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  1. Off into Manchester shortly on a corporate bash thingy,free drinks and food but not looking forward to the wind and rain
  2. Never ceases to amaze me ,oh there's a storm coming I'm just off to park the car as near as I can to the sea dear...
  3. I'm in chorlton nothing much happening apart from od showers .
  4. A bit rough out on the pizzle around Altrincham last night,and I've woken up to blustery showers in chorlton
  5. Sleeping is another world.

    Nothing on the AA roadwatch
  6. Sleeping is another world.

    Just been asleep in politics thread
  7. Best stick to peer reviewed publications,like the Sunday sport
  8. Sleeping is another world.

    lol it's all a daze now
  9. Sleeping is another world.

    Strangest dream I had I thought I was a long deed Japanese rock bassist
  10. Weather felt like something's going to happen on my drive to Manchester,fortunately I have another vehicle that hasn't been destroyed
  11. Sleeping is another world.

    I try not to sleep ,it gets in the way of being tiered
  12. September 23rd The End?.

    Too much plastic in modern power tools as well
  13. Seems to me your getting a lot of ororgraphic rainfall,not been overly wet here.
  14. photos not uploading to forum page

    I've had that problem uploading my snaps from my Cairngorms trip,also how do I clear my attachments,got about 400 and think it's slowing me up .