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  1. DisruptiveGust

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    Well what a thoroughly boring period of weather! Cloudy day and night no frost no sun. Got to be one of the most boring starts to winter! At least give us some storms, something to break the bore fest.... all the arctic weather seems to be affecting countries that have 30+ degree summers lol couldn’t make it up
  2. DisruptiveGust

    #NameOurStorms: is it a good idea?

    Just shows they’ve given up. The UKMET could’ve named Deirdre given the amount of yellow + amber warnings issued and the impacts over wide areas of the country.
  3. DisruptiveGust

    Storm Deirdre Atlantic storm 4

    One of my friends who lives In Whitehaven been left with a mess from Deirdre overnight although he called it dearie lol he’s got a buckled door, broken window and quite a few slates have blown off. The nearest station St Bees a few miles down the coast from here recorded gusts on the hourly obvs of 72mph @ 00:00 and 76mph @ 01:00am.
  4. DisruptiveGust

    #NameOurStorms: is it a good idea?

    Absolute farce. Proper winter storm yesterday- severe gales, rain, snow, freezing rain, ice = dangerous conditions in some of the worst and treacherous weather types. It got named at 10:30pm on a Friday night ahead of a busy weekend in the run up to Christmas, what use was that?! They need to bury this storm naming system.
  5. DisruptiveGust

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    Cold wet & windy, just the usual then...
  6. DisruptiveGust

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    Can’t see much if any snow tbh, the 850 temps quickly going positive during Saturday before the main front activity reaches the region. Blizzards no, freezing rain maybe higher up where the freezing level sits. Wind maybe more of an issue but no mention of that in the warning. Aperge for 13:00 Saturday, 850 temps going up.
  7. DisruptiveGust

    7th to 8th th.possible storm

    Getting pretty windy here, can hear it over the TV now hitting the back of the house.
  8. DisruptiveGust

    7th to 8th th.possible storm

    Possibly more widespread strong winds & gales later this evening & overnight as the low to north tightens up as it tracks into the North Sea, nothing out of the ordinary but very windy for a time. Gust of 84mph at Benbecula. Latest sat image looking nasty, tight southern core hitting western Scotland now and we’re into rush hour as well. No name....
  9. DisruptiveGust

    Storm Diana - 27th & 28th

    Taking shape over the Atlantic now, I expect wind speeds will exceed those of today, I’m surprised this storm has no name....
  10. DisruptiveGust

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Thaw setting in now! Some unbelievable scenes, still folk snowed in in places, imagine how this looked before the thaw and before being dug out when the snow was untouched!! 95BD1E10-1D02-47F4-AFE1-6C746CB78225.MP4
  11. DisruptiveGust

    North west regional discussion

    All pics from last few days... check out Cumbria crack, Cumbria road watch & police on Twitter etc... been much worse than March 13 in the places who’ve been hit hard.
  12. DisruptiveGust

    North west regional discussion

    Some scenes from parts of Cumbria... exceptional... no words
  13. DisruptiveGust

    North west regional discussion

    Pretty extreme weather out there atm, blowing a gale sub zero temps and blowing snow - many roads closed even the M6 is bad in places not far from Carlisle.
  14. DisruptiveGust

    North west regional discussion

    A few pics from today, loving it
  15. DisruptiveGust

    North west regional discussion

    Shower after shower here, topping up what’s already on the ground! Currently minus 6. Today has been one of the most wintry days I’ve seen in many years! First day of spring tomorrow....