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  1. And that is the important message to take from this mornings runs. The inter run variability is so huge that what's being seen at the moment will not be the final outcome, so whilst today has been poor, new signals could quite easily emerge over the next couple of days. The PV is all over the shop so plenty more chances to come.
  2. Indeed. We are running out of time to get sufficient southward correction to take it away from the UK.
  3. Out to 132 and nowhere near as much ridging in the Atlantic, short-term not looking as rosy but could pull something out later in the run? 18z 12z
  4. Unfortunately the runner is deeper and further north at 96. I like severe weather but I've a bad feeling about this one. Need it south.
  5. Let's hope for a few more on this evenings suite, the trend could start to build!
  6. Absolutely......just the -10's over the whole country at 324. It's nailed on surely!!!
  7. Yep, 264 and here comes the easterly.... Cold uppers getting dragged westwards over the UK. Not sure how long it will last though.
  8. Out to 186 and it's still very cold. From the middle of next week there's a corking 4-5 days of winter coming up with 'potential' for more to follow
  9. GFS and UKMO at 144. Both are looking cold with deepening cold to follow GFS UKMO
  10. Lovely at 168....just 7 days away now.
  11. Just caught up on the overnight runs and WOW, what a set. There's something for everyone with this batch, a true kitchen sink job. The low shown on the GFS and ECM is potentially very concerning, but exciting to watch at the same time. I think the ECM looks best for cold potential, UKMO close behind but even the GFS delivers cold/snow for most areas during its high res run. The ECM and UK look pretty similar at 144 with ridging up towards Greenland. ECM UK Which leads the ECM to this at 168 To which the uppers respond accordingly 168 192 216 240 If this pans out as shown, I would say at least 90% of members on here are in the game for some cold fun and games. Just need to see the runner drop south over the next couple of days to calm a few nerves! Once this situation is resolved we then have the tantalising prospect of maybe some Scandi height rises in late Jan/early Feb. To top it off the omnipresent SSW is edging closer each day....starting at 180 with this. Leading to this at 324 We're going to need eyes in the back of our heads over the next couple of weeks. What a great hobby!
  12. At 240 it's an absolute dogs breakfast....not saying it's wrong but looks very messy. Could be some FI fun and games coming up...
  13. Corking 192, cold flooding down from the NNE
  14. Another little shunt south of the runner at 126. Milder sector only just scraping into the south coast. I would guess this feature could well miss us altogether, which would probably not be a bad thing in the long term?
  15. Yep, stupid shortwave!!! Good job it's likely to be gone in the morning though! Another cracking run in the reliable/semi reliable though. Lots of room for upgrades (downgrades can 'do one' as my kids would say).