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  1. Sunshine here too after cloudy start. Difficult forecasting today with crud being a all too familiar added announce!
  2. Well further to my earlier post, clearance continues across the channel. Of course CAPE levels are still increasing over land masses, with Northern France showing 1500J/kg by 6pm this evening, around 1000J/Kg over Southern England at the same time. Convection is now popping up here and there and should continue over the next few hours (remember CAPE levels peak early evening!). Clearance is slowly moving towards the South Coasts with my location starting to see some hazy sunshine at last.
  3. Just regarding the Met Office Amber warning area, which took me by surprise given that Central Southern England seemed more at threat with Severe storms than The South West according to model outputs earlier. (Would love to see their models right now) But this area has caught my eye. Rapid clearance of any clouds during recent frames indicates the main area for potential IMO. With steering flows being NNW, this puts everyone in the Amber Warning area at risk. Possible good call by the Met? We shall see.
  4. Send some about 40 miles east please?
  5. Can too see the orange flashes of the Dorset storm, really is incredible how far lightning can be see at night!
  6. Incredible storms here this evening, two rounds of close strikes and very heavy rain! The second storm was much more organised and produced 2 hours of constant lightning and thunder! Best in years! IOW, looks like your third dose it appearing now just off your South West
  7. Amazing what around 15-20 miles does. 21c here and after cloud filling in from around 11am this morning, there's been intermittent brightness here since then, with a high of 23.2c
  8. What a difference around 40 miles makes! 15.1c here under sunny skies, started off very foggy this morning but soon cleared.
  9. Snowfall amounts last night was around 4cm on top of the 8cm we had from Saturday night. 12cm in March is unheard of here! Seems the snow is shrinking from wind evaporation rather than melting as temperatures are still below freezing and there is a lack of puddles that you would normally see from the melting snow. What a weekend its been and a great March so far! Its possible that Easter week could be another blast, but with the ever strengthening Sun at this time of the year, I think this will be more limited. Current conditions: Temperature -1.0c Dew: -4.8c Feels like -5.9c Wind now NE.
  10. Haha I used to live in Portsmouth but moved 20 miles East to Chichester... I'd still call that Southern
  11. South of the M4 is where the heaviest Snow is... How often is that said?
  12. Now snowing steadily here, laying on all surfaces for the first time (except in the heavier bands last night). Temp: -1.0c
  13. Expanding. Was watching this too. Most likely a response to the area moving in from the SE providing some further uplift.
  14. Took a break from the radar this afternoon to focus on sport. While I was outside clearing the car I noticed that the NE wind had once again picked up. Checked the radar and well, round 2 is just on my doorstep! Unexpected.
  15. Had some lightning reporting on the radar and from other sites. Anyone witnessed this? Area's near the South Coast of Devon (Plymouth area too) looks like to pick up some increased snow totals in the next few hours as the bands slowly creep N/NWards. Some impressive bands with this system.