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  1. I'm off to Germany tomorrow just over the Belgian border and they are predicting 40c on Thursday which would be their all time high. The models from the German Met office seem to be going for high pressure keeping the lows over the UK and moving NE
  2. I remember that February 1998 warm spell, we were on holiday in Devon (Wembury Bay) One day was spent on the beach in shorts and t shirt another sat eating ice creams outside a café.
  3. Many instances of substances found to be less than pleasant in later years. Who knew that luminous green paint on clock hands was so deadly for the workers. They licked the paint brush tip to get a nice point, many died horrible radiation related deaths. If you really want to pack up smoking do it, got a bad feeling about these devices
  4. Snowing here, settling on the pavements, nice to look at, but nothing of note
  5. Low just after dawn here of -6.3c Just watching it get light over the RSPB reserve lakes at the rear of my house, actually looks cold today.
  6. I was born on Dec 22nd 1958 and have never seen it snow on my birthday. Admittedly I have spent most of it in London and Easy Anglia so not that surprising I suppose. Got lucky in 1986, went to Igls near Innsbruck and it hardly stopped all week, but that's cheating Not expecting that to change this year, just have to shoot off somewhere a bit more wintry
  7. I gave up smoking three years ago, only way for me was to stop there and then completely. If the steam fags help people give up that great, but most just seem to use them as an alternative with no intention of packing it in
  8. Ours is £1.30, never buy it though, mainly house and car adverts
  9. When I was a kid we played in what got called the stream over Hackney marshes.

    In reality it was an outfall  that all the factories emptied their waste into. Never knew what colour or temperature it would be, sometimes warm and frothy too. 


    1. lassie23


      did it have three-headed fish in it

    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Is it still an open area that kids play about in?

    3. huntso


      No, long gone and now part of the Olympic Park, that was about fifty years ago

  10. Must have something going for us, awful lot of people from eastern Europe want to come here
  11. HarvIestoun Old Engine Oil Been to Germany a couple of times recently and got the taste for dark beers. Stayed next to the Frankenheim brewery in Dusseldorf and thoroughly enjoyed their Altbier. Next was Berlin and sampled the Schwarzbier, again very pleasant and surprisingly thirst quenching.
  12. Do hope the weather to the east of europe makes it to the UK. Left London on a murky wet cool day and arrived in Berlin to a sunny warm afternoon and evening Friends are in Nice and its none too pleasant there either, so let that high extend across and all will be well
  13. No it wouldn't, especially bad for wildlife and lets just have what we expect for spring
  14. Looks like its getting progressively warmer from the east, but we still look to be on the cusp. I'm off to Berlin for a few days and it looks quite warm there this coming week hope its arrived here by the time I return
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