdays high with a temp at home of 25.6°C at around 15:30, went to Cockermouth and the car was showing 26.5°C... Sunny skies all day.
  5. Very warm now...23.7°C and not a cloud to be seen, may even exceed yesterdays high of 25.1°C...
  6. Warm night! Currently 17.5°C with a minimum overnight of 16.2°C... Should get into the mid 20's once again today with clear skies and an offshore breeze. Reached 25°C yesterday so pretty good going for up here near the coast.
  7. Still yet to see proper sunny blue skies as the last few days have been plagued with cloud and the odd sunny break. Got up to 19°C yesterday afternoon so the warmest day of the year so far for 2016.... A lot of cloud again this morning and a muggy feel with a current temp of 15.4°C, may exceed 20°C later if the sun gets out for any length of time.
  8. Very hazy day with no proper blue sky but feeling pleasant with a high of 17.2°C in light winds.
  9. Very nice afternoon after the front petered out, got up to 14°C and felt very nice in the sun... Warming up nicely in the coming days and may see 20°C even up here! lol. Someone messing around at the Met Office as I got this email not long ago...
  10. Miserable morning up here under the front, overcast skies and persistent light rain but nothing on the radar... Feeling cool as well @ 9°C, hopefully it'll clear later.
  11. A lot of cloud around so far with some odd glimpses of the sun, quite breezy as well but milder than recently with a current temp of 12.5°C.
  12. Pretty rubbish Sunday so far with persistent rain and breezy conditions, despite that the temperature is higher than it's been for some days @ 10°C but not feeling all to pleasant atm. A significant warm up as we move through this week with potential for temps into the mid 20's for some and mid to high teens quite widely, feeling humid with it and a risk of thunderstorms later on.
  13. Not a bad day with plenty of sunshine but still feeling chilly in the breeze, max temp this afternoon 8.6°C. Next few days looking unsettled with rain or showers and some stronger winds so not particularly pleasant, getting milder though compared to this week.
  14. Some photos from my trip to Scotland this week. 
















  15. Scotland April 2016

    A few pics from my trip up to Scotland.