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  1. Though last weeks Easterly was a dry affair for us, bring it back i say. Already had it with this rain. I for one can't wait for some spring warmth sunshine, and hopefully be able to meet up with long lost friends and family for a drink sat outside enjoying it.
  2. Oh well.... The only good thing about this dusting, is there's not enough for the kids to nag me to go out and sledge away, which means I can sit and watch rugby all day instead. Let's hope the game brings better results this afternoon compared to how well the Easterly has performed for Wales yet again.
  3. I think we can pretty much all agree once more, an Easterly brings us crisp, cold, nice and dry winter days, better than all that miserable grey sky and rain (unless you're that way inclined - some folk are), but with little snow. Rarely we hit the jackpot of the low moving in from the West and stalling with a Boom and we get "Eira Mawr, Eira Mawr". These are rare, but great when it happens. Majority of the time unfortunately, the warm air pushes in and the cold Easterly is often in quick retreat, and it's snow to rain if we're lucky. What will it be this weekend? One of those rare
  4. Eira Man, Eira Mawr was always said when I was in school in Llandysul. Whenever it started snowing with little flakes of snow that started sticking/settling, the talk and excitement of being sent home early would instantly begin, because pretty much every time it seemed - Eira Man, meant Eira Mawr.
  5. Still trying to work out if there is any point in booking Friday off work or not? More towards the not at the moment; but my mind keeps swaying back and forth.
  6. Yes, was not expecting to see a flake of snow today, let alone it settling on the hills opposite.
  7. Sleet here for me, with big flakes in the mix. Can see the hills opposite and all around now turning white. Probably around 250m up
  8. Thinking of booking Thursday and Friday off work next week...That will jinx it for all of us.
  9. Well that was an exciting day. Looks like most of us saw a few hours of falling snow, with some lucky ones having a nice covering too, to enjoy. Onwards to the next hunt we all go.
  10. See what the next few days, runs bring. Hope you're right on the money Andy. Always love your optimism in here. 👍
  11. Lots of excitement back on yet again in the mod thread, until the next run... Problem I always feel with the beast from the east, majority of Wales misses out on the deep snow. Then the fronts move in with the warm air from our West, hits the cold, but again Wales are on the wrong side of the line and gets rain, whilst parts of England get buried. Not always, but more often than not.
  12. I don't think temperatures will be an issue a few miles away from the coast, but will the front make it...still not convinced. Really hoping so, I have 2 new sleds to test out with the kids.
  13. Agree. I know folk have to start somewhere, and the thread has always been a mad one, but this year it seems worse than ever. A lot of point scoring going on. Use to enjoy following it, but been difficult this winter.
  14. It is looking good for the week ahead. Not sure I trust it though.
  15. Odds must be stacked against us if Jay isn't doing an all nighter 😂
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