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  1. It's developing into a very impressive system. Not a huge amount of electrical activity within it ........ yet!
  2. Not sure but it's certainly undergoing some pretty impressive expansion on the last few radar frames!?
  3. Evening all. A daily visitor but rare poster during the summer months, but this spell has forced me in here. This on Friday at 2:00pm with 14c uppers across the spine of the country and 18c across Kent and East Anglia. Friday is going to be a furnace in these areas, however I suspect we'll come up just shy of the all time record (36.5c is my guess). I can't believe I'm saying it, but a cool and wet weekend would be most welcome but I'm not convinced we'll see much rain down here in the south east.
  4. One of my few summer posts, but the 18z is a cracker with settled conditions and increasingly warm temps. Looks a virtual nationwide event as well. If the 00z follow suit then the bbq will be out for its 5th outing of the season
  5. The next few radar frames could be telling. As Nick S alluded to just now the precip off the Belgium coast seems to be growing every frame. Snow here is gradually intensifying as well. Nothing significant yet but this definitely has my attention now!
  6. Indeed, I was just looking at that myself. If it keeps and building intensity, we could be looking at something rather good. Still precip building in the estuary too.
  7. Nature's fridge SK, very environmentally friendly!
  8. I've been ooop north today and got home about 2 hours ago (apparently it has been snowing here lightly most of the day). When I got home it was snowing lightly but turned heavy about 6.00pm and has remained that way since. All surfaces nicely covered, measured 5cm on the wife's car which hasn't been moved today. All in all, excellent stuff.
  9. Moderate snow being driven around by a strong wind here. Settling on cars and grass but not pavements yet, although the temp is dropping quickly. Down to 0.7c now.
  10. Could be a snowy Sunday evening if the GFS precip charts are anywhere near accurate? Cracking end to winter, 2018 is going to be one of those years talked about in future winters
  11. Well I didn't expect to be back on here this winter but the emergence of the Beast MkII has flushed me back out of my hibernation. Looking great at 114 with the cold in around 12 hours earlier than the 12z
  12. Impressive temps for southern England on the eve of March. It would have been interesting how cold conditions would have been had there been slack winds with the associated cold uppers?
  13. Wow, brilliant post Bottled Snow. What I'd give to experience your Thursday 1 March!!!
  14. That's a bullish statement Crewe! However, for what it's worth, I am in total agreement with you. Not just the solar minimum, I think the recent massive SSW could also have ramifications for the PV next winter (certainly the early part anyway). 9 months until it gets interesting again!