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  1. Mokidugway

    October snow index

    Could be snow on lakeland fells this weekend
  2. Cold and clear some nice gravity clouds silhouetted against sunset
  3. Mokidugway

    September 23rd The End?.

    Corbynroy ??
  4. Mokidugway

    September 23rd The End?.

    I once built some paper out of a volcano
  5. Mokidugway

    September 23rd The End?.

    Klingon Christmas
  6. Mokidugway

    Should I buy a classic car?

    Mates just bought mk 1 Mexico for 25 k somewhat amazed at their value
  7. Mokidugway

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    6 ft , mind you that was Nebraska in the 80s ,lol
  8. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    More problems for captain kleenex, sorry Kirk to deal with
  9. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    27 moons around Uranus ed
  10. That's good ,no hailing taxis to worry about either
  11. Mokidugway

    M6 Toll motorway

    Suppose it's down to the vehicle ,I'm sometimes hauling 50 ton along there
  12. Mokidugway

    Did you know.

    I'm not picking on you my dear merely stating a fact
  13. Mokidugway

    M6 Toll motorway

    You must have been travelling at night ,I'm on the 6 3 to 4 times a week and believe me it gets bloody busy ,lol
  14. Mokidugway

    M6 Toll motorway

    Not buisy