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  1. Ice Day

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    That's an amazing image - oh what I'd give to be up there just now!!!
  2. I'm saying 'yes'!! I love winter on here. To be honest, the chase is more enjoyable than actually seeing the white stuff falling from the sky. There is still 3 to 4 weeks of interest until I move into spring mode. I think the last week of Feb will probably deliver from the north east / east..... but then again I've been feeling that since December 21st!!! I'm girding my loins for the last big winter effort of 2019.
  3. Looks good in isolation, but it's a toppling high so won't bring anything of note. Not trying to be negative, but this isn't a great run for longevity. All is not lost though, FI is around 96 so medium range improvements could crop up at any time.
  4. The heights to Greenland is certainly worth watching, we need something as the last few days has been thoroughly moribund on here!!!! Edit. The downside is a puffed up Canadian vortex again although it's not impossible it could help to maintain the Greenie high?!
  5. The storm is modelled at 955mb on Friday evening on the pub run. Could be quite a story this one?
  6. Well the pub run was toying with the possibility at day 10 (although it doesn't make it on this run), similar type evolution to what the ECM was showing earlier!?
  7. Well if the GFS is on the money, that's a concerning storm for Friday, especially for those further north.... 960mb!
  8. The Para is better at 150 vs the 0z with the trough digging further south and slightly more amplification in the Atlantic and Pacific. 6z 0z
  9. Well it's verifying better than the GFS Op (I suppose that's an example of being damned with faint praise!)
  10. Maybe we're going to have one more chase for a big event this winter. Maybe lady luck will come to our aid this time? Great chart at 312
  11. It won't look like this on the next run, but a tentative trend is emerging. 288 and this run will get colder.
  12. The Para is smelling something maybe as well at 240?
  13. GFSP out to 156 looking very similar to the 12z, the but Pacific ridge is stronger on this run. Not sure it will help or hinder, but it's there!