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  1. Salmond is increasingly bullish... I think it's all gone to his head. Could be interesting to see what comes of Cameron and his negotiations in months to come...
  2. So, if Scotland is still in the UK at the time of the 2015 General Election, It is predicted that there may be a Lib Dem wipeout in Scotland... Will be interesting to see how Labour do...
  3. In reality, the SNP did fantastically - 45% is a great achievement for them. The SNP results in LD heartlands must be worrying people like Danny Alexander I should assume... let's keep it up the Lib Dem low polling until 2015 - and it will be bye bye to them too! Funnily enough, the Westminster polls for Scotland still suggest that Labour is the party people would vote for in a UK election. On the subject of the Tories in Scotland, they did terribly last year - 1 MP and swings against them in their target seats... they surely have no mandate in Scotland, despite all their efforts there.
  4. Politics in Scotland seems much better... a real progressive government that can deliver good services and good taxation and not put the country in the red... A choice not to vote for the 3 old parties sounds good too - here all the parties are too busy trying to please Middle England. When will Salm offer the referendum? Tories thinks it's going to be defeated so want it early I heard... Oh and another bonus of Scottish politics - NO TORIES!
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