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  1. A good inch down here in ystradgynlais and still snowing.
  2. Another month of winter to go. Who knows what the next few weeks will bring us...even well into late March, early April, surprises could be sprung - before a lovely warm spring leads us into another BBQ hot summer.
  3. Well the school closed early...just as it started to rain lightly. Starting to lose faith and think this is not going to happen with people reporting rain
  4. Just been told by family that it's started snowing in Cardigan.
  5. Just been told school is closing early and have to pick my daughter up at 2pm today here in ystradgynlais, ahead of the forecasted weather
  6. Here in Ystalyfera it's also been a stunning crisp winters morning. A shower passing over now with some nice flakes falling and sticking on the hard icy ground.
  7. Yeah. I think ice will be the main issue tomorrow morning for most of us.
  8. Just watched it turn from rain to sleet to snow here in Ystalyfera. Finally some white stuff is falling. If it keeps going all evening hopefully a cm or 2 to freeze overnight and through Wednesday with the odd shower, before the main event Thursday.
  9. Just been out. Cold rain here but can see the mountains turning white at the tops now.
  10. Not expecting much here in ystradgynlais today. Probably see some flakes and a bit of slush. Thursday is going to be the one this week. Just seen Carol on this morning's weather. Expecting a good 8 hours plus looking at her forecast for Thursday, over all of wales. Our time is getting closer.
  11. Just love how, with a few flakes, one of the 1st thing folk want to do, is pop on here and tell the world! :-)
  12. Was snowing lightly as I left for work from Ystalyfera to Swansea. The ground looking like a back to front dalmatian.
  13. A thin covering on the hill opposite...but stopping now.
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