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  1. The stratosphere is continuing to be much colder than average over the North Pole, however it appears a possible warming trend has commenced at both 30hpa and 10hpa in the last day. Either way, with the continued disconnect between the stratospheric and tropospheric vortices and below average stratosphere temperatures, the Northern Hemispheric patterns are not normal for the time of year.
  2. Further to other posts, small weakening of the strat vortex from today's combined data. Not overly unusual, given the above average strength. Whether this is the start of a wave 1 episode remains to be seen. Encouraging.
  3. Overnight rainfall of 9.0mm, wasn't in a Met Office warning for yesterday, but did have one today for rainfall, but that was cancelled earlier. Low overnight was 2.6°C Currently foggy and only 3.7°C.
  4. They're are certainly hinting at some form of blocking appearing over the North Atlantic and Scandinavia in the longer term. However, from following these sorts of statements that the long range models show, most of the time, these never benefit the UK. What appears noticeable over the last few days is the increase in rainfall episodes across areas of the UK that have already had enough rain this season. GFS 6z +60h This is just an example of another stalled Low bringing in moisture on Easterly and North Easterly winds from the North Sea, right into areas that do not need it! Cold aside, flooding may become the main issue over the next week.
  5. From what I can see, unless we shift this southerly tracking jet, these stalled fronts will continue. There is a sign of some rest bite during the latter part of November, but still too early to call.
  6. Beautiful crisp start to the day, however rain arrived around 2pm and now feels like the depths of early winter outside. Currently 6.8°C with rain. Feels like 4.1°C.
  7. First frost of the season last night, temperature got down to 0.3°C. From my 9 years of weather data, this was one of the later frosts, with the average being around 27th October. Also been told by a friend who lives in Oslo, Norway that they woke up to a blanket of snow for the first time this year. Apparently its 3 weeks earlier than normal! Wouldn't mind some of that! Currently party cloudy with hazy sunshine, feeling cold at only 5.6°C.
  8. Has been a mostly sunny day today, apart from a shower at around 2.40pm as the channel showers moved in. The high was 10.7°C, but felt cold. Currently partly cloudy, 5.3°C.
  9. No frost neither here last night, the low was 2.6°C. Appears today might be the first day since last winter season that the temperature has not suppressed 10°C as a high. Only reached 9.7°C today, but cannot see that increasing with the approaching front. Currently 9.1°C and cloudy. Winds light and variable.
  10. Have to admit, the iCUE app can be a pain, doesn't appear to user friendly until you are used to it all. Your build does sound pretty slick though, how does the Aura software perform? Yeah I have the Corsair K55 keyboard, it's not got any cherry switches as I use it for both gaming and writing for uni, so I found the K55 to be a good 'sweet spot'. I sadly have standard DDR4 Ram with no RGB, which is clearly not good enough! I plan on upgrading my processor, motherboard and RAM in the New Year, as I'm running a 3770k and an aging Gigabit motherboard, both from 2012. The processor still smashes through tasks, but you always start to notice slow downs as the system ages!
  11. I don't, they are Corsair RGBs so I use the commander pro lightning/fan controller that plugs into the SATA connection on the motherboard. Then use iCUE to control everything. That set looks sick, seems much better than what corsair currently offer! I have these https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-|-Parts/iCUE-CONTROLLERS/CORSAIR-RGB-LED-Lighting-PRO-Expansion-Kit/p/CL-8930002
  12. Also, does anyone else find it amazing that today Hurricane Pablo has formed off the NW coast of Portugal? The furthest north a Hurricane has ever developed that far North in the Atlantic! Incredible satellite this evening.
  13. Beautiful day today, spent most of it inside writing a dissertation... Fun times! High was 11.9°C. Currently clear and actually quite cold, already lower than last nights minimum. Currently 2.6°C DP 1.7°C
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