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  1. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    Did you know my sheet ends up in the Irish sea then eaten by fish then Spaniards
  2. Looks toasty in Iberia
  3. That is true Pete, often see cloud all around me
  4. I have a cousin in Costa Rica who operates a charter sloop he might know him ,lol
  5. Sun here 21 c with stiff breeze ,waiting for storm unesco
  6. Just had a stray sunbeam effectively doubling this months sun quota
  7. Crap day crap month glad I'm off out of blighty for 3 weeks on Thursday.
  8. Mokidugway

    Things that tick you off?

    People who take life to seriously, after all you're a long time dead ,pass the fig biscuits I'm eating for two
  9. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    Cummins 5.9 litre diesels better ,lol
  10. Mokidugway

    Great prices on flights to Denver currently

    Never got a pic myself as was driving but it's sure odd
  11. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    2.4 tdci she's a good girl ,lol
  12. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    Lol ,would like to come but off to states on Thurs near some dust in my toes and visit the old man
  13. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    Met red swb 59 plate with black roof thanks just need grandkids to get a bit bigger ,lol
  14. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    Unlucky you, lol I did some groundworks there in my early days back in UK
  15. Mokidugway

    Great prices on flights to Denver currently

    Now Denver is an odd airport note the stallion with red eyes , spooky ,lol