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  1. Good work FBFB, you've just saved me 20 minutes!!!! Very windy here at the moment, and very dark. No electrical activity..... yet!
  2. I suspect it is MWB. Over the last few weeks some very high temperatures have been forecast, the reality is it didn't quite deliver the extremes (record breaking) temperatures that were forecast, so maybe a bit of model fatigue has crept in (bit like late winter on here!). That being said, what is being modelled for this week is still pretty extreme by UK standards. I think we'd be unlucky not to see a 35c before the week is out (Gravesend probably the best bet). It's not impossible that we'll see the 100F broken, but I would give it no more than 5% currently? Time will tell.
  3. I remember too many of those events, unfortunately. Fingers crossed though.
  4. Interesting on the last couple of radar grabs, the system seems to be expanding quite quickly as it moves into the Channel. Will it keep its intensity is the question?
  5. If it were me, I would be tempted to go west of Brighton, Worthing maybe?
  6. Unfortunately, last weeks storm passed around 20 miles to the east of us, I suspect tonights will pass 20-30 miles west of us (albeit based on current trajectory and Hirlam 12z, which could easily be wrong). Any slight turn to the east and we're in the game, just down to radar watching now. Terrific Monday night entertainment whatever the outcome!
  7. Hirlam is going for the west route as posted earlier, going to be fascinating watching this one pan out.
  8. I trying to tempt fate!!!! I think I'm detecting a slight NNE movement but maybe my laptop is slightly tilted to the right?
  9. Well, I've had my protractor out and have calculated that West Sussex up to the west of London will be in the sweet spot to start with. Being to the east of London I'm not likely to see much unfortunately, but you lucky chaps further west should be in for quite some light show...... jammy sods!
  10. Well this has dragged me out of my post-winter slumber. How about this for a mean at 168hrs...... stunning!
  11. That's an amazing image - oh what I'd give to be up there just now!!!
  12. I'm saying 'yes'!! I love winter on here. To be honest, the chase is more enjoyable than actually seeing the white stuff falling from the sky. There is still 3 to 4 weeks of interest until I move into spring mode. I think the last week of Feb will probably deliver from the north east / east..... but then again I've been feeling that since December 21st!!! I'm girding my loins for the last big winter effort of 2019.
  13. Looks good in isolation, but it's a toppling high so won't bring anything of note. Not trying to be negative, but this isn't a great run for longevity. All is not lost though, FI is around 96 so medium range improvements could crop up at any time.
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