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  1. The UKMO 850's are in for 96 and 120. Bit more to play out here if the UKMO is on the money!
  2. Still looking toasty in the strat towards the end of the run.... and not at 384 either!
  3. And that part is key - but I genuinely believe out patience will be rewarded on this occasion!
  4. Out to 186 and not sure where this is heading for our small island, but the NH is absolutely primed for cold weather to flood into lower latitudes later in the month. Great stuff and all prior to the potential SSW.
  5. Well, the phrase of today is going to be 'westward shift'. On the GFS out to 72 and there is one, probably about 100 miles movement west (12z on the left)
  6. Can't post charts as I'm on my phone, but the differences at 144 between the 6z vs 0z are significant. The block is increasingly being modelled stronger and stronger. Could be some drama over the next couple of days on here!
  7. Look at the state of the NH profile. This is the point of the year where the PV is properly ramping up, but it's not happening so far. Surely it's only a matter of time until all the pieces fall into place?
  8. At 180 and the high is starting to get shifted off east, but the continuing theme is for the PV to stay disorganised. If the SSW does happen then that should be the knockout blow for the Vortex.
  9. It's a messy old picture at 144. No UKMO route for the pub run by the looks of things.
  10. This place has been priceless this week. Overly dramatic posts, ups, downs and the inevitable appearance of a bit of trolling at the first sign of 'zonal'. Pretty much standard fare for the many years I've been on here. And long may it continue!! Anyway, the 18z is running and a Friday night special would be much appreciated. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that we'll not see too much interest this side of Christmas, but early 2019 is going to be a time of great excitement, the much vaunted SSW will see to that. TIme as always will tell!
  11. This is one of those rare runs where every frame is worth posting.... 198 is surely close to a 'Boom'
  12. Spot on Feb - and the 168 is looking excellent although the uppers to the east look slightly higher than expected. Broad-scale though, this looks great!