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  1. where in shrewsbury are you? im in shrewsbury and its raining here...
  2. Hi all, Has anyone got any idea what is the best/cheapest website builder software than can upload ftp files please? Or even a decent book with steps on how to do it? Im going to have a go at uploading my weather station data to the web for everyone to see. Just need a bit of help in doing it lol, not getting any younger now and the brain doesn't function like it used too! Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I have got this app installed on my samsung galaxy s3, its up to date, but all i keep getting is a white screen, nothing loads at all. The only time it will load is if I clear the cache and data. Anyone able to help please? Bit disappointed that I can't get it to alert me to storms heading my way Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but I really could do with some help please. Im not a teccie person by any means, and i just can't get my head around where to start. My hubby bought me a Oregon wmr88 as an upgrade from my watson, and I have now decided that i want to upload my data so that my neighbours can see it!. I have tried weather underground, to no avail, just cant get the configuration right, and i have tried for several days to upload and it just wont do it. So I tried pws, and it is uploading there perfectly. The thing is, I now want to go one step further and create my own website and upload my cumulus data to there. I have tried weebly, but i just can't seem to get on with it.. i.e i have no idea how to upload cumulus to that site. Im crap with this sort of stuff, so any help on free websites to create my own etc would be brill Many thanks!
  5. Heavy rain here all morning, but just a blustery wind. Highest gust so far 16mph. Don't think we will get any major wind here....
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