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  1. Been snowing steadily now for 2 - 3 hours - not heavy and small flakes. wylye /A303
  2. And AT LAST , it’s started in Wylye. About 2 cms so far.... and ahead of schedule!,
  3. Delighted to see that AT LAST SNP Govt look serious about using their tax powers to raise income tax in a progressive way. Just seems a shame that they appear to be launching this debate as a consequence of being potentially outflanked by a resurgent and progressive Labour Party in Scotland Anyway, better lare than never
  4. This f/c looks as far away as ever with oil around $45 today
  5. Thank you. I agree with a lot of what you say. My response to your earlier post was neither to support nor reject the arguments for independence, but merely to endorse your view that (your) big questions have NOT been answered- which seem a waste given the 2 and half years that have elapsed since Iref1
  6. Why shouldn't it be? Is there a sort of geographical bar to "frustration" at the failure of the Pro Independent movement to answer the big questions? Does "frustration "have to stop at Gretna and Coldstream? What an odd concept! I have customers in Edinburgh and Glasgow; family in Perthshire and Argyllshire and friends who live in the Borders, in Dumfriesshire and in Aberdeenshire- I can assure you that some of them ( including my customers) are pretty frustrated at the lack of answers too!
  7. What a good post! And what is SO frustrating is that on NONE of these questions , not one , is there an answer ,from the Pro Indy movement, despite the referendum being over 2 and half years ago
  8. So congratulations to the SNP who , like the Tories, have won the Election, by winning more seats and more votes than their opponents In terms of my vote share forecast, only the Tories got close to Par, with Labour possibly 1 over par. The SNP,I would say, must be at least 4 over. In terms of seats, both Labour and Tories are , of course, well under par and the SNP well over. The implication for IRef2 ? It seems to me ( early days) that it won't take place any time soon and it will be EVEN more important that the SNP are clear on issues like the Currency before they
  9. So my PAR scores (+/-) for the various parties – my-head-above-the parapet-time: For the Tories: (14.9% in 2015): they have to be getting more than the 25.3% ( local elections in 2017, source Elections Scotland), and so doubling their 2015 score looks about right - so 30% is my Par score: For Labour : they have simply, to beat the Tories into 3rd place in the popular vote. For SNP ( 50% in 2015), they cannot slip below the optically powerful 45%, (especially with the Greens standing only in Glasgow North, Falkirk and Edinburgh North/Leith) so 45 % is my Par score In te
  10. So this morning we will find out whether the SNP are serious about ending austerity and reducing inequality through use of tax - income of course , put they could also raise council tax , for instance , on the highest value properties if they wanted to. No action is no excuse Labour are clear - their tax policies will make the rich pay more. Will the SNP follow?
  11. But very disappointing on tax tho' Said she did not agree with Corbyn's tax policies, but DID believe in " progressive " tax , (whatever that meant) And then, on corporation tax, suggested that there was no need to change the level currently levied - in which case, presumably there is no need to devolve it? All in all , it seem to me now pretty obvious that anyone in Scotland who wants an end to austerity, wants to see a more equal society,wants to see the rich pay more tax and to see companies pay more tax, can only vote for Kezia and Scottish Labour
  12. With all respect this is clearly no longer true... Thanks to pressure from the Greens the higher rate of tax in Scotland now kicks in at a lower rate of income in say, Kelso, than it does in , say ,Hexham. The principle of differential tax rate in a state with as single set of laws governing avoidance has now been established. All I am hoping ( certainly not demanding) is that the SNP in order to fulfill their ambition to reduce poverty and end austerity will be ambitious in the use of tax raising powers - both in Scotland itself, and if in a position to support a minority labour
  13. I think with all respect, you are ducking the issue. The UK Labour Party has proposed raising income tax on all salaries over £80k as a serious attempt to eradicate inequality and end austerity ( a declared SNP objective) I am simply expessing the hope that the SNP manifesto will have a similarly agressive and progressive approach to using tax as a mechanism for ending austerity Or , put another way, in the remote event of a hung Parliament on June 8th , will SNP MPS support uk Labour income tax plans to raise income tax to 50% on any salary over £80k? I sincerely hope so
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