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  1. Got heavier here the last 5-10 minutes and all very white out there. Not going to be enough to stick a ruler in it, but even if it totals 5mm it'd still be enough to make this place look pretty seasonal today (fingers crossed)
  2. Snawing in Leith too, nice to see. Quite an interesting situation this one, breaks the usual rule for round here about needing -10 uppers to counteract surface modification of anything coming in from the east and down the estuary. But no-wind out there just now, so this time, seemingly little modification by the sea just a couple of miles from here.
  3. April really is the cruellest month sometimes, especially for east coasties when these highs set up in spring which they inevitably do. Can recall one day in the 1970's when the west coast was hitting 21C and Edinburgh was in 5C and haar. And that'll be the next thing, the bloody haar.
  4. Currie / Balerno right back where they belong this winter ! And snowman time surely...
  5. Tell them to get started on the snowman, just the right claggy consistency for a big one. Assuming you can get back up Lanark Road of course ! Edit: heavy enough that it's *just *starting to lie on surfaces here, 125ft a.s.l., all depends now if this intensity keeps up or slackens off.
  6. Terrible waste of perfectly guid falling snaw here in Leith. Belting down but chances of accumulation are close to zero (and I don't want a pile of freezing grey slush anyway)
  7. Mostly snaw now most of the time even down here. Just ugly though.
  8. Aye, alternating rain, sleet and snow just now in Leith, looks like the cold undercut from the North is underway. No chance of it lying here but up your way and round about then it must be game on again. Radar isn't that intense but on and on it goes, day 3 of this cold garbage.
  9. Great to hear that story @More Snow enjoy the buckie ! Been a weird spell this last 12+hours or so. Pressure charts and wind direction both saying central scotland is in some kind of east-north-east flow. But precipitation (those recent beefy showers an hour or two ago over Glasgow) has been moving from south-west to north-east, seemingly almost 180 degrees to the apparent "flow". Any technicians in here got any idea how that works ?
  10. Having just been sent out to get an Easter Monday curry (WTF but great idea by my wife) I was parked in sight of Arthurs Seat. Snow is visibly lying on the back of Salisbury Crags which is about 550ft above sea level. Street level down here its alternating between rain/sleet and big downdrafts of wet flakes, thoroughly unpleasant evening. Now for the curry !
  11. Raw, damp and cold in Leith. A few visible snow flakes appearing in the mix every now and again...suggestive that higher parts of the city and beyond could see something sticking later on, albeit more like wallpaper paste for some. Was watching the groundsman give Hillside Bowling club it's first spring grasscut a couple of hours ago, doubt there was much to trim, there's been little grass growth here in contrast to more recent winters where local parks have seen some pretty lush growth into Feb/March.
  12. I overlook Hillside Bowling Club, the opening spring day seems as far away as ever.
  13. That last snow shower was nice, local street is snow-streaked by the wind and it looks like one or two more coming this way from the ENE.
  14. Sounds about right, even allowing for variation these home observation stations are showing how cold it is city wide, and that strong east-wind is a killer. Airport is reporting a windchill -of -6c.
  15. Decent proper snow shower on here just now, blowing about the streets like a scene from a cold-war film.
  16. Don't get me started. The club and the players have given up for this season (again), so I'm reciprocating in kind. Be doing well to hold onto top-six at this rate. Rugby not really my game but opted to meet some pals in a pub this afternoon and watch Scotland and then Ireland out of that bloody cold !
  17. Radar looks like all of east/central Scotland is generally under the same kind of very-light precipitation, certainly a few flakes blowing about in the wind here. But there's bigger blobs out in the North Sea so maybe we'll just have to wait a bit for the convection machine to get going. Semi-optimistic :-)
  18. Lamp post "something" going on here. Can't say for sure it's snow but overall conditions seem to be in favour. Rather underwhelming report but best I can do !
  19. Could honestly do without this weekend cold-spell, but that said I generally believe the east coast/central area snow-risk from these setups is perpetually underestimated by forecasters. I'm sure we'll the have pictures on here to prove it over the coming days, even if it is just a glancing blow.
  20. No such luck in the drizzle here otherwise I would have signed myself utterly unfit. Absolutely knackered now having cleared the car. The sunken drifts to the front and sides were just heavy clag and clearing 15-20ft of compacted snow and ice to give her a steer path into the clear middle of the road was hellish. Memo to self for next time: clear the bulk of it with a big brush while its still air-filled and light.
  21. Very light snaw off and on here this morning but it's just adding to the thaw. Suits me fine, my wife's car still needs properly cleared before she ventures out tomorrow. I've had enough of it now, if I start missing it that much in the next week or two, then I'll get my boots on and take a 44 bus up to Balerno for a walk in The Pentlands.
  22. It's a Redwing. Winter visitors from Scandinavia I believe. Been watching them square up to each other across the road from me as they forage around tree roots for anything they can find. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/redwing
  23. Nothing of note here, other than being in both an urban and coastal area there's a slow thaw on with some drip from window ledges and roofs. I see that Edinburgh-wide home met-stations are widely reporting between 34F-36F. Might still be a few days away from seeing grass even here though.
  24. I'm 100% behind minimising travel risk and avoiding unnecessary travel. But unless these main lines are actually blocked by snow, then I wonder if the caution on rail-travel today is actually merited. Nor have we had any deep low temperatures to accompany the snow. Anyway...closed is closed....
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