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  1. Spent all day lamppost watching , I've grown close to it now so chopped it down and brought it hope ready next winters snow .
  2. Hardly a cloud in the sky apart from the jaffa cakestaking blob to my south ..
  3. That's me done with this ,always next year for me
  4. I can see snow boundary from the hill near me so close but a fail nevertheless .
  5. Cloud increasing here ,must be blizzard incoming
  6. No doubt the Pennines will shred any westward movement of snow which will be knocking at the door of Newcastle soon
  7. There's a geological hot spot there .
  8. Quite impressed with snow amounts today
  9. Tbh ,it's a much better start than usual.
  10. Sun drifts here are horrendous
  11. Not only have to suffer the indignation of no snow but I also get the bloody cloud
  12. Morning, what a joke ,will call in when this pis stake of an events over ,lol