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  1. Frost on car at 4 am this morning .

  2. Not shure about this but does soil moisture content and recent months of soil transpiration affect surface temperatures ,dry soil hotter weather ??
  3. For some , looks desperately crap here
  4. Suns out ..

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    2. Mokidugway


      200 mph breeze though 

    3. Mokidugway


      Nearly got knocked over by a flying reinforced concrete car park 🙃

    4. lassie23


      gentle breeze not rare in summer lol

  5. Not so much here but the folk who live way up the hill might
  6. Aye ,the long march back to crap damp drizzle days with no snow what an epic yawn fest winter is
  7. Working in 40 c heat is very doable,I've done it you just need to be hydrated,electrolytes balanced and a hose pipe to soak your head , it can be fun
  8. I guess wedding tackle doesn't melt then
  9. If a protracted spell of hot weather evaporated man 85
  10. If to hot I just turn on ac , works perfectly for me
  11. Only with banjo playing rednecks deep in Georgia
  12. Aye ,looking like record breaking temps for next week , I'm shure the nearly late ice man will agree
  13. Sorry ,there will be a public consultation first
  14. I think if UK winters where more dry and sunny it would help though we would need a range of 2500 m mountains running up the spine of Ireland ,wonder if any heavy construction companies would be interested ,lol