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  1. Wish I could feel lucky. 32,6°C, dew point 18.8°C. Making it feel like 34.1°C. I like heat, but this humidity is testing!
  2. 32.2°C here now with NNE winds continuing. Cloud is starting to break and temperatures steadily rising now. Wouldn't be surprised if we pushed towards 34 or 35°C now.
  3. Only reached a low of 19.7°C, which was only 0.4°C off my all time highest minimum temperature of 20.1°C. Cloudier start today, however temperatures are higher than this time yesterday (probably from the already warm start) Currently 29.2°C with hazy/cloudy skies. Winds from NNE... the direction where we always get our warmest temperatures!
  4. Complete cloud cover here now and the temperature is dropping, down to 27.2°C, down 3°C in an hour. Winds have also switched from WNW to SSE in the past hour, cooling things down slightly.
  5. Was comparing the models this morning as well and came to the rough same conclusions for my area too. Appears both the ARPEGE and ECM were pretty spot on for here at 32°C (Just had a high of 31.9°C), again the cloud is now moving in and the temperature is rising. I am not looking forward to this weekend, NE'ly winds always brings the highest temperatures here locally, so expecting at least a 35°C appearing, especially on Sunday.
  6. Steamy 31.4°C here on the South Coast, feeling very oppressive without any breeze. Can see that cloud out in the Channel starting to move towards, so I will be at the peak locally here now heat wise.
  7. Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh White received! Let there be airflow! 🥶

    1. Dean E

      Dean E

      Sorry, only just seen this!

      I think you'll need all the airflow you can get with this heat! 🥵

  8. 24°C here, the IOW doing a good job of breaking it up before it reaches here. Local variations at play today.
  9. Crazy to think i'm just the other side of the Solent from you and I've got clear skies and 24°C! IOW doing a great job of breaking up that cloud for me
  10. The welcomed sea breeze, that has been absent for the past 3 days is back! Winds have turned Southerly. Temperature has dropped by a degree but still 24.3°C after a high of 25.3°C at 10am. humidity still high.
  11. Yeah could still be a driving force for why imports struggle to move across the channel. Last documented time I can recall with a MCS moving across the Channel successfully locally was May 2011, hours of storm activity that reminded me of the 90s/00s. Recent events here have developed just offshore or over the South Downs. I did think of doing it as my dissertation, however I decided to concentrate on the changing climate in Southern England during the winter months! But yeah, anyone currently doing Meteorology or Geography, I would suggest this to be a good topic!
  12. Have noticed this too. Having lived on the South Coast all my life and remember the late 90s and 00s huge overnight thunderstorms from France, I can only dream of this now. Electrical activity from France appears to always hug the Northern Coast, steering NNE/NE. The precipitation however continues on its northern route, leaving the cell behind or fizzling out. As part of my degree, I did look into this and found no obvious correlation. Sea temperatures were my first though, but nothing found. Second was the general setups of heat plumes or Spanish plumes compared to the 80s- and 90s, looking at CAPE and velocity as well and again, no huge difference was noted. One area that was interesting was Northern Blocking having an influence, as in previous summers, pressure has been much higher over Scandinavia and subtling changing plume events across Southern England. I had more luck comparing them but even then, didn't find a correlation. I think the Met and others could take a look at this, to help shed some light on it.
  13. Another humid night last night, with some rain around 1am. The low was 17.1­°C Currently sunny and even more humid than this time yesterday. 24.7°C DP at 18.2°C!!
  14. Previous events (July 2019, June 2018 and June 2014) produced localised cells to fire right along the coast as the main area approached. Outflows and local conditions help massively. East of the IOW, South Downs and Salisbury plain are on my watch at the moment.
  15. Ah if I could get up to Portsdown, I would! Perfect place for storm photography!
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