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  1. Says thats the forecast until Friday so think its a bit of a lazy estimate. Can't see Edinburgh coming top even with 2 days to go. It would be Gogarbank though "officially" as the recording station. I have no idea what its like currently on the western periphery of town to be honest.
  2. Yup, multiple blobs lined up due east of us way way back into the North Sea and all heading due west. Virtually impossible to avoid lots more cms overnight
  3. Talcum powder blizzard in Leith, Can't even see the park at the bottom of the street. Excellent!
  4. Whaow ! Big crack of thunder here in Leith. It's thundersnaw time ! Edit: think it must have come from a shower in the estuary, not that much snaw coming down here right now.
  5. Just heard the kiss of death for the rest of this cold spell. BBC National news just said "and there's a lot more snow to come". That is usually the ultimate jinx !
  6. Grand. I'm looking out for the Dunbar/Tranent-Elphinstone/Duddingston/Leith streamer as the night goes on !
  7. Gotcha, thanks ! In principle Edinburgh is more or less in line with what you've got...keeping my eyes on the radar again...
  8. I expect there will be days of this kind of media sh1te to come, whipping punters into a frenzy against govt/councils, transport companies, why weren't the gritters out earlier etc etc etc
  9. Where are you in East Lothian Snowy ? Just trying to work out if I'm downwind of you or not !
  10. Certainly right over @101_North Looks like he might need to get more Single Malt in
  11. I understand some of the reasons for it I think but not all. Better geeks on this forum who can explain this ahem..travesty !
  12. Aye, unless and until something changes with the streamer or trough or whatever it wants to call itself, looks like we have a long clear spell coming up. But no complaints here (apart from my usual moans!)
  13. Plus or minus a few degrees looks like most stuff is all going due east-to-west. I'm more worried that we catch that clear slot ! (which is mostly whats happened here).
  14. 7 miles between you in the streamer ,and me and @JoeShmoe in the ongoing clear spot. I may have to have another wee greet again Edit: Joe has snaw but radar is ongoing iffy this side of town
  15. Fantastic. Made up for you. Currie/Balerno used to be a snow magnet but you've been short-changed by meteorological fate a few times there. Glad it's panned out and who knows how much more to come in next 24-36 hours ? Keep taking the photos !
  16. All kinds of bad (ok, "inexperienced") driving going on here even in my low-traffic Leith street. In the last hour seen a car do a slow motion straight turn into the bollards at the corner (left their bumper hanging half-off) and two cars that just span their wheels for 10 minutes getting up what must be a 2 degree incline in this street. Red warning is justified on transport safety grounds alone if folk can't even handle relatively benign back-streets at slow speed.
  17. Good on ye, saving the day for Embra ! Looks like you're ongoing catching some of the streamer to the south. The ongoing streamer to the north of me is following the midline of the Forth but not deviating from it's course due west. Only 5 miles away! Agonising !
  18. Edinburgh. In the middle of the red warning area, sat in between 2 streamers on the radar, and catching the clearer area in between thats moving west. Truly we couldn't make it up
  19. The irony is that Edinburgh is slap-bang in the middle of the red area. The snaw-gods are taking the p1ss now surely.
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