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  1. At this time of the year, I'm always hoping to see some good foundations for cold that may set up something of interest down the line. The NH profile is absolutely ripe for fun and games ahead. The PV at 150 is looking about as organised as Montenegro's defence tonight! High's popping up all over the place and increasing confidence that the PV will shift away from it's recent Canadian home over to the Siberian side keep my positivity levels high.
  2. That is the best chart from my lifetime, 12 January 1987. Minus 18 uppers across most of England, 36 hours of non-stop snow, proper blizzards. Dropped over 24 inches of snow in Essex, it really was an incredible event in what was otherwise a very uneventful winter.
  3. Well the ECM ends on a very strange looking chart: I'll eat my hat if this chart comes to fruition (not a high risk bet given that it's day 10), but the continuing theme of the PV being dragged through a hedge backwards is very easy on the eye! If it stays in this bedraggled state, it's only a matter of time until something lands on our doorstep..... surely!?
  4. Well, it's about that time of the year when I start getting interested about cold and snow potentially affecting the UK. As a south easterner, this is seemingly becoming a more and more fruitless hobby each passing year. However, hope springs eternal and all that and I really think there could be some hope over the next few weeks. It's always nice to see a massive cold pool building to our north east and the 6z is certainly showing this at 192 to this at 240 Whilst this is outside of the reliable, there does seem to be some consistency across the models with showing this cold pool trying to push south west into our locale towards the end of the month. Allied to this is the potential for an SSW and the fragmented state of the PV. Dare I say this has a certain whiff of 2010 about it?! Time to don the crash helmet and strap in for another bumpy ride... it's going to be emotional.
  5. Nice find Stravaiger. Interesting temp pattern over the last year in Svalbard - between Oct 18 - Apr 19 the temperature fluctuated wildly and was generally way above the 'normal' temperature. However, from May onwards, the actual temp has aligned fairly closely to the average with much less volatility. Far too small a sample size to be statistically significant, however this is definitely something to keep an eye on.
  6. Many thanks to both Kirkcaldy Weather and MIA for the daily updates, you've breathed new life into this thread! There's no doubt that these early extreme temperatures around Scandinavia and Russia are posing some interesting questions. Is this just a once in 20 year blip or something more significant?
  7. Impressive increase in snow cover in north western Canada. Sea ice noticeably expanding also. Yesterday vs today Compared to 15th October from last year, I'd say sea ice is down a little this year, but snow cover is probably up!?
  8. Are we closing in on the earliest 'winters over' post in Netweather history? Certainly feels like it given the level of confidence on the seasonal forecasts being churned out. Surely we've all been here long enough to know that they are worth no more than a passing glance at best. Mike Poole has nailed it above so not much point in repeating it, an above average month could quite easily contain a below average week with frigid easterlies. As always, the coming winter is going to be a long and in the main, fruitless search for cold, as all UK winters are. However, to start to write off cold chances 2, 3 and 4 months away is both foolish and pointless. But, if that floats your boat, knock yourselves out.
  9. Looking at the 850's across the NH, that really is an impressive cool down over a 10 day period! Today vs 6 October Far too early to get excited from a UK perspective, but nice to see all the same (if cold is your thing?!)
  10. Significant snow gains in north east Canada and far east of Russia. Sea Ice gains above Alaska as well. The sea ice appears to have bottomed out slightly earlier than average this year!
  11. That is an incredible record of Hurricane Dorian. Unimaginable power and destruction, those poor people in its path have had their worlds turned upside down.
  12. The Bahama's are clearly not newsworthy enough!? I just don't get it either. I think the true enormity will start to be seen from daybreak tomorrow now the storm has passed - it's going to be a tragic tale.
  13. That's 202mph! This is going to be an incredibly serious situation unfolding over the next few days.
  14. Definitely, it's going to be fascinating viewing as always. I suspect this thread will be getting busy in the days ahead!
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