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  1. Decent enough day here ,more or less given up on summer now , so buisy with work don't think I care anymore,lol
  2. I'm off to South America in January ,don't like uk snow
  3. Is Everything Getting Smaller?

    Quavers are getting smaller too
  4. Nothing in the express about it so it will happen
  5. Total solar eclipse of 21st August 2017

    Sadly I'm not going due to imminent arrival of grandchild, I did buy this earlier in the year for it ,so I'll have to wait for next one
  6. Speed of rain cloud

    As fast as the air they're in which depends on cloud type and altitude,very high clouds can travel above 100m/s but lower clouds will move a little faster than your ground wind speed , also if you have little wind at ground level it seems to accentuate their movement.
  7. Second trip to the continent in a week , knackered..

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    2. lassie23


      lol had to say quat couldn't use the first part of the word:shok::rofl:

    3. Mokidugway
    4. Dami


      well if in london..:whistling:

  8. Not long now ,counting down the days to spring .
  9. Autumn thoughts

    Lol, more than happy to swap
  10. Autumn thoughts

    How awful...
  11. Severe weather Europe has been amazing last few days ,supercells, derechos ,giant hail and debris flows ,perfect weather porn , lol
  12. Breaking news

    We should go for a spin out together, bet I get there first
  13. Been fantastic here too ..
  14. Jezz , at this rate winters going to be warmer than summer