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  1. ?? its tailed off now but a nice little burst has given a sugar dusting over surfaces. See what the next 24 hour brings.
  2. started off as sleet initally but has quickly turned to snow and starting to settle.
  3. off to bed soon. what are our chances heading into the early hours? Looking like the PPN is circling the southern part of our region?
  4. Right not been on all day. Whats happening tomorrow? Are our chances looking good?
  5. Sleety mix falling here. Albeit extremely light Now raining!
  6. Rain today says ppn over us now but nothing falling from the sky!
  7. looks like the first band of showers has died out from looking at the radar because nothing arrived here! The 2nd band behind it seems to have a bit more about it so lets see if that makes it!
  8. can see the PPN moving in from the north now. Hopefully falls as snow to top up what we already have!
  9. Snow started again here. Quite steady too. Heavy now!!
  10. must of snowed heavy here in the past 20-30mins. everything white again!!
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