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  1. -16's into the east at day 8 on the Para Surely not?
  2. Been in the regionals for the last few days so only kept a watching brief on the models. From what I'm seeing, we're definitely in the game for a final winter hurrah for late Feb/early March. Looking at the UKMO, GFS and Para at 144 there are definitely paths to another easterly, although the prize goes to the Para at this point.
  3. Clearly a decent overnight event here, looks like another 4-5 cms to me. At some stage I'll do some measuring but I'd guess a total of 12-15cms so far. A picture of the classic undisturbed bin.
  4. No, you're correct, but I'm actually south of Chelmsford. The next radar grab showed light precip but what was falling was quite heavy - gone light again now but still falling.
  5. Interesting. Quite an increase in intensity here over the last few minutes but the radar shows nothing!?
  6. The good lady is going to have an interesting morning clearing her car! Almost stopped now, eyes to the estuary!
  7. More than a decent event here. Snowed lightly most of the day then picked up in intensity about 5.00pm and has stayed moderate from then on. All roads are covered and probably had another 2-3cm's over the last 3-4 hours. Daytime high of -0.6c, so all in all an excellent day.
  8. Moderate snow now, probably as good as I've seen today. Radar looking excellent.
  9. Have some light but steady snow here now. Radar is looking really quite encouraging and the things have more of an easterly component than earlier.
  10. Yep, those last few radar returns have got my attention. Was about to hit the sack but I'll stay up for a while yet. Could be something and nothing, but worth watching for a bit
  11. GEFS mean at 150 That's a strong signal, where does it go thereafter is the million dollar question!?
  12. Good lord!!! Not deep FI either. Wowzer, this could be some spell.
  13. Not done too badly so far today. A little frustrating that lost some cover when the temperatures increased for a few hours, but plenty of snow on the fields, woods etc.
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