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  1. Remarkable evening for mid March with heavy snow showers leaving 4cms of dry, powdery snow on even main roads, and with the temperature below -3c this spell is giving Beast 1.0 a run for the money. Surprised you guys to the east of the Pennies haven't had more depths, still plenty of time. Andy
  2. Penrith Snow

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    4cms of dry powdery snow has fallen in past 3 hours with temperature at -3.5c, not bad for mid January, errr sorry mid March! Andy
  3. Two easterly spells upgraded at +72 in less than 3 weeks, that must be a first! Similar synoptic on 11th March 2013 resulted in 8cms of snow falling with a temperature of -7c around dawn. Andy
  4. Penrith Snow

    North west regional discussion

    Surprise dusting of dry powdery snow blowing in the wind,the Beast is saying goodbye, it did however say. "I'll Be Back" Andy
  5. Its so annoying and combined with an Amber warning is ridiculous. Do the guys in Exeter not have Radar? Andy
  6. The problem is that the frontal systems to the south are restricting convection hundreds of miles north, this often happens and I am surprised the MetO haven't taken this into a account. I think its over for significant north sea convection now with so many frontal systems to the south. Happy to be proved wrong but told the wife that and she believes me after I correctly forecasted that the snow showers Tuesday and Wednesday would easily get over the Pennines due to the intensely cold air aloft. Sometimes experience is better than computer models especially Euro4! Andy
  7. Another 2 inches here overnight on top of the 5 inches yesterday, not bad for this side of the Pennies. Strangely the showers when they arrive are heavier than the radar would indicate, usually its the other way round! Snow showers aren't lasting much past Penrith so I suspect the Lake District has seen little snow overnight. This must be the coldest snowiest start to spring on record, I certainly don't remember such deep snow and low temperatures in early March, maybe 1962 but I wasn't around then. 2013 here was pants so no contest there. Andy
  8. Penrith Snow

    North west regional discussion

    What a start to spring! Snow on and off all night under a steady streamer from the east, another 2 inches has fallen on top of the 5 inches yesterday. Temperature -5c and outside it looks like Lapland. Andy
  9. After a break of a few hours as winds turned ESE a shift back to ENE has brought the snow showers back to Cumbria. Currently its -5.7c and heavy snow, that's a rare combination especially on the eve of spring! Snow Depth 15cms. Andy
  10. Penrith Snow

    North west regional discussion

    Best snow since December 2010 in East Cumbria with depths 10cms to 15cms, I recorded 13.5cms here. Much more than forecasted and I might get a top up tonight. Great spell, easily beats anything in last 7 years. Andy
  11. Wow! Just had another 2cms from current shower with very limited visibility, it doesn't get any better than this! Andy
  12. Haven't got the big snow totals as some in the North East but still measured 10cms+ on the lawn with more to come. Very cold too at -5c so a morning doesn't get more wintry than this! Definitely a snow day today. Andy
  13. Just been out to measure the snow and surprised that it was a good 8cms. Frequent heavy snow showers all evening has led to a steady increase in depth and with a temperature of -3.2c I don't have to worry about a thaw! Great day in east Cumbria. Andy
  14. Penrith Snow

    North west regional discussion

    Euro4 never, ever predicts snow in Cumbria, that's a fact. If Euro4 was correct I wouldn't have seen snow in Penrith since the last Ice age. Sometimes knowledge and experience of similar previous synoptics is better than these million pound computers . Against the models I told the wife it would snow last night and it did, she thinks I am a genius! Lol Andy
  15. Penrith Snow

    North west regional discussion

    How do I put a photo on???