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  1. Kicking off with the 12z, interesting feature developing for Suunday/Monday to the west of Ireland at +78hr, moving SE.
  2. Agreed @CreweCold, the stubborn heights over the Mediterranean have been a problem for many winters now. GFS 18z +96h that shortwave only has one way to go And that is absorbed into a strengthening Low to our NW ECM should not be discounted though, this is how trends start. Just as one door closes, doesn't mean its locked.
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Hurricane Vince landed in Spain as a TD, Gordon came close as a Hurricane in 2006
  4. Wow that's quite a downpour! Had 5.02mm since midnight here. Rain back to heavy drizzle now.
  5. Thunder just head here. Very heavy rain currently.
  6. Another beautiful day again today, a high of 30.2c recorded at 3.15pm. 5th day this summer with temperatures 30 or above. Currently 24c DP 16c. Winds have been SSE all day, however swung round to the south in the last hour. Interesting developments to our South, which (if the forecast is to be believed) should stay to our south. Nowcasting situation may be in order!
  7. Very reasonable day today with a high of 28.3c and feeling a tad more humid than the last few days. As Mapantz mentioned, I notice forecasters saying today will feel slightly less humid than of late. However I think today was one of the most humid days during this beautiful summer weather. Currently at 17c at midnight, another sticky night ahead.
  8. The cold front is currently lying from Lyme Bar/Weymouth up to North West coast of Northern England. I think any developments because of that front will be minimal looking at models.
  9. Likewise at this location, 25c was forecast today and have been around 30c since 2pm. Temperatures are starting to climb here also up from 29.3c an hour ago to 30.4c now
  10. Had some here locally around lunchtime, but same here right now.
  11. These storms are horrible to watch for me, as I live in Chichester and would be prime location to chase. However I am currently in Barnstaple on holiday, a hundred miles away from the action! Shame I wasn't here Friday night! Enjoy Fellow southerns, this really is a beaut of a storm!
  12. Watch this beautiful sky unfold this morning at around 4am, as a thunderstorm came with it! Frequent lightning from this and 5mm rain fell in a few minutes, which was crazy! Now all calm with some cloudy conditions, still 20.6c and humidity at 89%. Winds southerly at 6.
  13. What I'd do to be in your location right now. There is some serious radar echos heading your way!
  14. Was just writing, it is the same here! Beautful to watch! I think your in the firing line Mapantz!
  15. Can also confirm flashes to my south.