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    LANCS. 12 miles NE of Preston at the SW corner of the Bowland Fells. 550ft, 170m approx.
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    Met Office daily rainfall observer at this site since Sept 1968.<br />Annual average rain currently 1454.3mm.<br />Wettest year 2000 with 1947.4mm.<br />Driest year 1996 with 1076.4mm.
  1. WIRRALCAM system is showing massive surge now at high tide.. Waves near lighthouse top at Fort Perch Rock http://www.wirralcam.org/mersey.shtml
  2. SW Bowland. Clearance come through now. Pressure riisng. Wind still wild. Fantastic high tide scenes on the WirralCam. Specially at Fort Perch Rock. http://www.wirralcam.org/mersey.shtml
  3. I'm finding this animation interesting. Thank you John for posting the link ealier. http://www.yr.no/satellitt/europa_animasjon.html The system appeared to be on a bee line for Biscay and France earliier. But then, nearing the SW approaches, it seemed to pause, take a breath, then decided to make a run towards the Channel.
  4. Very bright sky to NNW tonight. Is there anything going on?
  5. It's been rough up here tonight, Rattling the slates.. Some scary big gusts. Wind comes all the way from Crosby to our back door. It's a long time since we had a big gale. So this must be March going out like a lion.
  6. Just heard Beeb Radio 5 this afternoon at 3pm, Richard Bacon show, will be having discussions about the current cold weather. Experts etc and implications for farmers. Also-- Has`this link been posted http://m.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/mar/25/frozen-spring-arctic-sea-ice-loss
  7. Staring at seeds in their packets. I can only think of this ----
  8. Chains / skeins of geese migrating westwards over here for the last 3 days. Today very many passing over, right up to the edge of dark. Making for the coastal marshes probably or arable lands in West Lancs or Martin Mere Wildfowl sanctuary. An old uncle of mine, who is an expert on wildfowl, reckons they will be enjoying the rotting potatoes in the flooded fields. We used to see them passing over in December.. Folks up here reckon they are a sign of a change to cold weather. Or is it a sign of cold weather making them leave their feeding grounds or maybe they've simply eaten up at thei
  9. Yes. I have. Seems strange to hear a bit of noise outside when there's a puff of wind. Seems to have been like that for months.Don't mind it though. Calm weather has made all the rain a touch more tolerable. But what about lack of sunshine. Are there any stats for this year and previous, specaially for western hills?.
  10. 4WD "You can imagine them huddled together in long winter evenings, taking turns to warm fingers around an inch long stump of candle." Done that decades ago -- and survived. Do some shale gas research 4WD. There's websites worldwide. Try this UK sites for starters -- http://frack-off.org.uk/ These websites below relate to those areas (in Lancs and Sussex) licensed to Cuadrilla, the only shale gas company drilling in the UK so far. http://stopfyldefracking.org.uk/ http://www.reaf.org.uk/news.php http://gasdrillinginbalcombe.wordpress.com/ Very recently the Lancashire borehole being
  11. Yes. Most digesting / decaying organic substances release methane.But importantly we've been opening up a Pandora's box in the hundreds of million years worth of fossilised and trapped methane stores in the Carboniferous and other geological periods. By hydraulic fracturing (fracking), eg in shale, the rocks are left shattered for ever. This allows more and more fugitive methane to move randomly within the strata and ultimately escape into the atmosphere. The new style unconventional long lateral fracking methods are particularly aggressive. Perhaps not just Pandora. Maybe Sorcerer's App
  12. The Minister for Climate Change at DECC is Gregory Barker. On his website, he has a video of his interview with Senator John McCain (about 4 mins). Purpose of the interview, Climate Change, is dealt with towards the end. McCain expresses his concerns that it may be too late to get greenhouse gas emissions under control. http://www.conservatives.com/People/Members_of_Parliament/Barker_Gregory.aspx
  13. Very serious problems looming as this shale gas extraction industry expands in many parts of the world. Recent report by Australian researchers. http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2012/11/21/Fracking-blamed-for-methane-releases/UPI-34731353537030/#axzz2CuGwnc1x
  14. Where on Netweather will the Energy Bill be discussed? In this thread? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20451189 Seems like serious emissions control is being ignored.. Much politicking about, as revealed by the Greenpeace "sting".. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-20328297 I just wish I could take some of those politicians a walk around year-long sodden useless farmland and flooded roads in this area.
  15. So how do you reply to a youngster who asks why the Arctic sea ice has melted so much this year and does it matter? There's been lots of coverage in front of them in the press and videos on TV etc. A good thing I would suggest to encourage youngsters to have an enquiring mind and seek information.
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