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  1. Where's your timelapse kev
  2. I'm not saying but the status spat last year was just part of it ,though all history now and I don't bear a grudge
  3. Lol I had her on block, it's a long story
  4. Thank watt and associates ,3 fake Edwardian streetlamps 300 quid
  5. Lol I didn't install them today ,main reason you can't see feekall around my place
  6. Lol I'm not fussed as makes it hard work around yard ,though I like to see it for the kids
  7. You're lucky I had to install my own lampposts and still no snow
  8. Would that be a micro snow event ?
  9. She was more intro teleconections, we didn't get on ,lol
  10. I don't bother with it ,if a qualfied weatherman gets barrated to the point where he leaves for telling how it is what's the point bothering with it
  11. Looking fo to my first snowfall next week ,though like karyo I'll be pizzed up in gran canaria
  12. I've seen snowflakes the size of coasters ,not the boat ,and not here ,lol
  13. Inch of snow 10 mins drive above me ,lol
  14. Is that an alien spacecraft from Uranus ?
  15. Same here ,my return date
  16. I'm sure you toast it's arrival from gran canaria
  17. And on that bombshell, goodnight
  18. Just light cookies here
  19. Nice them had one this time last week in Ayreshire
  20. Rain with odd snowflake incursions
  21. Been in the ppnfor an hour according to radar though nothing