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  1. Well it’s a perfectly plausible pattern to emerge from the current set up and it’s being well advertised across model output. Anything else on top of this cold spell is a bonus!
  2. GFS 18z…. No words 😳 record breaking cold on the way? 😱
  3. Imagine if these day 10 charts are the way forward and this week is just a taster of the next course 😂 fascinating model watching. And all this actually happening in winter and not spring this time! 🥶
  4. Probably been posted a few times already, but here’s the 00z GEM & ECM at day 10 😱
  5. It’s a day 10 chart but the possibility of a Scandi high developing seems to be gaining some momentum… Imagine if the main course was still to come 👀 Some exceptionality cold air being modelled over Europe. GEM 00z
  6. Last 3 GFS 00z runs for the same day and 3 very different charts. GFS OP especially struggling with mid-long term synoptics atm.
  7. No point looking for trends from the GFS atm especially the OP. 00z 06z
  8. Icon still keen on keeping the cold going. 06z only goes to 120hr but we’re a long way from anything milder by Wednesday next week. More of a straight easterly over the Atlantic with a shift south of the deep low pressure exiting Newfoundland compared to the 00z. 06z 00z
  9. Yes, I always like to see -10c @ 850 level to support snow at all levels. Also very dry continental air source with very low dew points. Even if your air temp briefly touches 2/3c in the afternoon any ppn will fall as snow and once it’s on the ground there won’t be much thawing, only top ups. Dew points from the 00z GFS OP. FullSizeRender.mov
  10. Excellent runs overnight. From this weekend onwards everything is coming from the east, heavy and at times widespread drifting snow & snow showers driven by a strong bitterly cold easterly wind. We’ll only look west for the weather when the Atlantic tries to push in frontal snowfall from the W/SW, looks like there could be quite a few attempts. Models are moving the low southwards now so the colder air will be affecting most/all of the country. Nothing marginal once this cold air gets into place. Its a good job we’re in lockdown, high impact winter weather on it
  11. 1070mb Greenland high on the GEM at t114! Easterly established.
  12. Close to epic charts on the 12z ICON. The Atlantic westerlies heading into the med & Africa! This is not a bad start to the 12z runs.
  13. ECM 00z v GFS 06z for Sunday morning. That’s pretty good agreement, good to see the GFS backtracking from its 00z. GFS 06z ECM 00z
  14. ECM looking absolutely fine this morning. Stronger blocking to the north and Greenland, very much like a lot of the anomaly charts...
  15. 00z GFS control is nearly identical to the op! This is not what we want to see as we’re getting this close! Hopefully wrong 😑 another day of nail biting model runs....
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