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  1. Had some overnight rain, only amounted to around 1mm. However woke up to some heavy rain this morning, which brought the total to 3.9mm. Luckily was only short as its now sunny skies and feeling warm out! Currently 21.2°C and sunny.
  2. Lovely summers day today, especially compared to yesterday. The high was 21.6°C. Currently 15.8°C and just started raining.
  3. Currently 16.6C (highest temperature so far today!) and drizzle. Next day please!
  4. Showery start to the day today, had some early rumbles of thunder from the passing heavier showers to my SE. Overnight rainfall 2.2mm with a low of 11.1°C. Currently mostly cloudy, 16.5°C. Feeling humid even with the lower temperature.
  5. High today was 20.9°C felts nice enough, even in the keen SW'ly breeze. Currently 15.0°C with a heavy shower. The shower in fact formed overhead as it was raining with nothing showing on the radar for the first 10 minutes! Appears some convection has started locally. Reminds me of autumn storms formed from the contrasting sea/land temperatures!
  6. Fine start to the day, breezy but nowhere as windy as yesterday. Very dark skies to my South East as a shower passes by. Partly cloudy currently and 18.5°C. Winds W'ly at 7mph.
  7. Dry since around 11am here today, but very windy for most of the afternoon. High today was 20.5°C. Calming down now with winds back down under 20mph, with gusts occasionally reaching 25-30mph. Now 18.0°C with partly cloud skies and breezy.
  8. That is interesting to note, especially as ultrasonic anemometers are growing in popularity. I guess it was either localised wind gust or just my station over compensating the actual wind gust. Will be following this through the storm season in a few months time though, with great interest!
  9. Very questionable with the sensor. However the wind gust at that time was strong, managed to slam a open stiff window!! Sadly do not have any other stations within close proximity of my area to compare to. But I'm happy to claim one of the highest wind gusts in the UK...
  10. Just had the strongest wind gust of the day here, 61.7mph! Really does stick out.
  11. Feeling not very summer like today, however at least it still has some warmth in the air! Currently 19.2°C, DP 14.3°C. 15.2mph winds from the South, gusting to 25mph at times.
  12. Just hit 30.9mph at 12.09am. Highest so far. Currently 17.4°C with ESE winds at 12.4mph.
  13. Not as windy here either, current speed is 8.1 mph, gusting to 12 mph. Feeling warm in the sunshine though, currently 24.6°C with sunny skies.
  14. Yeah found three hidden under the rain cup inside the sensor. Re-homed them and then blasted it with some silicone spray, hopefully that will hold for a month or so!
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