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  1. Still snowing here, started off as rain so could have had an even better covering we do now. Small flakes throughout, for here in Llanelli though this is decent. Looks to be ending here soon though judging by the radar. you folks to the east enjoy 👍🏼❄️❄️❄️
  2. Just nipped out in the car, one side of Llanelli has just a sugar coating (where I am) and the further west you go the more snow you encounter. I went as far as Pwll and it is lashing it down there with a good covering on all surfaces. Main roads are treacherous there. Came back here still nothing with just light little flakes in the strong winds. So frustrating. Oh well enjoy everyone in the snow, looks like i'll have to wait until next year now for the next opportunity. Wake me up when it's summer.
  3. I'm just inside of that amber warning. there is still hope.
  4. I know these apps are useless but how good does this look...
  5. I'm on the border of the blue/purple on that chart. Getting excited again now after a wobble.
  6. I liked that Derek had put the whole of Wales under snow for Friday but then said it may not be anything like this and be lighter and more patchier. Looking good though.
  7. BBC are still plastering the whole of Wales with snow, i'm confuzzled. Whatever will be will be.
  8. Can someone please find out where Carmarthenshire Council keep this switch to turn off the Snow shield for tomorrow,
  9. Yay snowing in Llanelli, don't think i've ever seen this powdery type snow before sticking straight away. Roads and other surfaced all turning white now.. I better make the most of this snow, prob be the most i see.
  10. Thanks for that, interesting and disappointing at the same time. We are just in the wrong location for snow then it seems. Oh well, good luck everyone to the east I will rely on your photos/vids to see any meaningful snow.
  11. Surprised the west still amber! According to those 'high res' models we can expect little to nothing here. Maybe the snow will fall in the east but then the wind will blow it over to us.
  12. Judging by these charts Derek likes to tweet, I can see his forecast looking drastically different tomorrow for the west of wales and also the metoffice amber warning shifted to the east of Wales. As long as we get a good covering here in the West i'll be happy,
  13. Whats with the narrow less cold uppers from Swansea up to the north with colder uppers to the west and east, seeing it repeated on GFS all the time no matter where the low is on the runs....anyway GFS looking better to me as cold and snow lasts into Saturday
  14. They better stick more wood and paper on before the beast blows it out, day after tomorrow style.
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