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  1. lol I've been out of action ,who's a Trollop
  2. Not to close to the edge as so it falls of the mantle
  3. Eyes up guys stunning sunset alert
  4. Yoko and john refused to get up in 1969
  5. Maxed at believe me or not 18c in garden lovely day
  6. My biggest adventure yet :shok::shok::D Termiteious giganticus, top is snow covered 360 minutes a year:shok:


  7. Or an industrial metal shreadder ....
  8. And like cloudy I'll live forever god rest his soul
  9. I've got a good heeed of hair ,ask cloudy
  10. Aye. The singularity is fast approaching wether or not I'll live to see it ,who knows
  11. My biggest adventure yet 

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    2. Mokidugway


      Yep that's her name ,lol

    3. Dami


      It is a stunning pic as all of yours are. :)

    4. Mokidugway


      Thank you Dami :)

  12. Lovely day here , loving it lol
  13. Nice shots WH ,frost forming on cars now, no aurora visible though