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  1. Yeah so far very underwhelming, has certainly lacked the immediate impact of previous easterlies over the past decade or so. Seems like we maybe have 36-48 hours left to get something decent on the ground here from the East-ENE, but so far pretty frustrating.
  2. I'll be livid if Dunbar steals Leiths snaw like that on Tuesday 😄
  3. Yeah just back from a walk up and around Arthurs Seat and got caught in that one quite nicely. Still a lot of water run-off in the grassy parts, but what would have been muddy paths 24 hours ago are similtaneously drying up and freezing up in that wind. Ground has been cold for weeks now so it's not taking much to put a frost back into the ground despite last weeks continuous rain.
  4. Well its early on in this easterly, but so far its the wrong type. Grey and fairly uniform cloudsheet here, very light snow blowing in the wind, bloody freezing. Hopefully it changes in character over the next 24 hours, as a few days of constant and grey just above freezing snizzle would be very unwelcome. Seen a few of these too, and quite often in the 1970s. We need the drama!
  5. Cloudy here, visibility excellent to the Fife horizon, and most definitely lamppost snaw going on. So we're in the change for sure.
  6. Somebody will be stealing someone elses snaw over the coming days, its inevitable ! 😄
  7. Ditto. It might be the only "true easterly" we get this winter (we just never know). It looks nailed on now, and we know what it does here most of the time, so lets all just enjoy it as it unfolds. Looking forward to all the nowcasting on this thread, the incoming streamers and big blobs on the radar, the direct hits and annoying near misses !
  8. One of the lessons I've learned over the years is how often an easterly of the type to come (we all hope!) is underplayed by the forecasters, in particular the metoffice. You can be getting quite close to the event and the talk might be of coastal flurries, wintry showers or whatever. In general the recipe of around -10C uppers and north sea convection in an ENE flow works pretty well and repeatably here most of the time, but only when they look out the window will some of them fall into line by nowcasting! Anyhoo, we're not quite there yet, but looking good 👍
  9. Having seen that photo from the Pentlands avalanche you better not take any chances on the slopes of Currie 101. Think the kids would go for it?
  10. Well we're not at Currie / Straiton resort level , but I wasn't really expecting anything from this at all before last night.
  11. Yeah steady light snow been falling here for ages now, road, pavements, cars, back green etc all nicely covered. Millimetres rather than centimetres, but we'll see what happens from from here on. Other parts of the city must be doing well.
  12. Aye snowing in Leith too, but not settling yet. Good signs for inland and higher up, maybe here too (fingers crossed)
  13. Light covering here in Leith, nothing to write home about, but still an unexpected wee surprise.
  14. Amongst all the crap we're all living through, maybe the loss of another season to the Scottish skiing resorts isn't the biggest thing to worry about. Even so, it's a bloody tragedy considering how this winter is playing out. Anyone got any idea of the snow depths up around Cairngorm, Glencoe etc just now?
  15. Aye walked home in it from work. Felt like rain but all the pavements slushing up. I guess at the end of the day it is some kind of freezing rain event. Going to be horrific tomorrow if it clears later and freezes up.
  16. Aye no complaints JS, things have gone right for us the last few days and its been enjoyable. Plenty of interest in the next 10 days and beyond, maybe we get lucky again !
  17. Was over by Bruntsfield Links earlier, sledging was still going full tilt and they've got the runs glass hard by now. I hope they get another day out of it. We're all snaw fans on here anyway, but locally I have to say these last few days have been a real tonic at the end of a bloody long year 👍☺️
  18. Aye, seems inevitable. It's overcast here now and if the onshore breeze picks up then the warm up begins, well here at least - although it's all relative of course. The ground is cold though so maybe a slow yucky thaw for a couple of days.
  19. Happy new year everyone, hope its a better one for you and yours. Ha! Of all the mornings to have a long lie-in, I picked this one to miss the surprise snaw here. Quite a freaky week here to be on the right side of these for once, lack of strong surface wind off the Forth has helped a lot I would say. Don't think we get away with that after today, so I'm enjoying the beauty while I can. Front of the hoose, back of the hoose.
  20. Snow earlier this morning but just a snizzly wet mess here now, more cold rain/drizzle than anything else. To be fair that's exactly what I'd expect here in this situation. Inland/upland I don't doubt others will do OK from it though. 👍
  21. Ongoing and insignificant lamppost snow here from a leaden sky, otherwise visibility perfect and can see far into the brights lights of Fife.
  22. Snawing again in Leith. May not amount to much but last nights frost means it might give a fresh sheen to the existing back green cover.
  23. Wee bit anti-climatic here after last night, cloud keeping the air temperature up; that said I don't suppose air frost matters much if the ground temperature is still sitting at zero. Had a good walk around town today, a braw day to be out and about on The Meadows.
  24. Definitely lamppost rain happening here just now, although this is always one of the most marginal parts of town. Guess I'll know by the morning if its a washout here, but would expect anything south and west of Viewforth/Bruntsfield to still be fine. Could do with a clearance and a bit of frost just to secure whats here.
  25. Took a couple of snaps of the street, amazing timing as the local fox just rushed into picture in the first one 😃 🦊
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